A Mission

1000 Words
( Sam’s point of view ) When I got this guard job, I thought there would be more action. I was a warrior for about 10 years and decided I needed a change. After about a year of following the future alpha and his sister, I finally got a mission. I am going to help an alpha get his Luna. I can’t wait till they are together so I can finally tell my mate Lexi about this. Werewolves stop aging around their early twenties, so I shouldn’t look out of place with Tyler despite being much older than him. We are following Clara in our jeep. She is in a beat-up Ford Taurus that I believe her red-headed friend who is driving owns. I am careful not to get too close or to look suspicious. It doesn’t take long for them to reach the diner. We wait a couple of minutes for them to go in first. Tyler takes the time to mind, Link Goliath, where we are. We get out and walk into the small diner. It is a very old-fashioned family diner, but it had a positive atmosphere. We take a booth on the other side of the half wall the girls are on. We have the ability to hear the quietest sounds so we can hear them talk, but they won’t be able to see us. A waitress walks up and takes our order. We get two sodas and French fries to look less suspicious. We get out our phones to text each other so that no one will hear our conversations, and we won’t miss anything like we would if we mind linked. Tyler texts me first. (We should listen for her order and other things she likes. It could help Goliath with date ideas.) I just nod my head and listen. (Clara and Wendy’s conversation) “Clara why don’t you order something special today since we just graduated.” “You know I can’t afford it. When we get paid tonight, maybe I will get something then, but our power is about to be shut off if I don’t pay off that bill.” “yeah, but I am moving in tomorrow. I can help you pay for stuff now.” , “It is so hard to believe you can finally move in with me, Wendy! Did you pack your stuff up yet?” “Well I hid a small bag with my essentials, but I can’t bring a lot without my step dad finding out.” “Wendy don’t cry. You will be safe with me. He has no idea where I live, and you can finally stop handing over part of your tips to him. Don’t even worry about clothes. We can share mine until we can both afford new ones.” “Thank you, Clara. I know the first thing I’m buying is a new hot water tank. No way can I stand cold baths and showers. I don’t know how you do it.” “please do, ha ha ha!” (Hello, can I take your order)the waitress says. "Yes, we both would like 2 coffees with cream and sugar on the side and one slice of blueberry pie with 2 forks, please." (OK, coming right up). “Hey Clara, do you have anymore of that balm you made for bruises? My step dad grabbed my arm kind of hard, and I don’t want it to show tonight.” “Yeah, I will get you some when we get to the car. I have to say I’m nervous about this being my real first day of work. I have never felt so vulnerable.” “Don’t worry, Clara, just remember to be Diamond. You are not you tonight, but you will be the one coming home with the money.” (Here you are, girls.) “let’s just hurry up and eat. I want to go home and take a nap, and you need to make sure you leave the house as smoothly as you can tonight.” (Back to Sam and Tyler listening.) (Tyler, did you hear all that?) (Yes, no wonder why she is so skinny she doesn’t even have money for food.) (Tyler, that job doesn’t sound so good if it is what I think it is.) (Sam, give me a moment to mind link what I have heard to Goliath.) I watch as Tyler’s eyes glaze over, waiting for him to be done. He blinks and looks at me. “He said for us to follow her for the rest of the night and make sure she is safe.” “Sam, he is not taking this well, and I don’t blame him.” I shook my head in agreement. Moments later, we see the girls get up and get ready to leave. We take the chance and leave first and make it out to the jeep before they exit the building. “Tyler, Goliath might have said to keep her safe, but if we even let another man touch her, we could be as good as dead.” Tyler’s face turns pale, and he makes a gulping noise. He just gives me a nod, not knowing what to say. I see the girls get out of the diner, smiling and giggling as they get into the car. I wish I knew what just made them so happy when their lives seemed so rough. Once they pull out of the parking lot, I wait for a few seconds and start to follow them. It only takes a few blocks before they pull up to an old looking house, and Clara gets out, giving her friend a half hug and going in. The car takes off, and we decide on a place to park and wait. This part of the job is boring, but I have a feeling tonight is going to be very wild. One wrong move on our part and Goliath will cut our nuts off.
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