Captured and Tainted (SERIE FEROCI 2)

enimies to lovers

Angelica Louise 'Angel' Mendoza is a famous model and actress, she has a bitchy attitude, she does whatever she wants to do, she gained a lot of haters because of that but she doesn't care because she's happy. She finally achieved her dreams and plans in life, she couldn't ask for more. Her best friend, Jaze, has a long-time boyfriend. Angelica knew that Jaze is deeply in love with him that's why she was shocked when Jaze left without any notice, leaving her boyfriend behind. And now, she's being held as a hostage by her best friend's ferocious boyfriend... Zakarius Cavalcante.

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Chapter One
Angelica Louise ‘Angel’ Mendoza “Yes! That's it, Angel. Fiercer, you're doing good!” I looked at the camera one last time with a serious look on my face. This photographer annoys the hell out of me. He says that I'm doing good but we've been doing this for hours. May balak ba siyang pagpahingahin ako? “Okay, that's enough. I'm tired,” I said and rolled my eyes at the photographer, and go back to my seat. “Hindi pa tayo tapos, Angel,” sabi nito at napakamot pa sa batok nito. “Do you think I'm a freakin' robot? I did my best. Ikaw na ang problema, do your job well next time. Wala ka sa kalingkingan ng mga photographers na nakakatrabaho ko,” I said and smiled sweetly at him. My personal assistant-slash-manager scratched the back of his head and facepalmed. The hell I care, I'm tired as f**k and this whole thing is draining me out. Dapat kanina pa ito tapos, hindi ko alam kung ano'ng trip ng photographer na 'to. “O-okay, let's wrap up,” sabi na lang nito. “Chan, where's my bag?” I asked my personal assistant as my perfect eyebrow arched. I looked at my face in the mirror. I'm tired as f**k but I still look like a goddess. How is that even possible? I'm wearing a neon sportswear, this one looks good on me. But I won't buy this pair, paniguradong marami na ang bibili nito once na ma-release ang endorsement ko rito. That's the reason why I wear my clothes only once because every clothes I wear is always on trend, at ayaw ko ng may katulad. I donate it to charities most of the time, pero kapag talagang gusto ko, itinatago ko na lang. “Ito na,” sabi na lang ni Chan at inabot sa 'kin ang bag ko, padabog. “Galit ka ba?” nakataas-kilay na tanong ko sa kanya. “Angel naman kasi, lahat na lang ba talaga aawayin mo? Hindi 'yan maganda sa image mo, tigilan mo na 'yan,” pananaway niya sa 'kin. “I'm a b***h since day one, but I'm still the most successful and highest paid actress and model. f**k off,” I said as a half smile crossed my face. “Iyan pa, tigilan mo na nga ang pagmumura mo. Nadulas ka nga noong nakaraan sa interview mo at napamura ka, buti na lang nagawan ng paraan ng ni Sir Cassian.” Chan is always stressed-out when it comes to me. I'm kind of hard-headed and hard to tame, but I pay him more than what he deserves naman, e. Cassian is the CEO of Aingeal Agency. I  think he's just 5 years older than me, he's young to be a CEO. Pero tuta ko lang din siya. Ako ang nagpalago ng agency niya, sa akin nga rin kinuha ang pangalan ng agency, gano'n akong ka-importante kay Cassian kaya handa siyang linisin nang paulit-ulit ang kalat ko. “The interviewer was annoying as hell, kulang na lang pati kulay ng panty ko itanong niya. Sino ba'ng hindi mapapamura?” I asked innocently, defending myself. Chan shook his head and sat beside me. He seems tired and exhausted, I wonder why... Hindi naman siya ang napagod sa letcheng photographer na 'yon kundi ako. “My phone, Chan?” I asked and closed my eyes. I really want to go home and sleep for a whole day, ayoko lang talaga na mamaga ang mukha ko, baka sermunan na naman ako ni Chan. “It's in your bag, maghanap ka paminsan-minsan.” I opened my eyes and glared at him. He just scratched the back of his head and took my phone from my bag. I'm not in the mood to do anything. Kung maaari nga ay magpapabuhat na lang ako sa kanya pauwi. I took my phone from him and immediately go to my social media accounts. My eyebrow arched when news about him popped out of my newsfeed