An Alpha's Choice

arranged marriage

“You didn’t see me. You hear me?” she asked with a warning in her tone.

Oh, she was a bossy one, wasn’t she? Why did I like that so much? I was always the one in control, strapping people down and doing with them as I pleased, but an image of her having me tied down to the bed, as she did to me as she pleased, had my c*ck straining painfully against the zipper in my pants. Sh*t, ten seconds with this female and I was enchanted. I was like a little lost puppy finding a master … or mistress.

She slowly moved her hand, thinking I would not say anything, and as I stayed frozen and quiet, she seemed to relax a little.

“Good boy,” she said, clapping me on my chest a few times.

What the f*ck did she just call me? Okay, that awoke the f*cking alpha in me, and as she tried to get up, I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. She gasped, before she placed her hands on my shoulders, trying to push herself free.

“I don’t think you understand who you are talking to, little mate,” I said in a dark tone, before licking over the soft skin on her neck.

I felt her shiver in my arms, and her scent turning even sweeter.

“An a**hole that was not taught to not touch a lady without her permission,” she sneered.

It had me laughing. Oh, she liked to talk back, didn’t she? I was certain we could put her mouth to better use, like around my c*ck. F*cking hell, I could already see those sweet pink lips spread around the shaft, as her green eyes looked up at me so sweetly. It almost had me coming in my pants.

“Is that how you speak to your alpha?” I growled with a smile on my lips.

“Hah! You aren’t my alpha, and I don’t know what makes you think I’ll ever want you as my alpha,” she said.

Mhmm, this female had claws and teeth. I liked it. Correction. I f*cking loved it. It would be a fight getting her to submit and it would be a fight I would love. She would bite and scratch before I could have her on her knees as I f*cked her from behind, but let us not fool ourselves. We all knew the females ran the show. I would never touch her if she told me she didn’t want me to. I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want me to, but even now, while she told me to f*ck off, her hands were grabbing tightly onto my jacket. She wasn’t pushing me away anymore but wanted me closer. I wasn’t sure if she even noticed it. She still had a slight spicy smell mixed with her sweet scent. She was annoyed.

“Who the f*ck are you even?” she growled, pulling back.

“Does it matter?” I asked. “I know who you are, Kaytlyn.”

She looked at me confused, but I just gave her a smug smile. She rolled her eyes, clearly not liking this little game.

“And you are supposed to be dead,” I said.

“Sorry to disappoint,” she said and crossed her arms.

She was not sorry at all. She even seemed amused that I was pointing it out.

“No, you’re not,” I said.

She shrugged arrogantly.

“So? What are you going to do about it, whoever you are?"


Chris is forced to be mated to Madeleine, the young daughter of a powerful alpha and luna, who his father is close with. His father forced him to leave the life he loved and the people he cared for so he could protect his sister from a worse fate. Chris does not want Madeleine as little as she wants him, but what he discovers in the house of secrets is that the eldest daughter, the one his father had original planned for him to be mated to, isn't so dead as he was told.

Kaytlyn lost it all. Family. Home. Friends. She was thrown away. An embarrassment. She quickly had to learn how to survive on her own and got good at it, but an attack on her forces her to go back to her parents' house where she meets the one and only Chris.

*Book Five*

Recommended to first read: A Bite From An Alpha King, A Beta's Undying Love, A Second Chance Mate and A Luna's Broken Heart

