Punished by Divorce

opposites attract

Naomi Scott obediently followed her father’s wishes and entered into an arranged marriage with Erik Carlson. However, after just a year of marriage, her husband has surprisingly filed for a divorce.

Naomi, who had barely seen him during their marriage, saw this as an opportunity to finally break free and explore the world. She sees no reason to deny Erik’s request, especially since their marriage lacked love and connection.

With newfound freedom, Naomi embarks on a journey to pursue her heart’s desires. However, fate has other plans for her. Naomi comes face-to-face with Erik—the man who left her without any financial support and punished her by divorcing her.

Join Naomi as she delves into her past, present, and potential future, determined to uncover the truth behind Erik’s actions and navigate her way through the challenges that come her way.

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Naomi “I’m coming!” I called out as I hurried from the living room to the foyer so that I could answer the door. I hadn’t let anyone up, so it had to be the doorman or something. I quickly checked my reflection in the mirror before I pulled open the door. It wasn’t the doorman or something. It was someone in uniform. The police maybe? “Hello? Can I help you?” I asked curiously. “Ah yes, Mrs. Naomi Carlson?” the man asked as he straightened his tie. I was momentarily distracted as I tried to figure out how he had gotten past security. Was it because he was some sort of security? “Mrs. Carlson?” he asked once again, and I shuddered. Even though it had been a year, I still wasn’t used to my married name. “Yes, my apologies…can I help you?” the man smiled sheepishly as he held out a large manilla envelope, which I accepted. He then handed me a clipboard – that I clearly hadn’t noticed – and asked me to sign for the delivery. I signed it and then stared at the envelope in my hand. “Have a good day,” the man said before he hurried off. I slowly closed and locked the door as I continued to stare at the item in my hand. What was it? Who had sent it? On the front was a printed sticker. ‘Mrs. Naomi Carlson’. It was, by far, the strangest thing. I headed for the living room and once again got comfortable in my spot. The corner spot of the large U-shaped couch that fitted the room perfectly. I carefully opened the seal and pulled out a small stack of papers. One word jumped out at me almost immediately. “Divorce?!” I exclaimed in complete and utter surprise. I scanned through the documents, but it was extremely clear that my so-called husband, Erik Carlson, had filed for a divorce. “You’ve got to be joking?” I said aloud as I tossed the papers and envelope onto the coffee table. Surely this wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be happening. How was this happening? I picked up my phone and closed all of the apps I had open before I called Corey Max, my only cousin. “Yo! Nao-mi!” Corey sang out, and I flinched at his high-pitched tone. “Corey…you will not believe what I just received,” I said as I stared at the little pile on the coffee table. “Tell me, cuz,” “Divorce papers,” I whispered in disbelief. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. “Divorce papers?” he repeated, and I nodded, even though he couldn’t see me. “I’m confused, cuz. Erik wants a divorce?” “Apparently,” I muttered. “I mean…is it such a bad thing?” he asked, and I smiled softly. No, it definitely wasn’t a bad thing. “I mean, it’s not as if you ever see the guy. When was the last time you saw him?” Corey questioned, and I truly had to think about it. “It was for dinner…I remember it had been awkward…as always…but I can't remember when…” I said as I put the call on speaker so that I could check my calendar. “Ah, it was two months ago…yet, I’m scheduled to have dinner with him next week,” “I don’t know, cuz. Seriously?” Corey said softly, and I sighed, rather loudly. “I mean, unless, of course, he planned it this way so that you two can discuss the divorce,” “What’s to discuss?” I asked, almost dazed now as reality came flooding in. I let out a small squeal of joy and Corey immediately joined me. “I’m going to be free!” it was my turn to sing, and I hopped off the couch to do a little happy dance. “Freedom! Freedom! Damn, cuz, you are one lucky lady!” “I know! I’m so happy!” I said. My marriage to Erik had been arranged by our fathers. I grew up knowing of Erik, but I didn’t know him. In fact, I hadn’t known him then, and I don’t know him now. We had gotten married when I had just turned twenty and my birthday was next week. “Wait,” I said, interrupting Corey’s little singsong about being free. “My birthday is next week. That’s why we are having dinner together,” “Oh s**t,” Corey murmured. “He is such an ass…I mean, we knew this already,” “Careful Corey, you work for him,” I reminded my cousin. “Ah no…I work for…Billora,” he said, and I rolled my eyes. I didn’t say anything about that as I tried to process things. “I’ll talk to you later, cuz…I can tell you have a lot going on in that mind of yours,” “Yeah…yeah, we’ll talk soon,” I said before I hung up. Could Erik truly be this heartless? To file for a divorce just before my birthday? I couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing. The arranged marriage hadn’t been something we ever discussed. In fact, our first adult conversation had been about our wedding. The meeting had been short, and Erik had waved a wedding planner at me, and the woman had already been given a budget. The next meeting had been before the wedding to sign our contracts and so on. Then we had gotten married. I had spent our wedding night in my new home. Alone. Erik had gone off for a business meeting. I hadn’t seen him for two months. By the time he had walked into our home, I had been on the verge of calling security. My relationship with Erik was non-existent, so I wasn’t about to deny him this divorce. My only question was why? Why now? Why after only being married a year? Had he met someone? Had he fallen in love? A short burst of anger filled me, but I quickly dismissed it. I didn’t care. I was about to become a free woman. No responsibility to my father or to Erik. I smiled as I sat back down. My whole life was about to change, and I suddenly couldn’t wait.

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