first. “Wow, best director of the year na naman si Zakarius Cavalcante,” Chan murmured while peeking on my phone. I pushed his head away from me and raised my middle finger at him. He just pouted and scratched his nape. Napatingin na lang ulit ako sa phone ko, as usual, Zakarius Cavalcante didn't come to claim his award. He never attended awards ceremonies, even once. Taon taon na lang yata siyang nananalong best director ngunit hindi siya sumisipot. Weird. “Show off,” I mumbled while looking at his picture, it was just a stolen picture. He's wearing a leather jacket and a black cap, you can barely see his face on the picture. Damn him! “He has something to show off though. Nakakapagtaka lang talaga na ni minsan hindi ka niya kinuhang artista, kahit extra man lang,” napapailing na sabi ni Chan. The veins in my head pulsated, I kicked his legs and pushed him away from me. Kita na nga niyang pagod ako, iniinis niya pa 'ko. “Do you really think I'll accept an extra role, Chan? My face, my body, my brain, and my talent doesn't deserve that, I always deserve the best role,” I said and gritted my teeth. I suddenly want to fire him. Chan laughed nervously and started massaging my back. I just rolled my eyes and threw my phone on the table. Tumaas na nga ang dugo ko sa engot na photographer kanina, dumadagdag pa siya. “Joke lang naman, Angel. Siyempre hindi deserve ng katulad mo ang simpleng role lang. Tanga lang talaga si Director Cavalcante dahil hindi ka niya kinukuha,” he said while still laughing awkwardly. He continued massaging my back. “Stop it! I want to go home. I'll just take a shower and change my clothes. Bitbitin mo ang mga gamit ko at dalhin sa van para matuwa ako sa 'yo.” I stood up and just brought my small bag with me and immediately go to my own dressing room here in the building's agency. Yes, I have my own dressing room because I don't like sharing with other actresses. Wala namang nagagawa si Cassian sa lahat ng gusto ko dahil malaking pera ang ipinapasok ko rito. I wore a light pink off-shoulder chiffon crop top, revealing my small waist, and paired it with a cream-colored mini skirt. I wore light pink wedge heels, I don't really like pink stuffs, tinatamad lang talaga ako na magpa-bongga pa ng suot. I just wore my simplest set of clothes. I looked at the mirror and put my hair into a messy bun. I put a very minimal make up and looked at myself in the mirror one last time before heading out. I look beautiful in whatever I wear anyway. “Grabe, ang paghihintay ko, mahigit isang oras,” Chan complained while waiting for me in front of the door. My perfect eyebrow arched. “Tanga ka ba? Bakit hindi ka na lang naghintay sa loob para hindi ka nagrereklamo riyan?” Wala na talaga siyang alam gawin kundi ang pag-initin ang ulo ko. Hindi ko rin alam sa sarili ko kung bakit hindi ko pa siya pinapalitan. It's not easy to find someone like him who can cope up with my bitchy attitude. Walang nagtagal na PA sa 'kin maliban sa kanya. I just rolled my eyes and left him there, he immediately followed me and clung on my arm, I'm way taller than him, hanggang leeg ko lang siya kaya madalas ay nakapit siya sa braso ko upang makahabol, hinahayaan ko na lang. “You don't have schedule for today, magpahinga ka na lang daw sabi ni Sir Cassian,” Chan mumbled.  “Magpapahinga naman talaga ako, may pahintulot man niya o wala.” Napairap na lang ako at tumuloy sa paglalakad. “Angel!” I sighed when I heard Cassian's voice from nowhere. I just shrugged my shoulders and pulled Chan, signaling him to ignore Cassian, but as a scaredy-cat as he is, he pulled me to Cassian's direction. I bit my lower lip and closed my eyes tightly. Ako ba talaga ang amo ni Chan o si Cassian? “What the hell, Cassian? I'm tired as f**k because of the f*****g stupid photographer you hired and now--” Cassian immediately covered my mouth with his hand. “Shut up, Angel. Director Cavalcante is with me,” Cassian murmured in a firm voice. Noon ko lang napansin na nasa likod niya pala talaga si Director Zakarius Cavalcante at walang emosyon na nakatingin sa 'min. Cassian removed his hand and smiled at me, I know that smile, as if he's telling