The GIRL who stole his HEART

arranged marriage

The girl who stole his heart was a indian romantic story of a girl Ridhima, who lives in her dreams. Her life was neither boring one nor filled with drama. She was a sweetheart with the heart of gold. She loves everyone and everything with her heart. She was a pure soul. She was a hopeless romantic person who wants her marriage life like her brother. She loves everyone and everything without anything in return.

Abhimaan khurana was a hardworking and well known business in mumbai. He didn't gave s**t about anything. He was loving for his loves one and ruthless for his enemy. He didn't believe in love and marriage. According to him emotions makes you weak. But his thinking change soon when he saw a girl who make his heart skip a bit. He instant became possessive over her. He wants nothing more than to have her, to make her his for the rest of his life

What happened when their parents decided to marry them? Did Ridhima found her true love in him or the destiny break their heart? Did Abhimaan make her fall in love with her or his love became prison for her.

get on this journey of love with these too...

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Chapter 1
Phone charger √ Laptop √ Earphones √ Chocolates...  ‘Now, where did I put my chocolates?’ I mumble, rummaging through my bag in search of the goodness of heavenly sweets.   On this earth, chocolates are like heaven. I can eat it all day without guilt and I'm not regretting my indulgence in sweets.   As soon as I find a blue and gold wrapper for my favourite sweets, I put it in my handbag's back pocket for safekeeping.  Then I cross-check my list as I browse the items in my work bag.  Once I am certain I have packed everything, I sigh in satisfaction. I close my handbag, place it on the nearby couch, and twist my hands to get rid of fatigue.    A pang of hurt hits me as I glance around my almost empty apartment. It is no longer the warm and cosy apartment I am accustomed to. My adventure and accomplishments are no longer evident in these walls. My photos and trophies are packed safely in other bags.   Once all my bags are packed, I place them near the door of my apartment. In a way, I will miss the time spent here, but in another way, I am excited about seeing my family after a long time. It's been two winters since I've seen them. Like all good things in life, Harvard's master's degree comes with a price. I had to leave my home, my family, and my country behind. I spent cold days and lonely nights chasing after my dreams- alone. No one is fussing over you when you are lying in old ratty t-shirts, sweating like pigs, because you want to indulge in ice cream a day before; or when you get the highest grade in school and want to tell your family about your achievement. I miss them and my country terribly.  Many times, in the early days of my stay here, I thought about returning to them, but I always put those thoughts to the back of my mind. However painful it may be, I simply could not leave the carrier behind and run to them. Let alone the fact that they wouldn't appreciate it if I did the same.  Having a loving and supportive family is an absolute blessing. It is a blessing to have them in my life. Even in my lowest moments, they always support me. Despite the fact that they are far from me, they somehow found ways to figure out solutions for the problems and situations I accidentally got myself into. It is because of their belief in me that I achieved my dreams in this foreign land.   Living in New York is a part of my fantasy, but everything good comes to an end. My leaving is one of them. My adventure here is surely coming to an end, but India awaits me just around the corner and a new journey begins. My country; my home; I'm on my way.  It was a moment's decision to go home. For me, I would have stayed here for a few years, since I am in the crucial stage of my life right now. If it is not about the call I got from my mother the other day, who asked or it is safe to say-- threatened me to return back home if I don't want her to visit my workplace. As I tried to justify my inability to return home by citing the abundance of work that piled up on my desk, my mommy would not accept 'no' as an answer.  Our conversation two weeks ago is still fresh in my mind. A sharp and clear voice echoed through her words. She wasn't joking and the way she made her demand clearly indicated that she meant business.  "Mummy, I can't"   "And why is that?"   "I have commitments to fulfil and it's just..."  "Yes, you can & you will, young lady. I am not taking 'no' for an answer. You are coming back to India as soon as possible. I am giving you one month, finish whatever work you have pending. After that, I want you here in front of my eyes. Mind you, if you took a day more than that, I will come there and drag you by pulling your ear" Her voice was calm and silent as if she didn't just threaten me a while back. She was always a charmer of our family. Always knew how to bend people according to her wish. Even behind her calmness, there was a threat which made you do as she, please.  "Oh god, sometimes she is scary,"   I cringe at the thought of the long working hours I have to spend behind my computer to meet the deadlines. My mind and body will surely grill in amidst but for my family, I could do anything without missing a beat.   "Okay mummy. You win. I will be back soon. Are you happy now?"I could imagine the megawatt, lottery whining smile on her face.  "Love you princess"   "Love you, mummy. Say my love to everyone. See you guys soon" with that I hung up the phone. All thanks to my stars, I finish my work before her deadline. When I was done clearing all the contracts and meeting with my clients, I booked my first flight to India so I could see my family.  In other words, I am doing last-minute packing before leaving this place forever. I’m excited to meet my family and friends. I didn’t inform anyone about my sudden change of plans, except my brother. Only Vihaan Bhai (Brother) knows about my plan. When I see them in person, I want to live the moment, seeing their shocked expressions and their excitement. Although my mother will be upset for having not told them in advance, I am willing to turn her scolding around if it means seeing them shed happy tears-it will be worth it. Busy in my floating thoughts, I almost fail to hear the whisper tread of someone entering my apartment, if it's not for the whiff of the familiar fruity smell of someone's body lotion, I inhale unknowingly.    My ears rang with a hoarse voice, "Ms Khanna. Your cab will be here shortly."  With appreciation, I nod, "Thank you, Johanna". ‘She must have cried again,’ I think, looking at the dark rim below her eyes.  Johanna is the caretaker of my apartment and we have somewhat become like a family. She is serious about the work she does. Here in this foreign country, she has become one of the people I could proudly call family.  In my initial days, she helped me adjust to this unfamiliar state. We cooked, baked, and had a lot of fun when I had no classes. When I revealed my plans to her, she didn't take them well. Although she knows I will go back someday, she isn't ready to be apart from me yet. From the moment she learned I was leaving New York and returning to India, she has been crying her heart out. She cried like a child, and her pregnancy hormones are making it worse.  Stupid pregnancy hormones…  It is quite a challenge to handle her in full-on crying mode.  She smacks her trembling lips together to stop the sob from erupting inside her lungs, "I'll miss you".  "I'll miss you too, Shorty," I joked.   She scoffs, "I'm not that short." and shrugs.   I wink at her and she laughs in response to my comment. "You sure don't, but I enjoy calling you that."   "It––"Just when she is about to come up with a retort, the security guard interrupts. “Your cab has arrived,” said the security guard.  "I should leave now so that I don't miss my flight. Once I land safely, I will let you know."  After giving her another quick hug, I slid inside the car saying my goodbyes.  This is going to be fun. Having been away for so long, it has certainly been worth it. If I hadn't decided to stay here, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish the goal I had set for myself.  Everything has changed over time. The same is true for me. I am no longer a twenty-year-old mere girl with baby fat, who loves to tease her sister and brother, who is living her life happily without any worries. Now, I am a successful woman who knows how to show people their place.  Over the last two years, I have lost some weight, which has now transformed into beautiful curves. It's time to confront those who thought low of me. I'm not the same Riddhima Khanna I used to be. From the girl who used to travel from college to home on Delhi buses, I have changed. I'm much more than that- a successful entrepreneur and one of the world's best hackers.  I reach the airport on time. After paying the driver's liable amount, I grab my bags before making my way inside the airport. I’m having a hard time handling my two heavy bags. To make matters worse, my phone starts ringing.   "Hey," I mumble.  I hear Vihaan over the phone asking, "Have you boarded yet or not?"  I shout at him, "How can I board when you are calling me?" “You don't need to shout. I just wanted to verify that you are truly coming," he laughed.  “I'll be there, bro. See you at the airport. I've got to run, or else I can't catch my flight this time. See ya." I said and hung up without listening to his next words.  As I take my seat, I close my eyes and calm the excitement that pulsates in my blood. As it is an over fifteen-hour ride, I make myself comfortable and let myself drift off to sleep while I reflect on my journey from Delhi to New York. I remember it like it was yesterday.                                                                                        ***    "Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce Ms RIDDHIMA KHANNA, this year's best hacker. We are all gathered here to congratulate her on her success. She is truly one of a kind. She has made us all proud, and we are grateful.   "Thank you so much, it means so much to me. Your support and encouragement have helped us reach our goal. It is a team effort that makes the difference and... "  Ridhima  Ridhima  Ridhima...  