The Failed Rejection


Penelope is the the middle daughter of Gamma Braxton of the Midnight howlers pack. Unlike other girls her age who were finding their mates Penelope didn’t want a mate, she was only driven to become a doctor. However, fate has a way of finding you. Penelope meets her mate in a very compromising position.

Doctor Noah Logan lived his life on his own terms and had no regrets. At least until he met Penelope. Now it seemed every action cause him regrets. Can he do the right thing and get his relationship back on course with Penelope?

It seems to be going well until one night in the hospital a man gets brought in. So tore up, he has to be put in a coma. Penelope starts to feel things for this man that she never felt before. Is this her second chance mate?

This is a sequel to the Rejected Wolf, I will do my best to make it a stand alone. But I suggest you read it first

Complete/ currently under revision

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It was graduation day! She was so excited and proud of herself. Four years of hard work finally paid off. Penelope graduated c*m Lade from Northwestern University in Chicago and accepted to several top medical schools in America. Penelope still hadn’t decided which one she was going to pick. However, was thinking about staying as close to Lili and Callum as possible. Penelope was standing in line with the other graduates desperately trying to find her sister. Then as she stepped forward closer to the stage she found them. Her sister and nephew waving at her like crazy. Lili had a huge smile on her face and Callum started clapping and pointing. Penelope couldn’t help but smile. She snapped back into reality and she heard her name. “Penelope Braxton. c*m Lade.” As she walked up to the stage she heard her sister cheer her on. She stood her place next to the department head, and took her picture as she was handed the fake diploma. The real one would be mailed in a couple of weeks. Penelope looked back to the stands and quickly found them again. There they were; the two most important people in her life. She smiled wide and gave a wave before starting walking back to her seat. Penelope had almost skipped graduation, but Lili had refused to let her. Lili told her, as she was the first in our family to graduate college that she had to walk across the stage. She was so glad she listened to her sister as this was the proudest moment in her life, it even surpassed the moment she got her wolf. Koko growled her in head. “No offense,” Penelope told her wolf. They listened for another hour to speeches and other people walk the stage. Then finally they all rose and were told to change their tassels to the opposite side, indicating they graduated. Penelope wished that her parents were here to see her graduate, but after she choose to visit Lili instead of seeing dad released from the cells her parents haven’t talked to her since. Penelope sighed, she didn’t even want to think about Olivia, who had been executed by Alpha Killian. Penelope knew she shouldn’t miss her, but she did. Olivia, despite what she did, was still her sister. Penelope only wished she could have told her goodbye before she was put to death. Penelope quickly put those thoughts aside as she walked out of the auditorium, it was a happy day. Penelope needed to cheer up like the people surrounding her, laughing and smiling. Not think of the past. There was a sea of bodies on the lawn of the university auditorium. Penelope was looking for her sister and nephew when all of a sudden there he was. Noah Logan, her mate. He had to be the most attractive man she had ever seen, but Penelope attributed that to the mate pull. That or the fact they hadn’t seen each other for over a year. As mates they had a disastrous first meeting. Penelope had tried to give him a chance, they went on a few dates, but she couldn’t let him go past first base. Anytime they tried to get intimate Penelope pushed him away, she would just have flashbacks of that day she met him. Balls deep in the pack sl*t. Finally one day it came to a blow up. Flashback begins Penelope and Noah have been kissing heavily for several minute when suddenly his hand goes to her breast. Penelope tries to brushes it away, but he brings it right back. Penelope pulls away from him. “Noah, stop I’m not ready for anything more.” Noah is obviously frustrated, “Why the hell not? We’ve been playing this dance for several months now. Why can’t we go any further. I don’t mean s*x I just mean something more than PG.” Penelope let out a deep breath and said, “Cause anytime you touch me I can’t stop seeing you with her. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just like this flash that pops in my head and just makes me stop.” Penelope explained, she felt like a shitty person harping on the issue, but this is the way she felt. She couldn’t deny that any longer. “I’ve been over this I’m sorry, I wish I could change it, but I can’t, why can’t you just get past this?” Noah said, his voice raising with every word. She could tell he was angry, but so was she. Penelope finally blew up, “Because it was supposed to be magical! We were supposed to lock eyes from across the room and fall into each other’s arms. You weren’t supposed to have your d**k in some slut!” Noah let out a long sigh, Penelope saw him physically deflate. “You just need to move past this, what do we need to do to move past this?” Penelope took a deep breath, “I don’t know, what you do if you were in my position? You know, if you caught me f*****g some hot young doctor in the storage closet?” He let out a growl. “I’d kill him.” Penelope let out a low laugh. “See there, you’d kill him. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to kill him, but as a woman I just have to accept it and move on with our relationship.” Penelope was so sick of the double standards. “I don’t know what to do Penelope, I’ve apologized, I’ve bought you flowers, gifts. I’ve waited, I’ve not pushed you. But my wolf is going nuts in my head, all he wants to do is mark you, but I know I would loose you if I did that.” “Just give me some time.” Noah stood up furious, “Time! All I’ve been giving you is time!” “I’m sorry Noah, I can’t change the way I feel.” Noah left furious. Penelope knew it wasn’t good they left things that way, and she was right. It wasn’t but an hour later when she felt the betrayal pains. Penelope was in too much pain to be furious. The betrayal pains lasted hours, and she had to call Jackson to take her to the pack infirmary. She was beyond pissed when the staff gave her pitying looks. When the morphine kicked in she decided she would get a little payback. She knew it wasn’t right, but she didn’t care. The next night she called up Nick, one of the few men she had slept with and asked if she could come over. He readily agreed as he hadn’t found a mate either. She relieved some of the mate tension the same way her mate did. When they were done she thanked Nick and checked her phone. Penelope had over twenty missed calls and texts. She ignored the text messages and decided to call him. “Hey there mate, something wrong?” She asked in a fake sweet voice. “You b***h! Who were you screwing.” “Oh honey, that’s none of your business, I didn’t ask you who you were screwing now did I? All is fair in love and mates.” Penelope said twisting the old saying and then hung up. Flashback over Penelope hadn’t talked to Noah since that day. She also hasn’t felt the betrayal pains since that one time either. Penelope walked up to Noah. “Congratulations graduate,” Noah said with a smile on his face. He acted like everything was perfectly fine between the two of them. “Thanks, how did you know?” She asked. “Your sister told me,” Penelope laughed and looked around for Lili. “She’s waiting for me to talk to you first, I know you have plans with her and Callum. But I was hoping I could come by later. Just to talk.” Noah quickly clarified. “I don’t know, Noah.” Penelope said uncertain. While she was back in his presence she did feel the mate bond doing it’s magic. Penelope hated feeling like she was being manipulated. “It’s important.” Penelope nodded her head in agreement, “All right.” Noah left peacefully after her agreement. She watched him go and then Penelope ran over to her sister. “Why did you do that?” She asked picking up Callum. That boy got bigger every day. She didn’t think she would be able to hold him much longer. “You know why Penne. You guys need to figure out your issues.” That got her dander up. “What you mean like you and Nathan? Or how about you and Killian?” Nathan’s mate miraculously came back from the dead a few weeks ago and Lili left when Nathan let her stay in the pack house.” “My situation has only been a few weeks, not years like yours.” Lili said getting mad at her. “Killian?” Shot back. “Killian rejected me and we had no contact since then. I had no idea he wanted anything to do with me.” “So what are you going to do about it?” Lili let out a laugh, “I don’t know know.” Penelope let out a sigh, “Welcome to the club, sister.” The girls took plenty of pictures to celebrate her graduation and tried to forget about their mate troubles. It definitely wouldn’t be easy with their wolf’s whining for their mates.

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