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Time travel is nothing like it is in science fiction. There are no swirling lights or tunnels, just a pain like you're being squeezed through something too small for your body. It feels like every bone is being pulverized, every living tissue feels shredded. Then you wake up naked, or else your clothes have become fused with your dermis and you have to wait until they are pushed up into the epidermis before peeling them off. At first, you can't remember a thing, not who you are, not why you are there and certainly not wherein the time continuum you are from or currently in. On that day before your memory returns anything can happen, we learned that the hard way. Now each traveller is loaded with a knock-out serum so that the amnesia phase has passed by the time they are conscious. So long as we don't accidentally send them to a dangerous environment everything generally works out alright. Of course, there are exceptions... I welcomed my journey with a strong heart. I stood tall and loved the fresh air that came from following this ever onward road. I strode in bold steps, feeling a sense of pride in each one. And this journey is not about a destination, nor arrival point or finish line... for there is no such thing. This journey is about the travelling, the travelling companions and the reason for the noble struggle. Friends come, friends go, oftentimes I am alone, yet I have my compass, I have my path and I have two well-clad feet each dawn. The path doesn't care about the terrain, that's for me to deal with. The path is the path. So whatever comes I keep going. When I get knocked down I have to get up, 'cause there's no other way. I know what's out there though, I know 'cause the universe told me. It said "just walk" and so I did, I still do. It says at the other end is peace, real happiness for everyone, and I gotta keep going even if the path makes me bleed. Sometimes it has, sometimes so much I just wanna stay down and feel the cold... then I remember why I started this journey and find my feet again. It's lonely though, and I think some company would be nice if you can be brave enough. It's freedom, it's the dusty, it's leading and following. I can't promise comfort, but there's plenty of stuff to k****e your soul and bring the sorts of smiles you thought only belonged to the stars. ~ Her Beast
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