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“Others would have emotional scars, not you, you're still bleeding because your heart is so strong. The thing is, you just need a new bond and you'll be fine, you'll be as good as new, still independent and strong. Love is as the blood in our veins, it needs to flow.” 2021-DECEMBER-FLORIDA Opening her eyes, she found him standing beside the window, folded hands on his chest, in morning clothes with a mask on his face. He had his forest greens fixated on her form as she continued: “Maybe not for you, but I needed to read these things at that time. The time when I was not in my senses, the time when I wanted someone to tell me that everything will be okay. Why did you take it away from me?” Tensed lines formed on her forehead, tears pooled in her eyes with raised eyebrows as her back straightened. He walked towards her, crouched down at her level on the floor while she sat on the couch. He let his index finger to wipe her tears away, flaring the sparks on touch between them. “Because I saw your fragile form twenty years ago. How you lived your life all these years, I wanted you to learn to fight for yourself, and not shatter in the pressure as you saw his dead body.” Her memory flashed back to her grandfather lying in his pool of blood. Her mouth went dry, and she didn’t know if she could trust her own voice, so she just nodded and let the silence fall in between them. Well, that was the longest sentence he ever said to her, or to anyone in the twenty-first century. “Did it-” “It worked.” His deep voice answered the question that she was about to ask, nearly making her jaw drop. His voice held a slight accent, something rough and guttural. It only added to the intense attraction she seemed to be feeling towards him. “How about you? What happened? I want to know everything.” Adeline asked with conviction. “You will know once you read everything.” With that, he stood and was about to move away, when Adeline grabbed his hand and stood on her knees on the couch, but lost balance and was about to fall forward when he steadied her. Adeline’s bust collided with his hard chest as his hand came around her waist to steady her. His forest greens slowly trailed down, igniting heat with his eyes. He then closed his eyes and turned his head, as if he were scolding himself for momentarily losing control as she felt a jolt of excitement that ran down her spine. He continued to look more attractive each day she spent with him if that was even possible. Her curiosity heightened with a constant itch that clampers in the back of her mind. She kept her eyes on his tousled hair, her fingers twitching with longing. He tried to move away and pull back his hands when Adeline tightened her grip around his neck, making him look at her. His black mask blended in with his dark clothes, his chocolate hair was tousled that giving him a typical bad-boy look. What she found most appealing was the way his forest greens seemed to stand out against what he was wearing. Even in the midst of all the dark clothes, his eyes were the first thing you noticed about him. He pressed himself a little to Adeline as kept watching his eyes closely. So many times she had sworn she saw a flicker of something strange beneath his dark gaze, but he was an expert at hiding it. He fought to keep his eyes locked on her own, his gaze was hot and slow, and once his eyes flickered downwards, it was as if he could not stop them. His eyes roamed from her slender neck, lingering in her chest. The golden flecks that swirled in his eyes gave her all the information she needed. The beast was definitely tempted. Adeline almost tried to make the distance between them when his usual aura of ferocity and dominance roared to life, washing over her like a tsunami. His eyes were almost entirely gold now. His aggressive aura probably scared everyone who came in contact with it, but for some reason, it only excites her, his golden-tinged gaze back on her own. He pulled back away from her as she steadied herself on the couch, as he stepped back. But, it did not stop Adeline as she stood and stepped towards him, when she was only a few feet away, he let out a sharp breath and averted his eyes. She felt the frustration simmer inside of her. He was trying to calm himself down. The beast may have been trying to resist her, but tonight he definitely was not able to do it. “Why don’t you tell me the reason behind your glowing eyes BEAST?” Adeline faked disgust in her voice to anger him, and she must have done an amazing job judging by his next reaction. A low warning growl rumbled from his chest and the waves of excitement continued to rush through her. His eyes snapped to her own, and this time they were almost completely golden. “Enough.” His deep voice sounded husky and rough, and his slight accent added that guttural sound she was beginning to like. Taking a step away, he closed his eyes, his entire body was tense. She could see his muscles ripple under his shirt. Even with the mask, she could see his jaw clench and unclench. When he opened his eyes they were back to their luminescent greens. He gave her a death glare he probably used on his enemies, but fear refused to course through her. He was about to leave when Adeline made a choice to aggravate him more by saying: “Fine then, have your way! I’ll go and find Archer Lewis.” The statement stopped him in his tracks as he turned around to find Adeline pulling out a pair of jeans and coat from her cupboard, which made him trust the words that had just now slipped her mouth. He moved with inhuman speed and pushed her against the cupboard as she jumped, startled in his grip. “Hey, let go of me.” She said, squirming in his grip while it tightened on her forearms. “You are seriously not considering that, are you?” “Leave me and I’ll tell you.” He let go of her and stepped back, giving her space to breathe. “I just asked you nicely, but you didn’t tell me anything, and I’m not a very patient woman. So, I’ll straight go to Archer and ask the truth.” “You shouldn’t think like that.” “I want to know the TRUTH, and not from these documents, I know everything is connected to you. I have been attacked twice and they want my DNA, so tell me everything and connect the dots.” Said Adeline, glaring at him. “This is why I have given you the way to find out the TRUTH and stop all contact with me.” His brow starting to sweat. “I knew that night was a mistake. I never should’ve shown you my face.” Well, he did not show his face, just shown his existence, thought Adeline. “You could have done that if you really wanted me to not know.” “I tried.” Levering him with a look, “Did you?” “Look, it was a one-time thing-” “Protecting me, cooking for me, I think that’s not a one-time thing. And what about my father, you had his diary?” Through his gritted teeth’s, “I don’t know anything.” “I don’t believe you!” Countered Adeline. “You don’t get it, do you?!” “I do, you can’t tell me the whole story, which is fine, I don’t need all the answers. It’s just, last night was the first time since my grandfather was killed that I haven’t felt….. crazy.” That was it, he snapped, his eyes started glowing and canines appeared, tearing a bit of his mask. “You are crazy! Showing up your courage to me? I’m a beast, a monster, I could kill you in less than a second!” And to prove it, with inhuman speed and strength, in a blur motion, he punched the wall as it tested through the concrete with a sickening crunch. Adeline stood there, frozen. He turned to her with a roar: “Decide for yourself!” With that he dodge off, leaving Adeline scared, humiliated and hurt. Why did he become angry suddenly? Was leaving her like this ethical? What will Adeline decide? Will she go to Archer or read her grandfather’s letters? Either way, it was her choice to make and none of them was easy for her if only someone could help her. And that someone was Arris Jonathan, aka, Ace. Well, here she goes.
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