Chapter 4

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I haven’t seen Damian all week with my own studies, finalizing all projects so I don’t have to go to school next week. I am in all advanced classes, and I have a feeling I will not want to go to school next week, so I busted my butt with Holly to get it all done. “Are you excited about our birthdays tomorrow?” Holly squealed. Rolling over in bed, I said “Hell yes! I am so excited about meeting my wolf! I wonder how big she will be, what color, what her name is.” “Me too! I am so glad your parents let me stay over tonight. I am glad we get to share this together.” “Well, we have been busting our asses all week so we didn’t have to go to school today and next week!” Holly suddenly gets a serious look on her face, “what will you do if Damian is not your mate?” Holly knows my thoughts and fears. I tell her everything. Sighing, I responded, “I honestly don’t know, let’s go to sleep, I have a feeling tomorrow will be a long day.” “Wake up sleepy head!!!!!” I suddenly hear yelling in my head. Maybe I am still dreaming, “I am not a dream girl! WAKE UP!” I snap my eyes open and realize I got my wolf! “OMG, what is your name, what color are you? I love you already!” I yelled. I was trying to lay still so I didn’t wake Holly up but I am so excited! I hear her giggling, “My name is Raven, and you will see what color I am when we shift!” “Damn, can I shift now?” “So impatient, but yes you can, it will hurt really badly, but I will help you through it.” Raven said. Very quietly, I got out of bed and tip toed down the stairs and went outside. “Okay now what?” “Go into the woods, you might want to get naked and get comfortable,. It will take a while.” 30 minutes later, there was a fire burning through my body. I am biting my tongue to keep from yelling out and making my presence aware. Suddenly, I hear my bones start to snap. “RAVEN, what is happening?” “Imagine your hands are paws and you are a wolf”, Raven instructed. “I know this is going to hurt but it will only last a short time, you can do this!” I am lying in a fetal position hearing my bones breaking and next thing I know I am looking at the earth. I smelled the wet earth and more scents. I didn’t know what they were. Looking down, I saw dark brown and reddish paws. Looking around, everything is clearer, brighter, louder and more scent than before. “Wow” that is all I can say right now. Laughing, Raven said, “Lets run!” and we did. We could go up to a stream and I looked down. Raven is beautiful. She has my emerald green eyes and dark brown fur with almost a red tint to it. We ended up running for a few hours before we found ourselves back at my parents' house. “You should probably shift and get some sleep. You will need it for today!” “Um exactly how Raven” “Imagine yourself as a human again” rolled her eyes at me. I did as she requested and, suddenly, I felt cold. Looking down, I saw I was naked and put my clothes back on. Slipping back into bed and I felt drained. “You will be tired for the rest of the day, but also, Happy Birthday!” “Thank you, Raven! Goodnight!” “OH GOD OH GOD!” I heard screaming and I sat straight up in my bed. Wiping the hair from my face, I looked around to see Holly jumping up and down screaming. Clutching my heart and trying to get my bearings, but just as I am about to ask Holly what the hell, my parents bust through the door! Almost taking it off its hinges! “What happened, what is wrong?” My mom asked us. “I got my wolf! Omg she is so sarcastic and funny! She is just like me and can’t wait to find our mate!” Holly sings while twirling around and around like a kid after they get ice cream. “What is her name?” I asked. I can’t wait to tell my parents about Raven. “Is she always this loud” Raven asked, her tone was of annoyance and amusement. “Yeah, that is just Holly. A very large personality in a little body” “Indy! I can’t wait to see the shift and see what she looks like!” “After breakfast, Holly! You need your energy for it!” Mom scolded lightly, but there was a smile on her face, so we knew she wasn’t upset anymore. “This calls for chocolate chip pancakes!” I hear dad grumbling about how he never gets waffles anymore and my mother’s laugh as she scolds him for trying to be difficult. As rough and stern as he is, there will always be a soft spot for myself and my mom. “My Wolf’s name is Raven! She is just like me also and has brown hair with a red tint to it!” “You have already shifted” Holly asked with a fallen sad look on her face. “I thought we would shift together” sighing, she sat down on the bed. I wiggled my way over to her and gave her a hug. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Raven woke up me last night and I just couldn’t wait. I don’t have much energy, but I would love to shift again with you and go for a short run! “Oh, yes please! Maybe my mate is out there. I could use some sexy time with a mate” Raven sang as she twirled in my head “Girl please, control your thoughts.” I rolled my eyes, if her thoughts are as bad as my own…. “OK, yeah that would be okay. I am not mad really, just bummed. I totally get it though. I probably would have done the same”, Holly said as she came to terms with the situation. She figured we would do everything at the same time as one another. Find our mates, get pregnant and everything at the same time. I never felt like that was going to happen, but I never really put down her dreams. Honestly, I didn’t want to. I would like for us to experience it all together, but it never felt right. “Girls! Breakfast!!!” Mom yelled from the kitchen. Holly shoved me on the bed and darted for the door. Unfortunately, I have always been quicker and was able to trip her foot and send her flying into the wall. She landed with a thud. I didn’t stop because we have done this so many times and now she has her wolf she will head faster. I made it to the kitchen just seconds before she did. “Honestly girls, aren’t you a little old for that childish stuff?” Dad scolded us. I gave him a peck on the cheek while mom told him to leave us alone, it was our birthday and just eat. We hide our smirks and shoved our mouths full. Mom and cook. I got my skills from her too. “What are your plans today girls?” Mom asked, “After breakfast, we are going to shift and go for a run, but then probably just lay around all day, eat junk food and watch movies. I hear shifting for the first time takes it out of you, so we are doing that today, so we have energy to dance tomorrow!!!” Holly said. “I know the boys are busy with pack stuff today, so it would just be you two today,” Dad said. They are trying to get everything ready so dad and the Alpha can retire and Damian and Trevor take over. Zach has border patrol today since he switched, so he has tomorrow off, so it’s a girl’s day! “That’s fine, they won’t want to watch our movies anyway!” I said, slightly disappointed. I knew Damian said he wouldn’t see me today but I was holding out hope.
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