My ear was ringing with someone shouting, "Get up, you sleepy head." Panic swept over me as I opened my eyes. I blinked my eyes to remove the sleeping haze. My hands trembled as I asked, "What? Where is everyone? Where is my trophy?" I was in a panic.   "Haha, seriously Ridhi. Not again. You are watching your stupid dream, again," Mehar. A.K. A. My bhabhi (Sister in law) said and laughed, clutching her stomach.  Seeing her roll her eyes made me angry and frustrated.  It's not a stupid dream. Okay. Now let me sleep more." I groaned and lay my head on the pillow.  No, I'm afraid, sweetheart. Now get up, she said quietly.  "I don't want to," I whined as I pulled the duvet over my head.  Suddenly, she shouted, "Omg... A cockroach is in your bed!" I gasped.  I exclaimed, "Ahhh… Cockroach... Help! Help!" hoping like a maniac, which earned me another round of laughter from her. A tear rolled down her cheek as she laughed so hard.  "You did it on purpose, didn't you?" I charged. "Sweetheart, it won't work on me, and it's not my fault that you sleep like a log. It wasn't easy waking you up, so I had to take the hard way out. However, your reaction to it was hilarious. I should have recorded it," She continued to tease me. I was close to ripping out my hair out of frustration. "I hate you" I mumbled.   She winked at me as she exclaimed, "I love you too."  "Now shoo, go take a bath otherwise you'll miss your class," she chided me. Pouting, I asked, "Why so early?" "Early? My dear, if you waste any minute, you will miss your first lecture" She said coolly. My brow furrowed as I gazed at my alarm, and panic overtook me.  “Oh my god, it’s already nine o’clock!” I squeaked. Panic set in. In no time, I grabbed my clothes and dashed inside the bathroom for a short but lovely shower. After taking a shower and dressing up, I grabbed my bag and phone and ran out of my room. Upon passing the living room, I saw my mom feed my 1-year-old nephew delicacy. Having grabbed the apple from the fruit basket on the table, I kissed my mom and my nephew on the cheek. I ran out of the house after saying my goodbyes. "Ridhi, eat your breakfast first." I heard my mother shout from the dining area. I shook my head at her "Sorry maa, but I've got to leave or I'll miss my lecture. I hate being late so much." I said in haste. Getting on my scooter, I drove away to college. My way to the lecture was plied with prayers that the lecturer would forget his books and his car would puncture so he wouldn't make it on time. I knew it's just a class, but it's not for me. The last time I arrived late to class, he made me complete assignments three times. 'Ugh, I hate this old man.' Having driven like a maniac for hours, I finally reached college. I parked my bike in the lot, ran into the building, and bumped into Naina in the hallway. "Chill, tigress. Why in the world are you rushing?" she asked curiously.  "What are you talking about, Naina? We'll both be late for class if we don't hurry." I grabbed her arm and began to drag her towards the lecture hall. "Ridhi, did you forget there is no chemistry class this week?" My step froze at her answer. Then I turned to her, my eyes wide. I shook my head no. My reaction caused her to laugh. “Aww, poor Ridhu. Bhabhi got you again.”  My skin was crawling with irritation over her laugh. I felt cheated and was on the verge of shouting out in frustration.  The tears of frustration and irritation welled up in my eyes. After blinking my eyes to calm myself, I walked past her. "Oye... wait..." She called to me, but I quickly stepped up my pace and kept walking.  Hey, PT Usha, wait, I'm not athletic you know" She scoffed.  Crossing my arm over my chest, I attempted to be intimate but failed.  I was pulled by her hand.  "Let's go"  "Where?" I questioned.  "There's a code red, now hurry!" she said and dragged me along with her. After that, I closed my mouth without bothering to ask any further questions.   Naina and I have been best friends since we were preschoolers. My mother's elder brother was her father. Our friendship went deeper than just best friends; we resembled soul sisters. We did everything together, including learning to ride a bike, dancing together, and striving for excellence in our individual work fields. Medical school was her choice, while I decided to major in computer science.   We had a group of five people- Rashmi, Maya, Sameer, Naina, and me. Every time someone needed help, we called it a code red, so we knew we had to clean up some mess.  We reached our hangout spot which was on the backside of the college. Everyone was already seated at the wooden desk waiting patiently for us to arrive. "Hey" "Hi" I greeted each of the others before taking a spot at the dark wooden table. I jumped right to the punch. "What's the matter?" I asked. "Umm," Maya hesitated.  "Would you like anything to drink, ma'am?"My attention is taken from memory lane when an appealing voice reached my ear.  My eyes shot open and land on an air hostess bearing her practice yet sweet smile.  I politely refuse, "No thanks". With a node, she left.  Sleep is far from my eyes as I try to sleep again. Nothing better to do, I open my handbag to take out a journal to kill my time. As if I do have any choice? Right? Right?  

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