That's what happened with us

opposites attract

Book One of Desire Trilogy

One kiss. It all took one kiss for her to get addicted to him, the most notorious bad boy of the university. It doesn't even stop there she agrees to his terms for their friends with benefits agreement not knowing that heartbreak will be final result.


"Hey. Are you religious? Cause babe you're the answer to all my prayers" His voice echoed. I sighed. Really?

I looked over at Randhir who snickered at his pick up line while Vidhushi swatted his arm in retaliation. He groaned rubbing his arm and giving her a look.

"Sorry I am atheist" I replied winking at him while clearly enjoying the stunned look on his face.

Everybody at the table laughed including him. He grinned at me and shook his head as if not believing that I was actually answering him.

"Let me try this."He said taking a deep breath and continued, "I hope you know CPR because you take my breath away."

He looked proud at that. I turned around to look at Randhir who had narrowed his eyes and was glaring at him now while crushing his straw tightly between his fingers. Poor straw.

"Oh but I know karate. I could rip your lungs" I smiled at him innocently while others erupted in laughed. Randhir seemed pretty impressed at that.

"Ouch." He said clutching his chest. "Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?"

"Go ahead. I will get a good practise of hitting you." I smirked at him while he looked absolutely devastated at that.He let out a sigh and slumped on the nearby chair as a defeat. I gave a high five to Vidhushi at my side.


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Copyright and Introduction
This story is a pure work of fiction. It is solely for entertainment purpose. All the characters, events, places in this story are purely fiction.This story contains mature content, explicit language so read at your own risk. Stealing of any ideas, concept or publishing it in any form is strictly punishable. Work hard for your own book, stealing is easy! No printing of any material from this book in any form without the prior consent of the writer. All rights reserved Sanjana. Z 2018 /Prologue/ "I'm fine. Can't you see? Nothing would have happened there. Bryan would come and save me just like you did so don't try and act like some possessive boyfriend here." I yelled at him. I was really mad at him from morning and his questions were triggering my anger which was not very good for him. He's acting as if he owns me which is totally absurd thought. His jaw was clenched, his cheeks turning red from the anger. I didn't try to soothe him. He deserved to hear everything, not like I'm saying some hurtful words to him. He inched closer towards me taking fast steps and eyeing me like a predator does to his prey, his eyes were different. There was raw passion blazing in them and it sent shivers down my spine. Before I could react he yanked my wrist and turned me around making my back crash into the rough skin of the coconut trunk. I winced as my wrist that had been hurt was paining. He closed the gap between us and inched closer such that our noses were touching with each other. His breathing was harsh and so was mine. "I was worried for you, don't you get it? Only I can save you not some Bryan guy because you are mine" He said in a soft tone at first but then his voice turned dangerous. Menancing. He was claiming me but that gave butterflies in my stomach. It was different feeling and I loved it. His claim on me. I nodded my head at him cause no words were able to form inside my throat. His sentence silenced me such that I don't know what to reply at him. His face softened as I nodded my head at him and before I could try to speak anything his lips were on me. I moaned as his warm lips enveloped my lips in a hot scorching kiss and his body was pressed against mine. Though there was cold trunk hitting my back but his warm body had different kind of soothing feeling. He groaned pulling me closer by snaking his hands around my waist and I let my hands wound around his neck. He started nipping at my bottom lip while I let him control the kiss. He was purposely teasing me so I bit his lower lip to which he yelped a little and pushed his tongue inside my mouth. We both moaned at the contact. I let my hand into his soft silk hair feeling his hair in my fingers. After few seconds of kissing each other like we were hungry animals we left each others mouth. He rested his forehead on mine and closed his eyes. I stared at him he looked handsome yet in an heavy breathing manner. His chest was rising and falling due to the heavy breathing and his cheeks were tinted red and his pink soft lips were swollen due to my assualt on those perfect lips. *** Want to know me? Follow me on: Facebook: The Scripturient Instagram: san_2045 Wattpad: San2045

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