Bullied Mate Of The Alpha Triplets

opposites attract


Ember is an Omega, who is constantly picked on and bullied by her schoolmates. Unfortunately, her dad dies protecting the pack. The Alpha of the pack decides to take her to live in the pack house in order to honor her dad's sacrifice. She is now living under the same roof with Alpha Dominic triplet sons! Aka her bullies, who are dead set on making her life even harder than she imagined.

Her life takes a dramatic turn when she finds out she is mated to not one but all three of them! Three powerful Alphas, a cursed omega mated to all but can only be claimed by the one who marks her first…

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Ember’s POV "Dad.." I mumbled, my voice cracking from crying too long. The rustle of leaves echoed loudly beneath my boots, breaking the silence in the quiet graveyard. My hazel eyes welled with tears as I stared at my father's grave. Saying my final goodbye to him was way harder than I had imagined. "Ember, we're leaving soon. Don't take too long,” Alpha Dominic said. I had almost forgotten I wasn't alone here. "I won't," I replied, my voice just barely above a whisper. "I'm waiting at the car," He replied and walked out. My father had died during a fight when our pack, Crescent Pack, was under attack by our biggest rivals. To honor his death, Alpha Dominic had decided to take me in to live together with his family since I was now an orphan. As pleasant as that looked, I still shivered in fear thinking about my new life. Not only was I going to live in the pack house, but I was now living under the same roof with Alpha Dominic's triplet sons! Aka my high school bullies. I had always been the odd one out, the girl everyone picked on for being cursed. After my mom passed away a few days after my birth, I was constantly bullied for being a cursed child because death shortly after childbirth was a sign of a cursed child in the Crescent pack. As if that wasn’t enough, I was in the lowest social status within the pack, an omega, which automatically made me a target for bullies, especially when I was on a sponsored education at Lunar Haven Academy, a school where only the higher ranks could afford to attend. The triplets, Tristen, Caleb, and Lucas, had taken it upon themselves to make me suffer and remind me of my place. My mind drifted back to a not-so-distant memory, one of the many instances when the triplets made my life unbearable. --- I closed my locker, just about to head to my next class when Tristen, Caleb, and Lucas cornered me near the lockers. With a height of about 6.2ft, they easily towered over me. Tristen, the most vocal of the trio, smirked as he leaned against the lockers. "Well, well, look who decided to grace us with her presence," he sneered, his eyes locking onto me making me uneasy. Caleb, standing to Tristen's right, chimed in with a sly grin. "I see your fashion sense hasn’t gotten any better." I squirmed uncomfortably as Caleb's eyes raked my body down to my toes; it felt like I was naked before him. My faded black jeans and pink top felt like trash compared to their luxurious clothing. Lucas, the silent one, observed with cold eyes. “Of course, she is practically the pack’s joke,” Tristen mocked. They laughed amongst themselves, taking pleasure from my discomfort. I clenched my fists, determined not to let them see how deeply their words affected me. “You know,” Caleb whispered, leaning in closer, “maybe if you were a bit smarter, your mere presence wouldn’t be such an embarrassment.” “Stop!” I yelled in anger, fed up with their constant mockery. The hallway immediately fell silent, and the students passing by halted, stopping to see who had dared raise her voice at the three golden boys in Lunar Haven Academy. Tristen, Caleb, and Lucas were worshiped here. They were the ones every girl swooned over and wished they could date. Every guy wanted to be them so badly and wished to be in their place. Their good looks, wealth, and high ranks earned the respect of the pack. Lucas, finally breaking the silence, spoke with an icy tone. "Don't forget your place, Ember. You're nothing more than a stain on this pack." The triplets left me standing there, my facade crumbling as they walked away, leaving behind a trail of laughter that echoed in the emptying hallway. --- “Ember!” The loud voice of Alpha Dominic brought my attention back to the present. “Oh- um-“ I stuttered, unable to find my words. “Just get in the car,” he ordered. It was already dark; I had no clue I was lost in thought for that long. I followed quietly behind Alpha Dominic and took my seat in the passenger side of the car while he drove off afterward. My nervousness picked up as we drew closer to the pack house. I wondered what the triplets would think when they found out I would be living with them. I quickly cleaned my dried tears and combed my messy brown hair with my hands, trying to make it look more presentable. I wasn’t about to give the triplets more reason to bully me. Soon after, we arrived at the pack house. “Wait here, I need to make a call,” Alpha Dominic said and strolled out, leaving me standing alone at the entrance of the huge pack house. After a few minutes, there was no sign of the Alpha, so I decided to take a quick stroll around the front yard of the pack house. It was my first time here, and gosh! This place was huge and the definition of glamorous. “Watch out!” Someone called out. I turned my head toward the direction of the voice. It happened so quickly; before I could blink an eye, my face was colliding violently with a basketball. “Ahhhhhhhhh” I screamed in fear as I lost my footing, landing into the pool behind me, splashing water all around. Loud laughter filled the air while I gasped for air in the large water bank. My drenched hair clung to my face as I struggled to get out of the water. Why did their pool have to be so huge? “Holy s**t- are you actually about to drown?” I heard a familiar deep voice say after the laughter halted. Before I could respond, I felt a strong pair of arms pulling me upward. Suddenly, I was lifted out of the water and onto solid ground. Coughing and sputtering, I blinked away the water from my eyes to see Caleb standing before me, his signature smirk on his face. “You sure know how to make an entrance,” he remarked, a hint of amusement in his voice.

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