me to behave or be a good girl just for once. I fought the urge to roll my eyes. “Nako, pasensya na, direk. Medyo mainitin lang talaga ang ulo ni Angel kapag pagod. You know, she's really busy and in demand. By the way, I bet you know her, right? Angel Mendoza, Philippine's most awarded actress and model of this generation,” Cassian remarked proudly. I suddenly want to kick his ass to shut him up. I scoffed and turned my gaze at Zakarius Cavalcante, he's probably the hottest movie director that can beat any actors in terms of good looks. Ilang beses ko na siyang nakita ngunit hindi ko maiwasang hangaan ang pagmumukha niyang 'yan. His black and tousled hair suited his badass look. His thick eyebrows matched with his long eyelashes and his hooded light blue eyes that scream dominance and authority even though you can't see any emotions there. His proud pointed nose suited his thin pinkish lips and his prominent clean-shaved jawline. Matangkad na ako ngunit nanliliit pa rin ako sa tuwing magkaharap kami ng ganito. “I already know her, but I'm not here for her. Where's Savannah Miranda?” Zakarius asked and immediately turned his gaze at Cassian. Cassian scratched his nape and looked apologetically at me. I raised my eyebrow and glared at him, he just smiled awkwardly at me and signaled Chan to take me away. Huminga ako nang malalim at pinigil ang sarili ko na sugurin ang Zakarius na 'to at sapakin. Chan seemed to notice that I'm about to explode so he immediately pulled me away from them. I gritted my teeth as I left that f*****g building with heavy steps. “f**k him! f**k Zakarius Cavalcante! How dare him?! Seriously? Savannah Miranda? I'm way better than her in all aspect, Chan!” Tuluyan na akong sumabog nang makapasok na kami sa van. Napakamot na lang si Chan sa batok niya at pinandar na ang van. “Ano ka ba, Angel. H'wag mong isipin masyado si Director Cavalcante, hindi naman siya kawalan sa career mo 'no. Wala lang talaga siyang taste sa pagpili ng artista,” Chan said, trying to calm me down. I threw my bag on the floor and stomped my feet. I can't believe him! Zakarius Cavalcante is really unbelievable, how dare he do this to me? Best friend ako ng girlfriend niya! Dapat ay pinakikisamahan niya 'ko nang maayos. Mainit pa rin ang ulo ko hanggang sa maka-uwi ako kaya pinauwi ko na kaagad si Chan at baka sa kanya ko pa mailabas ang inis ko. I sat on the couch, still clenching my jaw. Kanina ko pa gustong magwala, sa agency pa lang. I just did my best not to throw a fit there. “Relax, Angel. Chan is right, hindi siya kawalan sa career ko,” I murmured. I closed my eyes, trying to calm myself a little bit. I counted one to twenty before I opened my eyes again. The luxurious style of my house invaded my sight as I opened my eyes. My house is not that big because I live here alone, beige and brown is the color scheme of my house, and honestly, I like dull colors more than bright ones. I live in a private village, this house and everything I have is from my own money and hard work. Nasa New Zealand ang mga magulang ko. Actually, they don't want me to be an actress, but as a spoiled brat as I am, I did what I want. Wala na rin naman silang nagawa at sinuportahan na lang din ako. I can say, I'm successful at the age of 30, I entered showbiz five years ago. Naka-graduate naman ako ng college, I finished Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, a broadcasting major, I just want to be a reporter at first, and I did become a reporter... I don't know why I end up as an actress. I woke up from my thoughts when I heard the door opened, kilala ko na kaagad kung sino 'yon. Isa lang naman ang may extrang susi rito sa bahay ko. “Oh my God, Jaze. Good thing you came. Iyang boyfriend mo nga ay kausapin mo, what the hell is his problem with me?!” Natatawang napailing na lang si Jaze sa ibinungad ko sa kanya pagkapasok na pagkapasok niya. She sat beside me and gave me a plastic of fruits. She knew I only eat fruits most of the time, especially cherries. “He doesn't have any problems with you, I think. He's just like that,” Jaze said and laughed softly. I just rolled my eyes and removed my