Hades and His Light

another world

4th Book of Bergarian Series.

Can be read as stand alone.

A werewolf, stripped of her memories finds herself in a trafficking ring at just 9 years old. Hades' demons try to find evil souls on Earth and force them back to hell. One demon finds a 'human,' and couldn't help but feel drawn to help her. Once Hades' sets his eyes on the woman the demons want to desperatly help, the bond goes into hyper drive.


Hades, God of the Underworld was stripped of his love Persephone, when Selene the Moon Goddess intervened giving half of Persephone's soul to a better matched angel.

Now, Hades is bitter and angry for the past 1000 years alone, his own servants and friends fear him.

Selene finally tells him his soul mate has been born and could have a glimpse of his mate but he wants nothing to do with it.

Selene gives warning that the longer he waits to claim her, the harder it will be to win her heart, if she accepts at all.

Will the devil himself ever have a chance at true love?

**No cheating between main characters and no cliffhangers!**

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Title: Hades and His Light Third Person POV Hades sat upon his throne, sulking while he drank the amber liquid in his hand. It no longer had taste, the ice cubes long dissipated as he sat, watching the liquid swirl with in. He tilted his head, sat in wonder how things can be taken for granted. Just like the ice cube: once precious to his alcohol, to keep it cool and collected had now disappeared from his cup, just like his Persephone. That damn goddess Selene had ruined his life. His one true love was ripped from his grasp and was destined to be with another, some damn messenger angel that he has no care to know the name of. Persephone was his, he had specifically picked her out of all the goddesses because of her beauty and grace. He held her in his palace for more than a 1000 years, she never faltered in her reluctance to him, he never forced her to love him, just to give him time to show how much he cared. Once he thought there would be a breakthrough, only to find out that she had been matched with a messenger angel passing through hell. She danced into his arms like a sailor to a siren, never looking back at his heart broken self. Before he could intervene, Zeus and Selene came down stopping the altercation. “She is mine! I have a deal in place!” he spat as he tried to walk through the god wall before him. “Look at her, Hades, she is happy now. Be honest, was she ever happy with you?” Zeus spoke in all seriousness. Hades growled and tried to pass but was blasted away by a large bold of lightning. “That’s enough, Hades. You can never break the soul bond that now binds them. It’s time to let go.” Persephone grabbed onto the angel as he flew her out of hell, leaving Hades to wallow in the darkness alone. “Hades,” Selene spoke in her serene voice. It was her that had caused this, the cause of his love to leave him. Selene had ruined everything, all the work he had tried to win her heart. All for naught. “It is your fault!” He roared and Selene stood back by his fierce anger. “It is your fault she left, why could you not have paired her with me!” Growling, the underworld began to shake a crumble under their feet. Demons ran from the scene to seek shelter. Selene composed herself, letting her light blue robes dance across the crumbled ground. “She was not your match. Your souls did not compliment each other, you have a soul mate to complete yourself. I promise you; you will be happier with your mate than you ever were with Persephone.” The scowl on Hades face remained as he walked away from his brother and niece. He was tired and fed up with the world going up against him. That was nearly 2000 years ago. Another drink, from the warm liquid went down his throat. It continued to refill as he wallowed in self-pity. The great idea to create his own mate went down horribly. Chamunda, his supposed perfect mate he created ended up a complete disaster, wreaking havoc in both the human and super natural realms. Hades sighed once again as one of his servants graced his presence. “What,” he snapped. “Most benevolent, the Goddess Selene is here to see you.” The servant bowed reverently at the stewing god. Hades’ jaw ticked at the thought of that monstrosity gracing his presence. “What does she want,” he whispered. “For an audience with you, regarding your mate.” Hades head turned slowly, his permanent frown that sat on his face since the day Persephone left only deepened. “Bring her in.” Selene briskly walked through the large throne room, many servants bowed before the Moon Goddess, she smiled as she stood before the God of the Underworld. “Greetings Hades, I bring you good news.”

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