Hidden From The Alpha

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Amaia Roger was thought to have been killed at birth. Since the curse sign was found on the nape of her neck. She was the curse that can never live, Everyone thought the curse was out of moonlight park. The alpha who everyone knew was ruthless and wicked. Gave his Six years old son Zyair the fourth son he had and ordered him to kill every child born that night. Not a single child lived at moonlight park. Through the power he held at birth, his wife, the Luna of moonlight park died while bearing him.

Alpha Wren was scared of his own son. He wasn’t even fourteen yet. He was hated among his three brothers.

Amaia was dropped in the deepest forest of of Novak, at that very night she was born. Roger, covered her in a small basket. And drew her name on her tiny hands.

Crying as he left her alone. She was his daughter, their daughter. He didn’t want her to die.

She lived in Novak, and was taken care of by the seer and she was called a witch by the people of moonlight park who heard about her movement in the Novak forest.

She was a killer because she had no wolf.

Zyair took it upon himself to look to investigate, the case, he went up to Novak forest with his trusted friend.

In the forest he saw her covered in a long gown with a hoodie. Her green eyes stare at him. And for a while they stare at themselves.

Who was she?

His mate?

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Eighteen years ago... It was a full moon a sign of the coming curse. And the sound of a wolf howls across the moon, everyone from Moonlight pack, came out of their houses gathered around, watching the sky, and suddenly it changes. Coming With a mighty wind. Sweeping some of the weak members off their feet. The blue moon turned red liking it was bleeding showing itself faintly, the clouds were red and dark, and lightening run across it. The trees all dried up. And began falling, their flowers withered. And began showering blood on them. And the drop of blood hang on the air. In that instant time stopped. Everyone stood without moving. Unaware of the change of time. Only the an old man with all grey hair all over him, who was the only surviving one of his clan, only the seer in their midst knew time had stopped. The king Wren, had killed his entire clan and captured him alive. Because he was very useful. And he had been proving his worth to them which kept him alive this long. The prophecy was getting fulfilled. Prophecy of the birth of a curse on the pack History was gonna repeat itself if nothing is done to stop the birth a of curse. It would ruin them all. Mostly especially it’s mate. If not stopped, the alpha would get to kill his mate. Or his mate would kill him. He had seen it all. Everything, if the birth is not stopped. Time resumed. And it felt as if nothing had happened. But the monkey knew something had happened. And a bad omens. And the child won’t die. He had seen it. He had perceived it in the air. A war was coming, war within themselves.. He shook his head, and watched him from the tree he sat. “Stand still everyone, there’s a message from the alpha. There would be no more birth in the park.“ the Beta announced. Standing atop a rock. With every word he says he stares at the sky. Everything was back to normal. But the dark skies was there. “This is the sign of a curse.” “Oh no” “How could there be a curse on the park.” “Don’t panic, we can prevent it from happening, every one pregnant here their child would be killed by the young master. The alpha youngest son, Zyair.” The pregnant women cried holding out to their husband. The young master was merciless, he was ruthless just as young as he was, he was a very wicked child. “With due respect Beta, my wife is due In a few days, I don’t know when but it’s close. How can we kill our own child? Or allow the master Zyair it do it before our eyes.” “Do you want the curse then? Ain’t you seeing the sighs Roger. This is a message from the alpha and everyone pregnant women due for birth in the park must abide. You can’t say no to it, it’s to save our lives.” Roger touched his pregnant wife by the shoulders. “Everything will be okay.” He whispered wiping the tears of her eyes. “It’s our first child.” “We can have another.” “What if we don’t?” “The moon goddess will bless us with another. Don’t be afraid. Our child it’s not gonna bear the curse.” He hugged her. “How can we know if the child is the curse?” Roger asked The Beta. He turned to Roger. “We shouldn’t trust the witches.” “And What if we’re seeing the signs, shouldn’t we trust them then. The child..” he faced everyone. “Would bear a red mark like a flower at its neck. Moreover we can’t be sure, it might appear at birth, it might not appear at birth. That’s why everyone child soon to be born must be killed.” “Till when, would this stop.” “Till very pregnant woman had given birth and their child is dead.” The wailing continues. “Bad things would happen, if that child lives. Our life would be in danger and that of our children, just because of one child we would die, This we must stop. Else we would destroy our life. And the lives off the ones we loved. This message from the alpha we all must abide.” “Dismissed, everybody back to their house. No one must be Since outside till we’re sure the curse is dead. Two weeks everyone must be indoor. The alpha’s message you must abide.” Everyone moved out of the circle, returning to their house. Roger held his wife to himself, her grips tighten on him. Her fingers digging into his hands. Roger knew something was wrong. He knew his wife would give birth anytime soon, it was supposed to be last month but it had stay longer than the had thought. It was ten months now. He gave her a worried look. “It’s the baby.” She whispered. Her water broke. He saw it, flowing down her legs. He shuddered in fright. “What now?” He panicked. “It’s coming..now.” She whispered fearfully. “What to do, what to do..” he was terrified. Why now, what had it been now. He carefully took her into the house. Forcing a smile on his face. Which only turns out to be grimace. Her fingers were hurting him. Cause she was digging deeper into his hands. While she had her lips shut. Without saying a word. He opened the door and helped her in. She gasped out. Immediately the door shut. She hurried to the bed. Laying on it with her legs apart. “Should we call the midwives?” She held him back, shaking her head in negation. “No, it would bring the alpha to our doorstep.” “You do it.” “What me?” “Who else would? We’ve got to help our ourselves. And save our baby. Put a cloth over my mouth so I don’t scream so loud.” He nods looking for a cloth. He hurried back to her and place it on her mouth. Argh! She screamed into the cloth. She spread her leg wider, Roger stood in between her legs. Gripping tightly to the spread and followed his order to push, she pushed with all her might. “C’mon, you can do this.” “Argh.” She chewed on the cloth. Bitting harder into it. “Push, harder.” She pushed with her might. Tears streaming down her face as she pushed. He almost screamed when he saw a head, he had forgotten he wasn’t supposed to say a word. On one must know of the baby. Or what’s happening right now. “I can see a head. It’s the baby. Our baby.” He cried. “It’s coming out.” He sniffed. And run a hand down her shoulders. “Push, let it out..” she nods and pushed again. Harder than she had done. It came out. Tears of joy filled his eyes as he held the tiny thing in his hands, his hands stained with blood, he didn’t seems to mind. He held it close to himself. After he found a way to cut the placenta off her. Disconnecting the child from the mother. “It’s a girl.” He whispered. The tears dropped and he wasn’t able to stop them. “She’s so beautiful.” “She’s isn’t crying. Such a good girl.” He carried her on his arms. After he cut the placenta. His hands and body cloth with bloody. He went to her wiping the tears off her face. “We did it. Thank you love.” He kissed her. She stared down at the baby. “Why isn’t she crying.” “it’s better she doesn’t. It would only get us into danger.” “Check for the mark of the curse, if she has it.” Roger scanned her little body, and saw the curse sign on her neck. He fell back on the ground with the child in his hands. “She carries the curse.” He whispered. “She’s the curse.” She moved her head to the side, her tears falling down already. And slip into consciousness. “The curse has been born..” the old man announced. Standing up from the tree.

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