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Chapter 1: The Call
Note: This series is a darker werewolf series not following the usual "plot" of fated mates. Be aware of darker elements such a described violence and abuse. -Chris- Two months. Hah! It had already been three, and we were in the beginning of October. The weather was turning colder. The Moon Ball had just been celebrated not long ago, but for the first time in years, I had not joined. I knew the king and the rest would be there, and I had made my father a promise to stay away from them, yet I heard the ball was quite amazing, but what I found more shocking was the news of Selene’s pregnancy. Twins, I heard, and Rider was the dad. Who would have thought those two to be mates? It was not hard to get all the information. Words spread fast. And while I used most of my time staying in my apartment in the city, it did not mean I spent my time alone. No, I had my own Moon Balls in here. There were two females in my bed satisfied and resting, though I never got any sleep really. So, I had gone to my living room, which faced the shining streets and buildings below. The wall was made entirely of glass and gave an amazing view while I was sipping a drink. Though one of the females I had invited over was still awake and wanted to continue the fun. She was on her knees before me sucking me off, while I was having a drink and admiring the view below. She kept that maddening movement back and forth, her cheeks drawing in, it had the climax building and made me place my hand on the glass wall, as the feeling got too much. It moved up my spin, had my hips buckle forward and had me tilt my head back, as I came, shooting my c*m down her throat, that she easily swallowed before slowly drawing back and running her thumb over her lower lip and sucking it clean. I pulled her from the floor and pressed her up against the glass and, with my free hand, grabbed her thigh and pressed myself into her. She moaned deeply, as I buried myself inside of her. I turned my head, drinking a little of the alcohol, before turning to the female, guiding it into her mouth. She swallowed it while a little ran down the side of her mouth, and I quickly moved my tongue out, licking from the side of her throat, over the side of her chin and all the way to her mouth, before licking into her mouth, our tongues starting a powerful fight, as I kept thrusting into her, finding it harder and harder to concentrate on kissing her. Soon I had to pull away as the tempo kept increasing. She clung to me, as she came hard and screamed. It felt almost powerful knowing her mate couldn’t do the same for her. The mark on her shoulder almost shone in the moonlight and I smiled cruelly, knowing she was here with me instead of her mate. Two of them had marks, and Damian’s words rung in my head from back in April. Stay away from the married and mated … As if that was going to happen. I had been trapped in my apartment for three months, going mad. Of course, I would play around making sure things stayed difficult for my father and fun for me. Though I also felt guilt grab my heart. I had told Speedy I was back home, and then I had left only minutes after and had not returned. I really was a bad brother, but my father and I could not be in the same room before we started to fight and now that I was no longer small and weak, I might risk killing him at some point or he might kill me. It was best this way. Even if Speedy had sent a text to me two months ago saying she felt stupid for thinking I was really back and I shouldn’t bother apologizing, she wouldn’t forgive me, and I could go f*ck myself. Yeah, I felt more than guilty, but now was not the time to think about it. The climax was building once again and I felt that sweet release roll through my body having me thrust deep and hard into the female, as I came, filling her up. While this might be heaven to someone, it was hell for me living my life. It was fun in the beginning, but eventually, these meetings and the s*x parties and the fighting became a way to claim a little control back in my life and I hoped it would make my father leave me alone. And while it would leave me satisfied for a few minutes, I would be restless immediately after and I would be pacing, needing to get the energy out either through s*x or fighting, meaning I never really could relax. It was another kind of torture, but there wasn’t much to do about it. I didn’t believe anything could ever calm me down. Not with the family I had. As the female, I had forgotten what was called, and I were recovering, I heard my phone starting to ring. I had placed it on a glass coffee table not far away, and even from here I could see the name. I smiled cruelly, as I moved us to the couch beside my phone. The female was on her back, as I pulled out, still hard, still needing more. I turned her around, just as I grabbed my phone and started to thrust into her again. She gasped loudly, before her hands grabbed the leather hard, making it creak under her rough treatment. The cruel smile stayed as I lifted the phone to my ear. My free hand was placed on the female’s hip, grabbing it tightly, as I kept a slow pace. “Father,” I said a bit out of breath. “Christopher, catching you at a bad time?” I looked down at the female, who tried to be quiet, not wanting to be found out and risk someone telling her mate about this, as if they could know from her moaning that she was a mated female. “Not at all. Just f*cking a mated female on my