wedge. I just threw it somewhere, Jaze didn't react, she's used to it. Jazelyn Hernaez, or Jaze, is my long-time best friend since we were first year college, magka-edad lang kami. She's a talented fashion designer. I always wear her designs to show my support for her. Pero kahit hindi ko naman siya suportahan ay marami pa rin siyang kliyente dahil magaling talaga siya. She's beautiful too, magaling siya magdala ng damit at talagang fashionable ang mga sinusuot niya. She has an angelic face... almond shape eyes, luscious and pinkish lips, white skin... Marami ring nagsasabi na hindi magkaiba ang aura naming dalawa. I look like a b***h and she looks an angel. “May saltik ang Zakarius na 'yon. You should break up with him! How dare he embarrass me like that? Pinagdududahan na ng mga tao kung bakit hindi niya ako kinukuhang artista sa mga palabas niya. Ask him what the f**k is his problem with me, alam kong meron!” I grunted and stomped my feet on the floor. Jaze and Zak have been in a relationship since our last year in college or after college, hindi ko na maalala. Zakarius is 8 years older than Jaze, but I guess age doesn't really matter when it comes to love. “Hey, Jaze, are you still listening to me?” I asked and snapped my fingers in front of her face. Jaze just shook her head and smiled apologetically at me. “Oh, sorry, Angel. I'm just tired. Ano nga ulit 'yong sinabi mo?” tanong niya. Natatawang napailing na lang ako at tinapik ang balikat niya. “Just take a rest, Jaze. You really seem tired,” I said and smiled at her. “Thanks, Angel. I'll just call you later, okay? Kainin mo ang mga 'yan,” sabi niya saka itinuro ang mga prutas. “Yes, Mommy. You can leave now, and take a rest,” I commanded and raised my eyebrow at her. She laughed gently and nodded before heading out. It seems like something is bothering her. I'll just ask her later, she doesn't seem alright. I CAN feel that something is wrong with Jaze, she's not herself these past few days and I'm honestly worried about her but she's not telling me anything about her problem. Her clients are complaining to me saying that Jaze can't be reached out. “Angel, we have to do something about Director Cavalcante. Why is he not interested in you? May alitan ba kayo? Bakit hindi ka niya kinuhang artista ni minsan? This is making my blood boil, Angelica,” Cassian complained. I just rolled my eyes and continued my skin care routine. “I don't give a s**t about him anymore. Bahala siya sa buhay niya, hindi naman ako ang mawawalan kundi siya,” I said and looked at my gorgeous face in the mirror. Perfect. “But, Angel, he's an important factor in your career and I can't take it! He's not--” I didn't let him finish and immediately ended the call. I still have to call Jaze, I don't have time for his nonsensical tirades. Nagtungo ako sa kama at umupo ro'n habang hinahanap ang pangalan ni Jaze sa contacts. I was about to call her but she calls me first. I immediately answered her call. “Hello, Jaze! I was about to call--” “M-Ma'am Angel, si Leah po ito.” My forehead creased. Bakit nasa katulong ni Jaze ang phone niya? “Hello? Where's Jaze? Bakit na sa 'yo ang phone niya?” I asked in a calm tone. I don't want to sound rude. “Ma'am, kasi po si Ma'am Jaze bigla pong umalis. Namalengke lang po ako saglit pero pagbalik ko po rito sa bahay, wala na ang mga damit niya. Nag-aalala po ako, Ma'am Angel. Baka po alam niyo kung saan siya nagpunta,” nag-aalalang sabi ni Leah. Agad na umakyat ang kaba sa dibdib ko. Nagpaalam na ako kay Leah sa tawag at sinabing susubukan kong hanapin si Jaze. I immediately took a jacket from my closet because I'm just wearing a silk nightie. I took my wallet and wore a simple flip flops. Kailangan ko siyang mahanap, hindi ako matatahimik hangga't hindi ko siya nakakausap nang maayos. There's really something wrong with her. Bakit siya aalis? I can't believe that she'll leave Zakarius just like that, she's head over heels in love with him. Kasama niya ba si Zakarius? Pero imposibleng hindi siya magsasabi sa 'kin. Nagtungo na ako pinto at agad na binuksan 'yon upang lumabas ng silid, ngunit natigilan ako nang si Zakarius ang bumungad