Behr Brothers

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Sebastian must find his mate or be exiled from the den. Caleb's fated mate is a single mom? Wyatt couldn't make it work with his mate. What are three bear shifter brothers to do when they can't find love? Behr Brothers is created by Chris Redding an eGlobal Publishing Signed Author.

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Chapter 1: When Hairy Met Sally
Sally Chambers looked down at her foot stuck in the broken bottom step, hoping that it wasn't an omen. She tugged at her leg, but her foot wasn't coming loose. It was already sore and she thought it might be swollen. The sun was out and it looked like a good day, but she didn't really think it was going to turn out that way. Not an auspicious beginning to her day. She also wasn't wearing much but a long t-shirt and no panties. Damn. When she'd bought the place, she'd had a good feeling. Hopefully, this was a minor setback in her goal to be independent. To leave her ex-boyfriend and his abusive ways behind. She took a deep breath then let it out, not wanting to have this situation define her. Having let her boyfriend define her for too long, she wasn't going to make that mistake again. She glanced around, but there was no one. Not that she'd expected there to be. Her new bed and breakfast had a remote location which was working against her this morning. At least the carpenter was coming. Hopefully, he'd get here before she did any more damage to her foot. If she remained stilled, she might not hurt herself further. Remain still. Then she sneezed. Yeah, that didn't hurt. “Ouch." Easing herself down onto the step above it, she hoped that she wasn't going to poke through them completely. This was why she'd hired a carpenter. The porch steps were badly in need of repair. The back steps needed to be replaced and various doorframes were in disrepair also. This was probably a money pit, but it was her money pit. The current situation was better than dating a married man. One who hadn't bothered to tell her he was married. Sally wished for a cup of coffee. She'd dropped it when the step broke and the empty cup lay discarded on what passed for her front lawn. The project was going to be bigger than she originally thought, but she was determined to prove her ex wrong. She wasn't worthless. Yes, she was a big girl, but that didn't mean she was stupid. Okay, she was probably fat. Curvy as they say, but she liked being curvy. He'd certainly never complained about the size of her breasts, which she would've lost had she gotten rid of the weight. That was the first place it came off. No, she wasn't stupid. She graduated at the top of her college class. But dealing with lying men had not been in her course of study. Sally heard a truck pulling up her long driveway. Help might be on the way. Her foot didn't hurt too badly, but she had things to do. And her bladder was full from what little coffee she managed to ingest. The man parked the truck that read “Three Behrs Construction" on the side then climbed out. He gave her an odd smile. “Hi, I'm Sebastian." He was a large man. Big hands. Chest hair peeked out over his t-shirt. Wow. Nice. I get to look at this for the next few weeks. Just look. Men were off-limits. Not until this place was up and running. Though a nooner or a quickie with this boy might be nice. His gaze roved over her a smile lighting up his face. She stood. Maybe she'd flashed him. Oh well. Nice way to start the day for him. “Hi, Sally." He walked up, then he stopped as if he realized that her foot had become part of the step. “I see why you called me. Can I help you get out of there?" “Yes, please." He went to his truck then returned with a hammer. He used the claw end of it to pry off one side of the broken board. “Ouch." “Sorry. I'll try to be gentle." He slowly pulled the board up, but she still had to sit down on the step above. The moment probably flashed him again. Yes, her lady bits were on display. She'd planned on changing before he arrived. Oh well. Guess not. He maneuvered her foot out of the board until it was free. She let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. “Thank you," she said. “I could've been her for days if you hadn't been scheduled to show up." Then she really looked at him. Tall and broad with warm brown eyes. She stood then put weight on the now freed foot, but that wasn't going to happen. She would have sprawled on the grass, but Sebastian caught her. She was suddenly in his arms, staring at his lush lips. She licked her own. “Thanks." “Let's get you inside and take a look at that ankle," he said. He was a large man and he was carrying her. The last time a man had done that was when she was a kid. No one could lift her these days. She was too stunned to say anything. He slowly lowered her as if she were a piece of fine china on the closest furniture which was a couch in the living room. She was a tough girl and most men treated her that way. How sweet that Sebastian didn't do that. He wasn't even winded from carrying her. Okay, she was in love. Or at least lust. Where did this man get his strength? He was a big man but not that big. “Uh, thanks. I think I'll be okay." I was still in my nightgown and really wanted to get some clothing on. This man had made my mouth go dry and other parts go wet. He might notice and that would be embarrassing. “Let me look at your foot. I'm trained in first aid, so I can help." “Wow. Thanks." Really? First aid? I need mouth to mouth. Stop it, Sally. Stop it. You don't need the complication of a man in your life. Certainly not one that looked like he stepped of a magazine page. He probably had women throwing themselves at him. Hot women. Skanky women. He could choose who he wanted. If Sally ever had to compete with those women, she lost. So she didn't. No, Sebastian would be part of her fantasy life and that's it. He knelt down in front of her and she tucked her shirt in-between her legs. He didn't need to get any better look at her lady parts. Really. He was privy to a wide swath of pale skin with her glow in the dark legs. Yes, she made the White House look tan.

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