So little time

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(Clara’s point of view) I drop my plate and run into my mom’s arms sobbing. The thought that I could have lost her kills me. I spent years scared I was going to lose her or be separated from her. This whole time, she was only here because of a necklace. I feel sadness but also anger. My uncle tried to take away my parents from me. I was about to lose my mind when I felt tingles on my back and smelled caramel and coffee. “Take deep breaths, Clara.” My mom tells me as she brushes my hair out of my face with her fingers. “I am sorry, everyone. I haven’t had the time to process everything my uncle has done to me.” Everyone reassures me that my feelings are valid and that it is okay to be upset. Elder Tom came up to me. “Clara I know this must be hard for you, but now that I know you turn on the next full moon, we need to get ahead of this.” “I understand.” I say, still sounding broken up. “ How about you sit on the couch with Goliath and try to relax a little.” “Okay, I would really like that.” Goliath sits down, and I go to sit next to him, but he pulls me onto his lap and holds me around my waste. I feel nothing but comfort and love from him. “I had found a few things out about your dad and uncle last night. I know they came from the Silver Blood Moon pack, so they were expected to reject or even kill their mate if they were human.” Goliath holds me tight when Elder Tom said that. I look over at my mom. She looks a bit healthier, but I can still see her grief. “Now this is a rumor, but your uncle may have possibly killed his mate. It is said he doesn’t have one. One rumor even says the moon goddess has cursed him, so he can’t produce any children leaving him without an heir. Clara, this makes me very concerned about your safety.” “Why is that Elder Tom?” “With him feeling the pull once you shift, he may be desperate to have you or even your children because then he could have an heir with his blood. This could be a reason for an uprising or maybe a part of it.” “We can’t let that happen, Elder Tom. What are we going to do?” I can tell Goliath is clinching his jaw. I snuggle into him so I can comfort us both. “Well we have a little less than 2 weeks to get things going. I suggest Clara goes to the clinic and sees what she can do to get healthier for her turn. Then, get her into training for self-defense. As for the pack, we need to get the Alpha ceremony going and have the Luna ceremony on the night of her shift.” “Why on the night that she shifts?” “If someone were to come after her, your pack will be surrounded by other packs who you trust. Also, I would love for her to be able to go on a pack run as it is tradition. Oh, and one more thing. Clara, you should take a pregnancy test by the end of the week and again before you shift.” My cheeks feel kind of hot. It is weird talking about this in front of a group, including my mom. “Umm could a pregnancy test even tell something that soon.” “Get them done at the clinic, and they will, especially if you are carrying a litter.” “A litter? What is a litter?” “ You know 4 or 5 pups.” I feel myself beginning to sweat. “Fffour or FIVE!” Goliath rubs my arms. “ it’s OK, baby litters don’t run I’m my family, and I doubt you are even pregnant.” I take a few deep breaths and look at Wendy. She looks worried as well. I wish I could mindlink her. Elder Tom speaks up again. “ I guess I should add both Clara and Wendy should spend some time in the library learning about werewolves on top of learning about their positions in the pack. It is getting late so I think I should leave on a good note. Wendy and Jack have marked each other and have come to me about Wendy turning into a werewolf as well.” Wendy starts to blush, and we all congratulate both of them for becoming an official mate couple. “We will be doing this process within 2 days so she will be able to do the pack run and have her first shift at the same time as Clara.” I get up and hug her. She seems so happy, and that makes me happy. Now Farah will take over the meeting. I will try to find something out about the information you 2 gave me. Goodbye, everyone.” Goliath’s mom clears her throat. "Tonight, we are going to have a welcoming party for our new pack members. We will have Wendy and Jenny officially joined but Clara will be officially joined during her Luna ceremony. We will also have Tyler take his place in the rank officially. As for the Alpha ceremony, I plan on getting out invites out today. We will have it in three days and the Luna ceremony in 10 days on the full moon. I will need everyone to chip in to get this done. Is that clear?" "Yes, mam!" We all kind of say. "Clara darling?" "Yes, umm, Luna?" I am so freaking dumb I have no clue what to call her, but I can tell that was not it. "Please call me Farah or mom." "Yes, Farah." "Clara, we start your Luna lessons tomorrow during lunch. Meet me here at this office." I feel stress melt off of me. I am going to get the help I need. "Thank you so much!" I give her a big hug, and she gives me a big squeeze back. "That's it for now, everyone. The meet and greet will be at 7 so be ready." Everyone walks out. I hug my mom and tell her I will see her later. Wendy makes a spa date with me so we can have girl time. We decided to invite Mindy, and she accepts. "Okay, baby, Jack is going to have a talk with Lacey, and Vivian is on her way to my office, so we need to get over there." My stomach starts to feel like it's in knots.
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