Begin the meeting

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(Clara’s point of view) “We still have a few hours before we have to go to that meeting.” “You don’t say.” ((Hello Clara!)) “ Wait! what is that?” I say out loud. ((It’s me, Stormy, your wolf. Just think about what you want to say and we can communicate. )) ((Hello Stormy, I am sorry about that. I had never had a conversation with a wolf before. )) ( I am so happy that I can finally be awake and talk with you. I can’t wait to be at full strength so we can shift.)) ( I am a little scared of shifting Stormy. )) ( It will be a good experience, trust me. If you and Goliath mark each other, you will be able to mindlink each other the entire time.)) Oh no, Goliath! He has been panicking this entire time.) ) ((You will get better at talking with me and being present to what is going on around you. Go ahead back to him. I need to rest.)) “Clara please say something.” “Sorry Goliath Stormy had some strength to talk to me, but I didn’t know how to talk to her and be present in my surroundings at the same time.” “I was a little scared you were worn-out or something.” “Oh I am not worn-out at all.” (Goliath’s point of view. ) Clara hops up on me, taking me by surprise. As she kisses me, I hold her a** giving it a squeeze. I can’t ever get enough of her. Goddess, she is perfect in every way. The way she looks, smells, feels, hell, she even tastes of sweet, delicious honey. She crawls down me, and I have to let her go. “Where are you going, beautiful?” “I need to taste you!” She grabs my c**k and her hands, and they feel so smooth going up and down it. I can’t help but watch her because she looks so sexy. She starts to lick my c*** up and down as she looks at me with those big beautiful eyes. “Oh! Clara, you are so hot, baby.” I watch her devilish smile as she teases me, gently playing with my balls with one hand and stroking my shaft with the other. She really has talent. she puts her mouth over the head of my c***, starts sucking down it. “Damn baby, that feels so good.” My head falls back, and I close my eyes as she pleasures me. I grab a fist full of her hair and pull her up to my face. I kiss her hard and let go. “My turn now.” I sit up against the headboard. “Come Clara sit on my lap.” “Yes sir.” She says, giving me such f*** me eyes. I love how she is becoming more and more open, and I love it. She straddles me, and I grab her a** and slowly drop her down on my c***. She must be really into it because she begins bouncing up and down without me saying or doing anything. It is so hot watching her breasts jiggle in my face. I pull her face close to me. Kissing her neck, I hit her spot on her shoulder and bite down. She gasps loudly, and I feel her squirting all over me. As soon as her head comes back, she bites me. “F***!” I am c**ing so hard I see stars. I slump on the headboard, and Clara slumps down on me with me still inside her. That was pure bliss. I have never felt anything to be pleasurable in my life. We are now connected forever, and I could not be happier. (Clara, can you hear me?) She lifts her head up and looks at me. (Yes, this is so cool!) (Once you become Luna and officially join the pack, you will be able to mindlink all the pack members. ) (Goliath?) (Yes, baby? ) “I am starving!” “Okay sweet heart let’s take a fast shower and get in an early breakfast. we still have a little over an hour before the meeting. I would like to say that’s how everything went down, but instead, that shower turned into another s****l experience. Now we are just making it to the meeting two minutes early with wet hair and slightly damp clothes. I didn’t even make it to my room, so I am wearing part of the suit I had on last night. I hit the buzzer, and my dad opened the door. He is about to say something but stops and looks at us up and down. “Why are you wet?” “Weee overslept and had to shower fast it’s fine. Just let us in.” He opens the door, but his face doesn’t change. Once we walk in, I ignore all the stares and grab a plate of donuts. I grab 6 of them. One of each kind to make sure Clara gets the one she wants. “Here you go, sweetheart. Sorry we missed breakfast.” “You two must have had a good night.” Mindy says with sarcasm. “ Especially since he is still wearing his suit from last night.” Jack says with a smirk. I feel a tug on my shirt and look down. “Goliath can I have some of those muffins, please?” Clara emptied her plate already. “Of course, beautiful. I am so sorry I starved you.” I take her plate and fill it with lots of mini muffins. “Goliath dear, what did you do to the poor girl? She is starving to death.” I give her a look to tell her to drop it, but her face went from concerned to ecstatic. “You two are marked!!!” she practically yells at the top of her lungs. She runs over and hugs Clara. I have a new daughter and she is perfect. “Okay everyone please calm down.” I try to yell over everyone. I hand Clara the plate of muffins and grab her a bottle of water. “Elder Tom, thank you for being here. I know you must have a great deal to talk about, but I am afraid Clara and I have something of great importance to discuss first.” “Well you are correct, Goliath, but I trust your judgment. Go ahead and take the lead you two.” We tell everyone about our experience with the moon goddess. We tell them about Clara’s blessed wolf. Everyone gasps and wows about how everything felt and looked. Some started crying as we talked about being immortal. Elder Tom doesn’t change from a serious focused expression the entire time. He casually makes notes on his tablet, though. “We marked each other, and now we have to concentrate on getting Clara strong enough to turn. That’s why you may see her eating a lot.” Elder Tom speaks up finally. “You are sure that she didn’t give any more details about the uprising? “ “Yes Elder Tom. She said she couldn’t alter anything else or it wouldn’t work out for the good.” “Well I suppose I will have to change my focus of this meeting now that you know more about Clara’s wolf. I will just get the necklace out of the way first.” “My necklace?” Clara says, touching it. “Yes, It is the legendary necklace of protection made by the moon witch.” “The moon witch?” Clara asks. “She is a hybrid of both werewolf and witch who goes by moon witch. It was said she pulled the power of the moon into a necklace for the ultimate protection. “ “Star?” Jenny asks, looking very interested. “That is, in fact, her name. Did you know her?” Jenny makes a thinking face like she had to search her memories. “Yes she was friends with Vince. She said it was my destiny to wear that necklace on my wedding night after Vince gave it to me. She never told me that she made it or anything, though. I also don’t know what Vince had to do to get it from her.” “Well as incredible as this all is, I am afraid the necklace has lost all magic. You may not realize this, Jenny, but you were killed that night during your attack. All of the magic in the necklace left to bring you back.” Clara drops her plate and runs into her mom’s arms, sobbing.
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