Chapter 3

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“Nina! Get up, you’re going to be late for school!” my mom shouted from down the stairs. s**t, it's Monday. This weekend went by quickly. My senior year is almost over. I have senior prom this Saturday and graduation next Saturday. Rolling over and sliding out of bed is the hardest part. I have a very loving relationship with my bed. I quickly took a shower and got dressed. I always wear comfy clothes, but since I have to go to training today, I let my hair air dry with leggings and a sports bra with a crop top. “NINA!!! Your friends are waiting outside!” mom shouted right as I heard an impatient horn honking. As long as I can remember, Holly and Trevor always pick me up and drive us to school. It is only a 10-minute walk, but it’s nice to not have to walk when its cold out. With a granola bar in hand, my mom is standing at the door and gives me a big smile and hugs goodbye. Jogging down the steps from my wrap-around porch, I hear them already arguing. “Trevor, I told you, I am old enough to make my own choices!” Shouted Holly angrily, as long as I can remember Trevor has always been overly protective of Holly. He does not like her training, flirting, dating and anything he said that would give a guy the wrong impression. He wants her to be a princess and not lift a finger. Unfortunately for him, she has a passion for fighting and an attitude to match it. We are twins in that aspect. “Already arguing? Why now? “Trevor thinks I should stay home and learn to cook or work at the daycare instead of going to the field after school to train. Apparently, it gives guys a chance to look at what isn’t theirs and isn’t lady-like. It doesn’t matter if I know how to defend myself or that I am one of the top female warriors”. Holly lashed out “Trevor, you know you won’t and have yet to win this argument. She is going to do what she wants and you need to love her for who she is, not try to make her into being a submissive trophy wife” standing up for my friend. Mainly, I love her, but also, I don’t want to be put into that category either. “Whatever” Trevor commented under his breath as he floored his Dodge Charger. Finally, school is over and I can let out some of my frustration in someone’s face. Running to the field, I see my dad walking out to the field to start training, giving me a head bob. He yells at everyone to start with ten laps for a warm up and then pair off and work on offense and defense. On my second lap, I suddenly felt a presence behind me. “Hey there good looking” Coconut and rain rushing into my senses. I didn’t need to turn around to feel Damian’s eyes on my ass as I ran. Rolling my eyes, I suddenly swerved to the right and kicked my foot out and sent him flying forward. However, since Damian is over 18 and has gotten his wolf, he is able to nail the landing and glance back at me with a wink. Slowing his pace, he looks at me and this time I almost fell. The look he is giving me is filled with so much love, desire, and longing. My mouth goes dry and I can’t seem to find the words to snap back at him. “Something got your tongue?” “Oh, just this c*****g future alpha that thinks he is hot stuff.” Faking pain and a hand over his heart and a pained look on his face, he asked “Well then I guess you might want to be my partner and show me how cocky I am?” “Sure, I would like to knock you down a peg or two, mister”. Finishing our laps, we all break off into groups of two and start to spar. Damian knows I need to let out some frustration so he takes defense first. I got in a few good punches but I seem to be in more pain. Although I am the top female warrior, I am no match for a future alpha. I do feel better though and I was able to get my pent up energy out. All these feelings for this Saturday seem to be getting stronger each day. “Feeling any better kitten?” “No, it only seems to be getting worse. The feelings are getting stronger each day.” Damian looks at me worried, he glances behind me and dips his head. “Nina! We need to go over your birthday party on Friday as well as Holly’s.” Since we share the same birthday, we always have a party together. We are both looking forward to it since we get our wolves and get to possibly meet our mates! “Yes Luna! I was thinking, since prom is the next day, why don’t we just do a little party before prom and then we can all head over to the dance after?” “That sounds perfect dear, I will organize it for you!” “Thanks mom!” Damian said to his mom. Luna is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Just standing over 5’4” with a petite frame and long blonde hair, she was a beauty. She is where Damian got his blue eyes from. I don’t think she knows how to raise her voice at all. I watched Stephanie walk away, the Alpha is the scariest person I know. He is barely taller than Damian of solid muscle and is bald, he has this look that makes you squirm without even using his aura on you. How they even got paired together is beyond me. “So will you go to prom with me Nina?” Damian asked, pulling me out of my train of thought. “Took you long enough to ask, what if I already found a date?” “Please, everyone knows you belong to me. No one would dare ask you without running it through me first.” “Oh really, and what makes you think I belong to you?” I challenged. “Don’t make me laugh, kitten. I claimed you when you were 5.” “Yeah, well, we will see Friday, won’t we?” “About that” Damian suddenly takes a step back and rubs his neck. “What?” “Dad has me going to a few meetings with alphas who have teens coming to the prom, so I will be busy Friday. I won’t get to see you till Saturday at your party.” “What the f**k? Seriously? That’s perfect, how long have you known about this and didn’t tell me?” I feel my eyes burning with tears. I am beyond mad. That is the biggest thing I hate about myself. I cry when I am mad. “I just found out, I swear! I am so sorry, Nina, I really wished we would have been able to figure out if we were mates before the party so we could decide on what was going to happen. I didn’t plan for this”. Damian looked at me pleading, begging for me to understand. The only thing I could think as I turned and walked away was this is the beginning of a very bad week.
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