sa 'kin pagkabukas ko no'n. “Z-Zakarius? H-how did you--” My knees weakened while staring at his blue eyes. Unfamiliar electricity gushed through my veins, I gulped but I felt a lump in my throat. My hands are cold and shaking because of his fearsome presence. How did he manage to enter my house? My house is fully protected. How did he get through the security system of my house? I bit the inside of my cheeks, trying to ease my nervousness... His presence scares me right now, I don't know why. “I'll just ask you once, don't test my patience, woman. Where is Jaze?” Nagtayuan ang mga balahibo ko sa malamig niyang boses. I think this is the first time he talked to me, he never talked to me before and just ignores me. “I don't know, I-I was about to go out and find her because I'm worried. How about you?! Why the f**k are you doing here inside my house? Do you want me to call the cops?!” I shouted, trying to look strong and unbothered. “Where the f**k is Jaze?” he asked again, in a more domineering voice this time, it made my lips shiver. “I honestly don't know, Zak! Can't you just f*****g believe me?” I pushed his chest away. I moved quickly and tried to close the door but he immediately stopped the door from closing using his hand. I nervously bit my lower lip and tried my best to close the door. Napasinghap na lang ako nang marahas 'yong bumukas, halos tumalsik ako sa sahig dahil sa lakas ng puwersa nang pagkakatulak niya sa pinto. Fucking assh-le! I gasped when he grabbed my jacket and pulled me up without difficulty as if I'm just a piece of paper and pulled me closer to him. I inhaled deeply when our nose almost touched. I can almost smell the scent of whiskey and cigarette from him... But his wild male scent immediately took over. Why the f**k am I admiring his scent in this situation? “Did she call you? f*****g answer me honestly, woman,” he said in a very dangerous voice. I averted my gaze away from him and tried to escape from his grip. I gasped exaggeratedly when he pulled me closer to him again. Our bodies crashed together, his hard and strong body against my soft one. Unfamiliar electricity gushed through my veins. “Will you please let me go, Zakarius?! Seryoso na 'ko! You're crossing the line!” I shouted and tried to push him again. My knees are shaking, my whole body is trembling, but I will never admit that I'm scared of him. Magpapanggap akong matapang at kontrolado ko ang nangyayari. “Let me go!” Nakahinga ako nang maluwag nang tuluyan na niyang bitiwan ang jacket ko. I immediately took my phone from the pocket and called Cassian, he answered it shortly. “Hello, Angel. What's up?” tanong niya sa kabilang linya. “Cassian you have to call the--” I was taken aback when I turned my gaze at Zakarius. Nanginginig ang mga tuhod na napaatras ako nang makita kung ano ang hawak niya. “Angel? Still there?” Cassian asked. Zakarius pulled the trigger of his gun and pointed it at me. Agad na nanlamig ang mga kamay ko habang nakatitig do'n. “Go on, ask for help, but you'll die right here... right now. After that, I'll kill him next,” he said with no emotions evident in his eyes as if killing someone wasn't a big deal to him. With shaking hands, I ended the call. I  don't want to die right now, I don't want to die like this. My parents will be devastated as hell. “You f*****g vicious beast! Now I know why Jaze left! You're a murderous creep!” I shouted as I step backwards. Paano ba ako makakaalis sa sitwasyon na 'to? Nanginig ang mga tuhod ko nang maglakad siya papalapit sa 'kin. He gripped my arm tightly while staring murderously at me as if he wants to crash my whole existence. “You'll come with me, woman,” he demanded. My eyebrow arched at his remark. “Do you think I'm insane?! Stay away from me, you f*****g brute!” I tried to let go from his grip. Natigilan ako nang itutok niya sa sentido ko ang baril niya. I closed my eyes tightly and bit the insides of my cheeks to fight my nervousness. Damn this man, damn his f*****g gun! “You don't want to tell me where Jaze is? Fine, I'll just take you as a hostage until she comes back.” 

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