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Kazuna transfers to the prestigious Galestorm Academy seeking a normal high school life, but he's much too extraordinary for that. It's his first day and he's already garnered the attention of the entire student body. Now he has to somehow keep his past a secret while being under the watchful eyes of everyone around him.

"Yeah seems simple enough." Kazuna answers

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His First Day
3,000 years ago, a strange light illuminated Earth’s night sky. The strange event became known as the enlightenment as a few days after, people began to manifest strange abilities; fire manipulation, super strength, and etc. The abilities would become referred to as powers. Shortly after, the world was thrown into chaos. Murderers and thieves rampaged unchecked. Wars ravaged the lands as leaders attempted to use these newfound powers to control the world. It was a time of violence that became known as the “blood age”. Finally, one man decided to do something about all the conflict. At first, he tried to reason with the leaders of the world, stating that if this continues then they will only succeed in destroying what they were trying to conquer. However, the leaders of the nations were blind with greed and ambition and didn’t pay him any attention, so he started a revolution. He rallied the people and disgruntled soldiers of many nations and created “The Coalition”. Through this man starting uprisings, in every nation he visited, he led to many kings and leaders being overthrown by their people and others to comply in fear of the same fate. And with years of revolution, the “blood age” came to an end. The nation's leaders would spend many years after debating on laws for wars, using powers, and how power would be split between the nations. They also decided that children should be trained in how to properly use their powers responsibly, so special schools were created. The first of which was Gale Storm academy, named after the man that started the revolution who came to be known as Gale the hurricane. It was a bright and sunny day. A girl is walking home after leaving school. She has a long black ponytail to go along with crystal blue eyes. She was extremely beautiful and sported a very curvy body. Her name was Kagura. “The student council meeting really went late. I wonder what mom cooked for dinner.” She said with a sigh. “Huh?” Kagura stopped. Standing in front of her house was a strange boy. He was tan, tall, and muscular with a scar on the left side of his face. His eyes were hazel brown and his hair was unkempt, but it suited him. He had three swords on the right side of his waist. He seemed to be deep in thought. A strong wind started to blow. Kagura closes her eyes and brushes her hair out of her face. The wind stops blowing and she opens her eyes. The mysterious boy had vanished. “Huh… Where’d he go? Who was he? Was I just imagining things? He was wearing the boys uniform for my school, so wonder if he's someone I haven't met yet?” She asked while looking around. The male uniform for her school was a white button-up with navy blue pants, tie, and jacket. The girl's uniform was the same but with a skirt over pants. She decides to ignore what she saw and continued home. The next day Kagura makes her way to school. She attends Gale storm Academy, the best school for students that are pursuing careers that allow them to use their powers. The most sought after job is that of a special agent. These special agents were in charge of protecting the people and taking care of criminals that used their powers haphazardly. The strongest and the smartest attended this school, the elite of the elite so to say. The school itself was big enough not to mention the huge amount of land that was owned by the school that housed various other buildings. She walks through the front gate and into the school. She enters her homeroom and is greeted by an energetic boy. “Hey Kagura.” the boy said. “Good morning Matt.” She replied. Matt had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was kind of stocky and was a bit taller than the average guy. He was the class clown, always making jokes even at obviously bad times. He was also constantly hitting on girls although he has very little success. If anything you have to commend him for his tenacity. “So Kagura, you change your mind about going on a date with me?” He asked. “Nope, still the same response, not gonna happen.” She replied. “Ahh, you’ll come around.” He said with a grin. “Yeah, right.” She said while rolling her eyes. The teacher enters the classroom. She was in her late 20s and very beautiful. She had long braided brown hair, perfect skin, deep blue eyes, and the body of a model. Her name was Mina Saugoma. “Alright, class take