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FallingHard #1

Ashleigh Leia Fisher was trying to start over a new beginning – it was time for her to stop letting people treat her like a doormat. Her parents. Her friends. Her husband Oden. The catch? Well, she was still head over heels in love with him and the only way to make herself earn some respect was to leave him.

Oden Archibald Fisher had an accomplished life – a perfect job, a perfect house and a perfect wife. Busy in trying to make name partnership with his law firm, he was completely unprepared to find his wife walking out on him.

Will they surmount their difficulties and find a way to each other again? Or will they be torn further apart by unforeseen circumstances? Find out by reading more…

FallingHard #2

Krystal Lana Bennett hated the mere mention of the name Devon Mahoney, not to mention the man in question. In addition to being a typical spoilt rich brat, Devon was also a hopeless womanizer who had no qualms about breaking hearts around him. How could she ever hope to respect such an individual?

Devon Isaac Mahoney was a first-class S.O.B, but the best thing about it was that he was totally comfortable with who he was. Born with a golden spoon in his mouth, he was unapologetically himself, uncaring of the broken hearts he left behind in his trail as he surged through life with temerity.

Poles apart, a future between them was most unlikely. When unforeseen circumstances brought them together, they fought hard to resist the chemistry. But it was a lost battle in advance. Find out how they succumbed despite themselves by reading their steamy love story…

1. DON'T LET GO (Oden & Ashleigh)

2. DON'T FIGHT ME (Devon & Krystal)

3. DON'T HATE ME (Keith & Samantha)

4. DON'T BETRAY ME (Tyler & Pippa)

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STORY 1: Don't Let Go.... Ashleigh Leia Fisher & Oden Archibald Fisher...... US, New York City, JUNE 2019   Oden Archibald Fisher sighed trying not to make his exasperation obvious, but the fact was that he was irritated. There was little which did not annoy him for the past few days but having his wife nearly shouting at him that she wanted a divorce was unacceptable, especially when he knew that it was only bogus. To get his attention. It was true that he was trying hard to become a name partner in his law firm Taylor Hudson and was completely neglecting Ashleigh to the point of not seeing her for days. But, it was for the greater good and she had to understand that all he needed was some time. Before everything fell back in place. Before his dream materialized. When she snatched his iPad, he hissed his rage, this time unable to hide the emotion. “What the hell?” he bellowed in rage, and watched as the eyes in front of him turned completely gray – which meant trouble. “You’re not even listening!” she shouted in pure outrage, and threw the iPad on the couch, making him wince as the beloved device bounced dangerously. “Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother to have a conversation with you Oden!” she screamed before storming back towards the living room in a huff. Oden only shrugged in indifference bending down to retrieve ‘The Fisher ‘, a nickname he’d gifted to his beloved iPad and continued to jot down some ideas about the case he had currently been assigned. It was a complicated case of a merger between two prodigious companies which had suddenly turned into a hostile takeover. He was representing the cunning party which had turned the whole thing into his advantage the moment the adversary had shown a certain weakness. That was how ruthless his world was. A tiny slip and one was as good as dead. Completely caught up in his thoughts, he was surprised to hear weird noises, sounding curiously like someone was trying to drag something quite heavy down the stairs. Intrigued, he wrapped up his ideas in note form and got up to investigate. “What’s going on?” he asked taken aback to find Ashleigh with her usual travel bag almost at the end of the staircase just like he’d suspected. “Here, let me help,” he offered immediately and grabbed the heavy suitcase from her hands. His wife only served him with a measuring look, holding his gaze like searching for something but finally looked away but not before he caught a sad expression in her eyes. Damn! He should really pay some attention to her. “Where are you off to?” he asked casually, wheeling the suitcase downwards as if it weighted nothing more than a pile of hay. This time though her expression turned from troubled to completely incredulous and he cringed automatically in defense of what was going to follow. “You can’t be serious!” she shouted, and tried to snatch the handle of the suitcase from, but he was quicker. With a sharp swiftness, he pulled down the handle to prevent access and blocked the luggage for any further movement. “You’re leaving?” he asked in stark realization, all his attention snapped to her. Given that Ashleigh was a neglected wife but she’d never complained about it before and had never given any indication of wanting to leave him. “Ash, I’ve told you so many times that I’m really close to making name partner and that… “ “That’s not a problem for me,” she interrupted calmly, too stoic for her volatile temper and it sent a trigger of alarm in Oden. It didn’t come as a surprise. Ash had always believed in him, always endorsed him through his ordeals with an almost fierce optimism and hero worship. It was that supporting character of hers which had brought them together in the first place and it would have shocked him to discover that Ash had changed. She was the only woman who understood his ambition, his drive, and his capabilities. “Then why…,” he trailed hating the uncertainty with which his voice croaked. Shock and disbelief were settling in, his witty brain failing to come up with a rational reason. Ashleigh remained expressionless, shrugging in complete mutiny with jaws firmly locked. He knew she was on the verge to explode and considering the delicate situation, it would take a mere k****e to set her ablaze. “Ash…,” he attempted lamely, and watched her nostrils flared, her jaws still clenched tightly ready to almost snap. “Honey, listen…” And that was the last straw. “Did you listen to me a while ago Oden?! I was pouring my heart out and you weren’t even hearing a word I was saying! I don’t even know how to get through you anymore,” she cried, her voice breaking on the last word as she struggled to keep the tears at bay. In horror, Oden watched as two drops rolled down her cheeks anyway and his heart almost suffered a severe attack. In the two years that they were married, it was only the second time he’d seen her cry, the first time being when her grandfather had expired. Reacting with instincts, he reached out to her but she jerked him away with an abrupt movement. “I’m sorry Oden. I can’t do this anymore,” Ash whispered so brokenly that it caused a shot of pain to dart around his heart. Without even waiting for her luggage, she dashed towards the door leaving something on the counter and disappeared without looking back. For the first time in his life, Oden felt too stunned to perform any action. It was like a bulldozer had run over him, depriving him of the functioning of any organ or sense. Then after what seemed like ages, reaction settled in and he was blinded by the intensity of the agony which assaulted his senses all at one time. Crippled with pain, he could only drop to his knees with a loud animalistic groan that resonated within the empty house, mocking the loneliness engulfing him.

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