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“The stalk's strength lay in its flexibility, playing with the wind, giving when it blew, standing tall in full pride when all was calm.” 2021-DECEMBER-FLORIDA Blowing out a tired sigh, she quickly typed in the few words that would hopefully make this entire situation much more clearer. Robert Wyatt Jonathan, Crestview City, Florida. Hundreds of results popped up instantly, and she had no idea what to start with. If she went through each and every website, she would be stuck here for hours. So, after a moment of contemplation, she decided to just go with the first suggestion- what looked to be like an article from the Florida Times. Her heart started pounding, her palms got sweaty as the article was pulled up, flashing brightly before her eyes. It looked like a typical arrival from a newspaper, but there was a rather disconcerting picture included that made her stop breathing for a second. Staring back at her from the computer screen was a man who looked very, very much like Ace. Or rather, Ace liked very, very much like the man in the picture. He had to be the one she was searching for. The man had dark hair and dark eyes, just like Ace’s black eyes. There was something about him that instantly gave Adeline the urge to never meet him. As compared to her grandfather’s soft features, the man’s features were hard and angular, which may have looked a little harsh, but that was not it. It quickly became clear a moment later why this man looked so completely frightening. The problem was his eyes. His eyes were pitch black and blank like he did not see anything and did not receive anything in return, either. It was like Adeline was looking into the eyes of pure, unadulterated evil. Leaning away from the desk for a few moments to get a grip on her composure. Adeline did not want to stay hyperventilating just because she happened to look at a picture. When she finally managed to pull herself back to the desk to finally read the newspaper article, she was not sure if she had the nerves to actually read the thing at this time. Anyway, she forced herself to read the article. July 1, Crestview City- Two police officers were called to an apartment complex near Victoria Coffee House in Crestview on a Report of domestic violence on 27 June 2010; a neighbour reported hearing shouting and screaming and later several rounds of gunshots, on arrival, the police discovered one of the worst crime scenes that Crestview has ever seen in nearly a century. The victim Kevin Jonathan, 35, was found in the front room of the apartment with three bullets wound to the chest and a severed jugular vein, according to the official autopsy reports, Jonathan died within minutes of the attack. Upon further investigation it was later revealed that the attacker was none other than Kevin‘s father himself, Robert Wyatt Jonathan as according to Mrs Jonathan, Robert had been going through severe mental illness for several ongoing years, they even tried to hospitalise him but it did not work as he never stayed back, ignoring the restraining order set in place in early 2007. Kevin Jonathan had reportedly gone to the police in an attempt to have Robert arrested for stalking, but nothing was done. On that day, Robert had a big fight with his son- Kevin, and he eventually used a weapon in the end, shocking everyone present in the room. When police had an investigation on Robert’s past they found that he was indulged in the illegal practices of using the drugs to change the humans’ DNA content, he was also punished for his deeds and it was also found somewhere that the death of his son-in-law found to be associated to him as the great scientist, Jack Martinez, was under Robert's influence, though his death remains a history till this date! Robert’s fingerprints were later found on the kitchen knife used on Jonathan and police later made an arrest on June 30, Robert was immediately sent to the Metropolitan correctional facility, where he will remain until trial, in December. It is expected that Robert Jonathan will be convicted of first-degree murder and will receive anywhere from 25 years of life imprisonment. A memorial service will be held for Kevin Jonathan at St. Mary’s Cathedral on July 2, at 11 PM. Jonathan is survived by his wife Talia; their eleven years old son Arris Jonathan. In place of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the Florida police Department for exceptional services. Tears were streaming down fast and furiously on her cheeks once she finished the article, leaning away from the computer with her head in her hands. Adeline knew what she was going to discover was not going to be pleasant, but this was far worse than what she was expecting, she could not believe the fact that Ace’s grandfather had killed his own son, murder was a completely awful and horrific that there was not any going back on. A murderer can be a person who killed in self-defence all the way down to one who kills for fun or greed. The motivation matters very much. One might be acting from a sense of love, the other might be emotionally indifferent and cruel. These were very different neurologies and should result in very different responses from society. And not only that, it was clearly depicted that her father, Jack Martinez’s death was also wired to Robert’s mental illness and greed to alter human’s DNA. Even if Adeline had not ever seen her father, she could not even imagine Ace’s feeling when he saw him dead. The newspaper article had said that Kevin Jonathan had been survived by his wide and son, which, surprisingly was Ace or rather Arris Jonathan. At least now she knew his real name. This was more overwhelming than she thought it would be at first. And she could only imagine how interesting it was going to be when she saw Ace again. She was not scheduled to work at the coffee house until tomorrow, but it was not as if she could just go up to him and tell him that she knew what happened, could she? Well, she was tired, disgruntled, and she wanted to stop messing around with Ace. She was well aware of the fact that Ace was not going to budge so easily, but that did not mean she had to be exactly eased about it, did she? Adeline slammed her laptop shut with a disgusted shudder and jumped up from the chair to run and throw herself onto her bed. She did not often cry that much, because it made her feel like a weakling, but at the moment, she thought she had a justified reason. So, she just curled herself up underneath the pile of blankets on her bed and sobbed and sobbed her heart out. They said that- sadness is behind anger, yet anger never comes unless in direct self-defence, and so perhaps we could credit this natural passivity with our willingness to cry and feel pain, to let the sorrow teach us more about our true nature and how fragile we humans are. Her eyes were red and puffy by the time she finally managed to stop crying, she could have been crying for hours and she most certainly would not have cared and went into a deep slumber. . . . When Adeline woke up, dusk had fallen outside and she could hear the quiet pitter-pattering of rain against the side of the building. She was pretty sure she had been asleep for a couple of hours, but she was perfectly fine with that. Adeline dragged herself out of bed and padded her way to the shower. In her way, her eyes caught a bundle of documents on the couch. And immediately Adeline remembered about the stranger dumping those documents in her room this morning. Are these the documents left by her grandfather? Thought Adeline. If that might be the case, she would not leave the stranger alone this time and with that thought, she sat on the couch and opened the bundle. There was letter that was attached to the bundle, and when Adeline opened that old looking letter, it said....... What did that letter say? What would Adeline find in the bundle? Will she be able to finally get the answers?
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