Alpha King's Torn Desire



“Matee-ee !!” My Lycan screamed.

“Whatttt?” I asked her in panic.

“ W-ho, how I don't understand.” I queried in stupefied shock, as my heart unfroze and began to beat faster than ever before.

There was this intense pull from behind me, I couldn't understand why it was so intense. I turned around and our eyes met.

It was him. Oh my goddess

It was F-r-e-a-k-i-n-g H-i-m

He is my F-r-e-a-k-i-n-g M-a-t-e.

His green eyes widened in surprise, and

I was about to say something when I noticed a pretty black-haired lady walking beside him.

Her hands were wrapped around his right arm.

And I understood the message, she was trying to send.

But he is mine and mine alone.


What do you when your mate, the king, who is supposed to uphold the most sacred bond in our world,

is determined to ignore the mate bond?

What do you when your mate is determined to love only who he has chosen to love?

Fight or flight? Which is it?

Nadia wants to fight for him, but is he worth fighting for?

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Chapter 1:
Nadia pov... “Dazzling” I said to myself as I stared at my figure through the floor-length mirror of my hotel room. I adjusted the thin strap of my black shimmering backless dress, it was a body con that accentuated my perfect hourglass figure. It's a mid thigh, sexy and seductive enough to keep heads turning. My lips twitched slightly as I evaluated my flawless make-up. The mascara made my deep-sea blue eyes pop, then I sprayed my loosely curled ginger hair to keep it in place. I sighed, nervously as I ran my hands over my waist. I wasn't one to fuss this much over an outing, after all it was just drinks with a couple of old friends at the club to celebrate my graduation, but he was going to be there and I still couldn't believe it. A few days ago, I had sent a message to a group of my most valued friends, inviting them out this Friday. This isn't the first time, I have done this, in the last four years I have done this three times. The first time I sent out special invitations to this group of friends was for my coming of age ceremony. I had been so excited, that I was finally going to meet my mate. I'd been hoping that Kalen, the alpha prince would be my mate. After all he saved me twice, from stupid bullies and bad boys hanging around the palace grounds. Those incidents made him almost godlike in my teenage eyes and he could do no wrong. What teenage girl wouldn't crush on him. I was turning eighteen. The age when most werewolves and Lycans can begin to find their mates. They were my close friends and they didn't show up, infact there was no response from them. I was heartbroken but I didn't let it show, I tried to not let it spoil my day. Afterall, he is the king.(but a prince then) Being friend with royalty, like them isn't easy you don't really know if they are yanking your chains, evading you or being honest about the fact that they're simply unavailable. No one, not even me had monopoly on his time or how he chooses to spend it. Fifteen months later, I was officially an Alpha. Although I wouldn't ever lead the pack, my brother already had that job. Alpha siblings are like alternates, and our beasts are almost as vicious and commanding as our siblings, the real difference though, is in the power that a pack Alpha has. We are granted the position without a pack, but only after we pass the rigorous alpha training. I had invited him,(the king now, but a prince then) for my alpha ceremony, still I didn't get a response from him or the palace. My heart completely shattered, that time. But this time I actually wasted days thinking if I should invite him or not. Finally I decided to invite him just out of courtesy. It was just a graduation party, nothing much. But nothing prepared me for the response I got, this time. “Sure, friday sounds cool. I'll be there.” He'd replied my text and I squealed like a mad woman in the coffee shop. People gave me the stink eye, but I didn't care. I couldn't believe he actually responded. We hadn't seen in just over three years and knowing him, he's always busy, maybe too busy for the likes of me. I put on my most luxurious silver sandal heels, laid on some extra perfume and Arabian oil, grabbed my purse and walked out of my room feeling as confident as ‘Juliet Roberts in pretty woman’. By the time I stepped out of the lift, my chauffeur Rodrigo was already waiting outside with the exclusive Rolls-Royce Coachbuilt Boat Tail II my father had just gotten for me as a graduation gift. But the twenty-five minute drive from my hotel to the club, seemed inadequate, as I was almost a nervous wreck, by the time I got out of the car. Would he like what he sees, am I pretty enough for him? Would he think me good enough for him? I know it'll be all too easy for anyone to assume that I want him because of his position and power. Of course everyone wants to be the queen. But I just wanted to make a good impression tonight, I want him to see me as the beautiful confident woman I had become and not just the shorts and hoodie teenager who'd stayed up most nights fighting over games with him and his friends. I got into the club and it was loud as hell with music and people everywhere. It almost took forever to get to my friends in the vip lounge we were using. I'd told everyone ten pm and made sure to be an hour late. The star of the show had to arrive last and it was mostly because I wanted him to see me walk in. Petty, I know, but I've dreamt of this for three years, it has to be perfect. I was still in my thoughts when one of my friends from college Penny spotted me in the crowd, she waved her hands excitedly as I walked over to the VIP section where they had settled in and immediately began exchanging pleasantries with everyone, but he wasn't there. Not yet. Disappointment immediately stole my breath and apprehension, my pride was terribly wounded. but it was my party and I had to suck it up. “Want a drink?” someone asked from behind. “Harryyyy, Oh my! It's been ages. Look at you all grown up and drinking.” I teased as I pulled him into a bear hug. “ Hey now I've been drinking since I could spell the word drink.” He said as he passed me a glass of ‘diamonds are forever martini’. “Look at you, your highness” He said mock bowing then spun me around. “ You look stunning, Ravishing.” He said as he kissed my hands so delicately. “Oh stop it” I said laughing. “Why won't she be, She's all our father spends his money on.” my annoying older brother Nate chipped in. “Shut up.” I said laughing as I threw myself into his arms. "Hey little pea." he whisper chuckled as he hugged me back. “He's here, he's here .” My best friend Mona mind linked me frantically. My breath hitched and my heart got stuck in my chest. “Axel just mind-linked me.” she finished and rushed over to me. “ Are you serious?” I asked on a low whisper. “Hey don't freak out. You look great and you're an amazing person. Anyone would be lucky to have you. Don't forget that.” she said. “I know, I know... I know I'm good enough, I just can't hel-” My brain short circurted and my sentence was cut short, when the scent of fresh lemon and white musk hit me. It was subtle at first, but then it became more and more intense as the seconds ticked by. It was a unique mix that made my body soul and spirit come alive. My Lycan Yara suddenly slammed into my subconscious, and began to pound in my head like a mad hound. At first I thought something had gone wrong with her, but when my electrified blood began to move around my body again. I realised she was almost high from her excitement. She was saying something in my mind but I couldn't quite catch it. But the words were so important, she was clawing desperately at the back of my mind, to tell me. Was she trying to blow my head up? I wondered. “Matee-ee !!” My Lycan screamed. Finally I heard her, got the message loud and clear. It was the buzzing in my body that had been so deafening, that stopped me from hearing her earlier. “Whatttt?” I asked her in panic. “ W-ho, how I don't understand.” I queried in stupefied shock, as my heart unfroze and began to beat faster than ever before. There was this intense pull from behind me, I couldn't understand why it was so intense. I turned around and our eyes met. It was him. Oh my goddess It was F-r-e-a-k-i-n-g H-i-m He is my F-r-e-a-k-i-n-g M-a-t-e.

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