your seats.” Ms. Saugoma said. The students quickly shuffled to their seats. “Today we will have a new student joining our class.” She points her arm toward the open door. “Come on in now.” Instantly the class exploded with chatter. It makes sense, It’s hard enough to get into this school when you’re first entering high school, but to join your second year is unheard of. The transfer student was obviously someone that was extraordinarily talented. The new student entered the room and wrote his name on the board. Instantly Kagura recognized him. He was the boy that was standing outside of her mom's house. He finished writing his name and the class quieted down. “My name is Kazuna Katsuchi. It’s very nice to meet you all.” Once he finished introducing himself the class exploded once more with questions. “What’s your power?” One asked. “What were your grades like?” Asked another. “Are you single?” A girl asked. The teacher silenced the class. “Kagura.” Ms. Saugoma said. “Yes.” She replied while standing up. “Since you’re the class rep. I would like for you to give Kazuna a tour of the campus and a rundown of how things work here if you would.” Ms. Saugoma said. “Yes ma’am.” She replied. Ms. Saugoma turned towards Kazuna. “ Kazuna, why don’t you take the open seat in the back.” She said. “Ok” He responded lazily. He made his way towards his seat. Kagura noticed that he walked differently than most people. She couldn’t quite put her finger on how but there was a strange aura that he seemed to give off. Kagura blinks and notices that Kazuna vanishes. She looks to his seat and noticed that he’s already sitting. “When did he get there. I only blinked.” She asks herself. After homeroom ended, Kagura approached Kazuna pushing aside her fellow classmates that had gathered to ask their questions. “Hey, Katsuchi. Since we have a long break between periods, I thought I could go ahead and start your tour of the campus?” She stated. “That’s fine,” Kazuna replied. He gets out of his chair. “And you can just call me Kazuna. There’s no need to be so formal.” “Oh, well then, umm… Kazuna. If you say so.” She says while slightly blushing. “Shall we get going?” “Sure. Beats playing 20 questions.” Kazuna replied, pointing at the crowd that surrounded him. They exit the classroom and begin Kazuna's tour of the school grounds. She shows him important places first such as the cafeteria, the courtyard, the library, the nurse's office, and of course the location of several bathrooms, while also explaining some of the more important school rules. “I would show you the training grounds next but our next class is about to start. Also, you seem to have already been informed, but you are allowed to carry weapons around as long as the school is aware of them,” Kagura stated. “KAAGGURRAAA!” Someone shouted from down the hall. Kagura and Kazuna turned around to see a tall, bulky blonde boy with green eyes heading straight for them. He seemed angry for some reason. “Oh. What do you want Katsugaya?” Kagura replied in an annoyed tone. The boy's name was Tao Katsugaya. He was a third-year student. “HUH… what’s with that tone? That’s no way to talk to your fiancé. And who is this loser.” He replied underminingly while pointing towards Kazuna. “First, this is a student that has just transferred into my class and I am doing my duties as class rep. by showing him around. Second, I am not your fiancé. I rejected your family's marriage proposal so why don’t you just leave.” She snapped back. “Tch. Why, you!” Katsugaya growled. He grabbed her arm. “What do you think you’re doing?” Kagura demanded. Kazuna grabs Katsugaya’s arm. “Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to put your hands on a lady?” Kazuna remarked. “Kazuna?” Said Kagura. “Now… I’d advise you to let go.” Kazuna demanded. He glares at Katsugaya and strengthens his grip on his wrist, forcing him to release Kagura’s arm. Kazuna releases his grip on Katsugaya’s arm as well. “Damn it… Who do you think you are, butting into matters that aren’t any of your business.” Katsugaya said angrily. “It became my business when you assaulted the lady here that happens to be my guide. Also, you called me a loser, it kind of hurt my feelings." Kazuna replied jokingly. A few bystanders laughed causing Katsugaya’s face to turn red with anger. “Oh, so you think you’re funny? Well, I’m not gonna let you get away with making fun of me.” He stands up straight and points at Kazuna. “I challenge you to a duel loser.” Katsugaya states. Shock spreads across all the students. Well except for Kazuna who just looked at Katsugaya with an uninterested gaze. Kazuna turns his attention to Kagura. “Hey, what does he mean by duel?” He asked dully. “He’s challenging you to a fight Kazuna,” Kagura answered. “Oh, I see. All right then, I accept.” Kazuna says with a