Chapter 2

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“You okay there kitten?” Damian asked quietly. I was in deep thought and didn’t realize the conversation drifted off in the back and he noticed I did not have my usual sarcastic remark back to them. Kitten was a nickname he called me when we were little because, apparently, I have a temper and feisty personality that did not quite match my size. I didn’t hit my growth spurt till I was 14, so the nickname stuck. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I sighed “It will be okay, no matter what happens, I will never forget you” he mind-linked me, not wanting everyone else to overhear. I turned my head and gave him a sad smile. He has always said that, but I know when he finds his mate, she will be all he will think about and she will not want us to be as close as we are. I will understand, but it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt like a b***h. You don’t know who your mate is until you are both 18, so even though Damian is 19, we won’t know till next Friday. “YYYYEEAAAHHH, we are here” Holly screamed, snapping Damian and I out of our conversation. I quickly got excited again. Six stores later, I emerged in a stunning deep red silk gown. It was a sweet heart next in line with a corset top that hugged my hips and ass and cascaded downward. It had a high slit that showed off my toned thigh perfectly. Hearing gasps, I looked up and everyone was staring with their mouths on the ground. I am not stupid; I know how good I look and how to make a statement. This dress was all statement. Damian recovered first and let out a low growl. Everyone immediately shut their mouths and turned their heads. “OMG Nina, that dress was made for you” Holly said after finally emerging herself. She was wearing a short thigh-length satin royal blue dress. It looked like a goddess's dress the way it wrapped around her over and over, giving her curves and legs for days with the silver peep-toed heels. “Thanks” I beamed, “that looks amazing on you too!” “Well, that does cover more than I was expecting” Trevor grumbled, still not pleased with how short it was. “Okay boys, time to check out and find all your tuxes!” I said. Suddenly I heard Damian’s voice in my head as I was stripping, “Kitten, I hope you’re not too fond of that dress because even if I am not your mate, I will be ripping it off you come Saturday night” I smirked, my cheeks got red and my panties instantly got wet. “And who said I will let you?” I teased back. “I will come up behind you, pin you to a wall and take you right here women” he teased right back. “The whole store is about to smell my arousal, you want that?” I whispered trying to get ahold of myself. I didn’t hear anything back but him chuckle. “Come on boys, let’s get a head start on those tuxes” Damian said out loud, “Hurry up girls, we will be on the other side of the store!” “Ass” I mind-linked him with no effort in it. After we changed out, Holly and I find the boy and they have already finished, so we head home. Zach, Holly and Trevor are in the back arguing about who is the better dance and I find myself looking out the window, spacing out. I feel like my life is going to change in a week and I just don’t know why. I just have this bad feeling. I have always had this knack for knowing things. Like if something bad was going to happen or if someone was lying. Maybe I am just in tune with nature or whatever, but I feel more at peace when I can run or be in the woods. Maybe that’s why I feel an ominous feeling. I need to go for a walk in the woods around our pack. We finally got home and I quickly told people I was tired and I was going to call it a night. Thankfully, my parents were not home yet, so I hid my dress and went for a walk. It was starting to get dark outside and I loved this time of day. Dusk was so beautiful with the reds and oranges painting the sky. It is late April and it is starting to get warm outside, but I still wanted to bring a jacket. I hate being cold and dusk in April is still a bit chilly. There is a small meadow about a half of a mile from my house that I love. I like to lie there and look up at the stars. There is a small opening in the canopy that allows the sun or the moon's rays to peak down. Even though the stars are not quite out yet, I still lay there and let my mind wonder. That is still I hear a stick snap and the smell of coconut and rain water fill my nose. Damian. “I knew there was something wrong with you.” “I have no idea what you are talking about.” “Oh really, this is where you run off too when your stressed about something, so talk to me kitten.” I sighed; he knows me too well. “I just have this feeling like something bad is going to happen next Saturday. There will be like 500 kids from all over here for the prom. Things are going to change. I just don’t know if it is for the better.” Damian knows of my “feelings” I get. Multiple times, my instincts have never been wrong and have saved us a time or two. He laid down beside me and was quiet for a while. The stars are out now and they are beautiful. “I have always liked you and admired you. You would be a perfect Luna and I would be proud to be your mate. Even if we aren’t mates, we will find a good balance. I will be jealous of any mate of yours that is not me, but as long as you are happy.” “If only it was that simple” I said quietly. I know we have talked about this multiple times and we have fooled around too but I will be heartbroken if we aren’t mates. I have secretly wanted him as a mate since we were little. “Do you feel like it’s something else that is going to happen?” “I just don’t know.” “Kitten….
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