Emerald Eyed Luna


Nina had the perfect life. She had a caring boyfriend and friends that never left her side until one night when her world came crashing down. Deciding to embark on a new journey, she is met with more questions than answers. After countless rouge attacks, she finds herself in a sticky situation and her savior is someone she least expected. Nina now has to figure out if she can fulfill her destiny.

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Chapter 1
Every girl dreams of their high-school prom and I was no exception. My friends and I were getting ready to go dress shopping but my parents were just not understanding how important this was to me! They believe I should refrain from doing anything that could affect my imagination and cause any negative attention to our family name. Apparently, being the beta’s daughter puts a leash on you having fun. Of course, I take every opportunity to enjoy my life and live life to its fullest. Mom said I reminded of her who she was before she found her mate and tended to give me some leeway, but dad is a huge stickler for the rules. My mom, Sarah, is 5’ 6” tall with a toned frame and light brown hair that is chest length. She is a warrior in our pack and has taught me to fight since I was 5. My dad, Ben, is a 6’ 7” football-built body that could bench a car, a tattoo covering him from head to toe with slick black hair. He has never gone easy on me and was upset I was not a boy, but that did not stop him from raising me as such. I completed in all the boy's completions, but I have yet to get the best from him. He thinks I am just as good and should get the beta position when he retires if I can shape up and not cause him more headaches. I laughed thinking about all the lectures he has given me over the years. “What mate will want a girl who parties and is fast and loose with the rules, let alone an Alpha who would want you as a beta!” I laughed because I grew up with the future alpha, Damian. He is my best friend and occasionally we have kissed, but I am keeping my virginity for my mate. Damian is 6’ 8” of solid muscle, short black hair, a tribal tattoo from his chest to his shoulder around his neck and arm and across his back. He is a walking s*x on a stick with piercing bright blue eyes. His temper does match his bad boy appearance, but he has always had a sweet spot for me. I know I have always caught his eye. Being 5’ 7” a slender and toned body with waist dark wavy hair and emerald green eyes, I tend to catch a few guys' eyes. However, I think most of them think they will get the position of beta, so I tend to ignore them. “Hurry up Nina!” shouts my best friend, Holly. She is beautiful with her creamy mocha skin, shoulder-length black hair. She might only be 5’ 5” but her attitude is that of an 8-foot-tall person. I jumped off my vanity and ran to the front door before she started to climb the stairs. I kept her waiting once and she almost broke my door down! “I am coming! I had to finish my makeup”, I said, slightly out of breath. “Zach, Damian and Trevor are in the car waiting for us.” Zach is another warrior’s son. He is 6’ 6” with a pale skin complexion, hazel eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. He is cute in his own way, but has a softer expression to him. He has always had eyes for Holly, not that she pays attention. Being the gamma’s daughter, she has also gotten the lectures I have gotten. Trevor is her brother and Damian’s right-hand man since they were only born a few days apart. He is 6’ 6” darker complected than Holly, with jet black hair and the same matching dark brown eyes with a gold flake in them that Holly has. Apparently, it is a family trait of theirs. “Bye mom and dad!” “Bye honey, remember to behave and mind-link me if you have any troubles! Do not get into a fight this time!” Dad yelled from the kitchen. It was one time and I won the fight. It's not my fault a guy couldn’t understand no. Dad is not too worried this time, since I promised the boys were going along this time and would “protect us”. Like it needed a guy to protect me. I just rolled my eyes and walked out the door with my arm on Holly’s shoulders. “Hurry up girls! I don’t have all day” yelled Trevor. “Oh, shut up Trevor, you got nothing but time today” Holly mouthed off, sliding into the back seat of Damian’s Cadillac Escalade. I of course, hopped right into the front seat next to Damian. Some people thought I was Damian’s mate; we didn’t believe we were, but we weren’t against it either. I was treated as such though and never minded. “I should be able to sit up front, my legs are a lot longer than yours, Nina, and if we needed to get out quickly and right, I would need better access than the 3rd row.” Grumbled Zach “Oh really, do you want another rematch Zach?” I arched my eyebrow at him. Last time he questioned me, I laid him out more times than he can count but he still said he “let me win”. Everyone laughed out loud except Damian, who just c****d an eyebrow at Zach. Zach was a great warrior, but when you have beta blood running through your veins and have been trained since you were 5, not a lot of people can compare. “I am just trying to be a gentleman here Nina,, I would like to treat you as the princess you are” Zach joked with me. He just earned a snort and an eye roll from me and a chest growl from Damian. “Anyway”, Holly smirked “What kind of dress are you wanting to get today?” “Hmm” I mused, “Maybe a skin tight one that stopped right below my ass with a deep V-neck line that is sheer.” “The f**k you are!” growled Damian.   I busted out laughing, “I am just joking, jeez, I don’t really know. I want a floor length one though!” “Well, I want a short one that will make my legs look longer and that will hug my curves.” “Holls, mom and dad will kill you, you know that right?” asked Trevor as he rubbed his hand down his face. “You will be what gets me killed” he whispered, but with our wolf hearing, we all heard him. “I am their princess, they won’t! Plus, if I find my mate, they can’t say anything!” Holly said with a determined look in her eyes. I knew from that look, there was no changing her mind. Our “prom” wasn't a prom, per say. It did start out as a traditional prom, but over the years, all the 18-year-olds that were unmated crashed other packs “prom” night in hopes of find their mate, or get a quick lay if not. My birthday was the day before prom, one week away, and I was so excited. I will finally get to see if Damian is my mate or not. I get a weird feeling in my stomach every time I think about this. What if he isn’t my mate and he finds another girl? Would I be okay with that? Deep down I have always liked him being protective of me but he did it in a way that I was still able to smack a guy around and he would be there watching making sure I didn’t get hurt in the process.

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