straight face. Everyone including Kagura gasped with surprise. “Good, the duel will take place after second period.” Katsugaya barked. “Fine by me.” Replied Kazuna. “You’re dead meat kid,” Katsugaya states as he takes his leave. Kagura looks at Kazuna with a worried look. “Do you know what you just agreed to? You agreed to a duel with a third-year and one of the top-ranked students at the school.” She warns Kazuna. “Hmm…” He grumbles. He closes his eyes and scratches his head. “Do you understand now?” Kagura asks. “Yea, I agreed to this duel thingy without knowing the rules. So, with that being said, can you explain to me what a duel is?” Kazuna asks with a nonchalant look on his face. “Even knowing that you still don’t seem like you’ll back down.” Kagura sighs while placing a hand on her forehead. “I guess I might as well explain the rules while we head to class,” Kagura responds begrudgingly. “Look.” She begins. “A duel is a one on one fight between students that is allowed by the school. These duels take place at the training grounds I was going to show you.” “Oh, nice. Two birds with one stone.” Kazuna interrupts. Kagura glares at him causing him to go silent. She continues, “Anyways… The training grounds have a special field that prevents students from receiving any fatal injuries under normal circumstances. In a sense, you’re basically fighting in a body that can be defined as a spirit. Once that spirit body has been destroyed you’ll be knocked unconscious and your real body will be exposed. Powers and weapons of your choice are allowed so long as both parties agree to their use. You’ll have two minutes to either knock your opponent unconscious or force them to surrender. Got it?” She finishes. “Yeah, seems simple enough,” Kazuna answered. The warning bell rings. “Honestly.” Kagura sighs. “I can tell you’ll be trouble.” Kazuna and Kagura enter their classroom to be greeted by an extra energetic Matt. “Well if it isn’t my new best friend.” He states while wrapping his left arm around Kazuna. “Already accepting duels on your first day.” “How do you know about that?” Kagura asks. “A top-ranked student challenges a new transfer student that everyone is interested in. And it’s Katsugaya who challenged him. Of course, it would spread like wildfire.” Matt responds. “Well, I guess that makes sense. But, that does mean that there’s going to be quite the crowd there. Will you be fine with that Kazuna?” Kagura asks. Kazuna shrugs his shoulders and replies, “It’s still a one on one fight. Doesn’t really change anything. Anyways, since when did I become your best friend Matt, I heard your name for the first time five seconds ago.” Matt pats Kazuna on the back and answers, “You became my best friend because I can already tell that there will never be a dull moment when you’re around. Also, you have managed to get more alone time with Kagura than me in a day and I’ve been trying for over a year.” Matt grins widely at Kazuna. “I like your honesty,” Kazuna replies. The class was extra chatty that day due to the upcoming duel. Once class ended, all the students immediately rushed to the training grounds. Kazuna, Kagura, and Matt left for the training grounds together. “The duel will take place in arena two.” Kagura states. “Gotcha,” Kazuna replies. Once they reach the arena, Matt separates from them and heads towards the stands. Kazuna and Kagura head to the arena floor. “Since we have time I might as well give you some information on Katsugaya,” Kagura says. “No that won’t be necessary,” Kazuna replied. “Huh?” Kagura asks shocked. “Since Katsugaya is going into this fight blind, so am I. Also, I won’t need the information.” Kazuna says. “Fine,” Kagura says with a heavy sigh. Kazuna walks out onto the field. The stands are packed with students and staff. Katsugaya is standing on one side of a stage that was placed in the middle of the arena floor. “OHHH… So you didn’t wuss out then.” Katsugaya says. Kazuna takes his place on the other side of the stage. “If you get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness, I might let you off with just being my servant.” Katsugaya pries. “Hmmm.. Intriguing offer. But, I think I’ll pass.” Kazuna responds with a hand on his chin. Katsugaya clenches his fist in anger. “So, are powers and weapons allowed?” Kazuna asks. “Of course. I want to make sure that I completely embarrass you.” Katsugaya replies. The referee takes to the sideline. “Here are the rules of the duel. This will be a one on one fight. Both parties have agreed to the use of powers and weapons. The first one to knock their opponent unconscious or force them to forfeit will win. Killing is strictly prohibited. Are both parties ready?” “YES!” Respond both Kazuna and Katsugaya. “Then let the match… begin.”

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