couch,” I said, full of arrogance. The female looked over her shoulder with anger, but quickly forgot it as I reached between her legs and rubbed her cl*t, she moaned in delight, as I continued to drive her close to the edge. “Christopher,” my father sighed, annoyed. Good, I thought, let him be annoyed. It felt like a victory if I could make him lose his cool just a little and see that fake mask that he carried crack. “Well, you better speak fast if you don’t want to be drowned out by the female’s scream. She is close to coming.” I could hear my father groaning angrily. How could I be his son, he probably thought, but I refused to believe he hadn’t been through his share of females both mated and unmated. He was not that much better than me, and I hated how he acted like he was. “So?” I asked. “Tomorrow.” “Tomorrow?” “The day when you will meet Madeleine.” I paused for a second, hearing the female whimper beneath me, but I only froze shortly, before the shock turned to anger, and I started up a much faster and harder pace, drawing even sweeter and louder sounds from the female. Sh*t, the old man really did it. Even if the parents were very protective of their youngest daughter, he somehow had been able to twist their arms behind their backs and finally agree. It angered me beyond explanation. Once again, he won. Once again, he controlled where I went and with who. I couldn’t believe this. “What time?” I growled. “Seven pm. Be there. On time and not drunk!” He hung up and I growled as I looked at the black screen, then I quickly turned my attention back to the female before me and took my anger out on the f*cking. I had her screaming loudly, it was a wonder the other two didn’t wake up, as she came, and I followed closely behind, but even as the relief washed through me, it did not wash away my anger or hatred and I knew this female would find it very hard to walk, when morning finally came. -Kaytlyn- “Okay, one, two, three, go!” The shots were lined before me, but I knew this would be a piece of cake to win over the male that had challenged me. A perk of owning your own bar, you could drink on the job. I took shot after shot, pouring it down my throat, as if it was water, not even showing any signs of finding the liquor hard to swallow. No, this was too easy, and as I placed down the last shot, while he still had two to go, I was called the winner and people around us cheered. “Told you, you couldn’t beat me!” I said. I was glad there was a two feet broad piece of wood between us, because the male did not look happy on the other side of the bar. “You cheated. I bet you poured yourself water instead of vodka.” I rolled my eyes while crossing my arms in front of me. Always so arrogant those males. It hurt their ego to lose to a female, why it was so fun to see them lose. “Sweetheart, take a whiff,” I said and lifted up my shot glass. “That’s vodka and you lost. Don’t challenge a bar owner the next time.” He groaned as he realized I was speaking the truth and I quickly cleaned up the shot glasses, before placing a crystal glass before him and pouring him some whiskey. “On the house,” I said. It seemed to remove his anger and he gratefully took it before getting up. While it was fun to win over them and see their egos minimized, I did not want anyone to stay angry. I needed my customers just like they needed me to provide them with their daily poison. It was a win-win situation. As I looked down the long bar and with the many people sitting in the dim light, talking, shooting some pool, drinking, I found this whole situation a bit amusing. I never thought this was where I would end up, but life could take crazy turns and we all had to survive somehow. I had had a little time to learn, but I had always been a fast learner and when I took over this bar from its previous owner I had never before mixed a drink. I still wasn’t very good at the whole cocktail thing. They tasted good, but I didn’t mix many. Why I had two other bartenders. No, I wasn’t the best mixer, but I knew how to pour one. A strong one. On the rocks or not. And I was good company. At least I believed so. So far no one had complained, and people knew who I was. They liked, even if I was the owner, that I sat with them and drank and talked. I think they were surprised at how well I could hold my liquor, especially with how I had looked in the beginning. So nice. So sweet. I had changed a lot since then. My long blond hair had been cut shorter, so it reached down to my shoulder blades, and it had been dyed a silver color. I didn’t wear dresses anymore or nice skirts or heels. Now I wore black tops and t-shirts with holes in them, ripped jeans or just jeans and big black boots. Of course, I also had a leather jacket to match and a gun under my pillow … just to be safe. “Hey Kate!” “Ralph,” I said happily, just as a big and broad male appeared in front of me. He sat down in front of me, where the other male that had lost to me had just sat. He was a scary male you didn’t want to mess with. He had tattoos, was bald and rippled with muscles. We had a little flirt going on, and while I wouldn’t act on it, it was fun to joke around. “Finally going to invite me upstairs?” he asked. I placed a glass on the counter and poured him some bourbon. “In your dreams,” I said and winked. I lived just above the bar. It gave me easy access to work, and it was cheaper. I placed the bourbon down before I walked to the back to collect more bottles.

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