Revenge Of The Fallen Omega

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I, Emersyn Lena Ward was back from the dead by some miracle power which I wasn’t questioning! Granted with a new life, I was given a new opportunity to make up for my traumatizing past. I wasn’t even questioning the reason my good luck. All I wanted was blood-thirsty revenge about what had happened in my previous life.

Against a certain Alpha Lukas, a powerful p*****t werewolf who had cast an evil eye upon me. Abusing his power was his forte as he chose defenseless omegas every night to assuage his carnal desires. I had managed to avoid him, but due to an unfortunate event, I became his victim. He killed my beloved brother, my parents, and kept me captive in his dungeons. He erased my entire existence.

Now, I was back for my pound of flesh, and discovering that I had the power to change everything was exhilarating. But it wasn’t an easy journey – at every step, I was faced with challenges and obstacles which I fought valiantly. Alone. But was that entirely true?

I was so entirely focused on my mission that I failed to realize that there was a greater supreme being helping me all along. When I discovered that it was the King himself, I was shocked. I was falling for him, but he only needed my powers for his grand adventure.

It was only then that I figured that my past life was not as painful as having to live unloved by the King. Would I survive this time?

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**** AUTHOR'S NOTE: Please note that this is the third installment of the Mystic Shadows series. MS1 = "King Alpha Gone Rogue" & MS2 = "The Vampire's Resurrection". The story is about the final battle which would go on between the werewolves and vampires. It is not required of you to read the first installment to understand the story. Brief snippets would be introduced in this book to maintain coherence and consistency of the series. Happy reading... **** My entire body was trembling and not in a good way. I could tell because it was similar to somebody rearranging every structure and every cell back to its original place. It was far from pleasant. In fact, it was horrible. My thoughts were jumbled in a mess, and all the only salient feeling was extreme pain. Chronic agony which made me stumble in and out of consciousness. Even my awareness was blurred and all I could actually register was an unendurable heat which was making me sweat profusely. I didn’t know for how long that state of incognizance lasted, but when I jerked awake, my surroundings were unfamiliar. I blinked to adjust to the bright light, almost making me believe that I’d been deprived of it for long. My heart lurched in fear when I caught a pair of piercing fiery eyes. I screamed, and faint memories started to surround me. Fear was something familiar and the emotion triggered something inside me. A brief memory. My name was Emersyn Lena Ward, and I was an omega from the Black fur Pack. Well, not actually. I frowned, and the effort was too much as another bout of agony seized me. I moaned. “How do you feel?” the owner of the pair of sparkling eyes asked in a concerned note and I wondered briefly who he was. It was too dark, or I was too livid with pain to make out anything about the interlocutor. The voice was masculine and unfamiliar, but I wasn’t sure. My own thoughts were not so coherent for the moment, and I licked my parched lips to speak again. “W…. who are you?” I managed to croak in an alien voice. That cracked brittle tone which sounded broken and weak was mine? “You seem better,” was the only answer I received in return, and I squinted my eyes to catch the form of the person hovering over me. It was too dark for me to discern anything, and frustration made me try to get up. Wincing when my whole body trembled with weakness, I closed my eyes against the pain and passed out from the effort. The next time I opened my eyes, there was no glittering eyes around me, only dim light entering the room I was in. I was still unable to move without every cell of my body screaming in protest, so I didn’t bother this time. I stayed put with my eyes roaming over the place with curiosity, but my stomach rumbled with hunger. My lips felt dry, and I was under the impression that I hadn’t eaten or drank anything for days. Once again, my tongue darted out to moisten my lips, but it didn’t help much. I was dying out of thirst. There was water on the bedside, but I was too feeble to make the slightest movement. My head was pounding with a massive headache, and I tried to focus on my whereabouts instead. I felt weirdly empty inside but could not work out the reason of my depression. So, I concentrated on what my surroundings again. The room I was in looked luxurious and it was simply huge. I’d never seen something so opulent before, and I lived in a castle my whole life. That was the plus version. There you go, another trigger. I hailed from a huge pack who lived in a grand castle near the Grand Green Forests, but I wasn’t even sure where I was anymore. I was too tired to linger on the description and was about to give in to the oblivion when I heard noise outside the doorway. My heart started to pound in my chest as I braced myself immediately. Flashes of a fight sparkled through my hazy mind, and I tensed in alert. My subconscious recognized something – I was in danger. The door opened, and I balled my fists into two tight balls at my sides, hating the wave of helplessness which washed over me as I awaited my fate. I was incapable of moving without the feeling that every cell in my whole body was shattering in pieces. A shadow lurched in the doorway, and my heart jackhammered out of rhythm as an old man entered the room, wearing a long white robe which looked bizarre and out of place in such a modern décor. He glanced over at me and did a double take when he caught me looking at him. “You’re back?” Back? Was I gone? It seemed unlikely considering the shape I was in. He didn’t seem about to cause me any physical damage. In fact, he dropped a wet cloth on my burning forehead and pressed it gently. He was taking care of me? The fact that I had reacted so instinctively against a potential enemy raised an alarm inside my head. Something was definitely wrong here. “Who are you?” I asked in a firmer voice than the previous night. Was it the same man who’d sat beside my bed until late the previous night? Who was he to me? The grey hairs near his temples showed that he was a man in his late forties, old enough to be my father. But wait a second. How old was I? “I am Samael Darhk of Blue Blood,” he introduced himself, walking in my direction to accost me. Fear, quick and rabid gripped me, and I struggled not to give in to the instinct of flight. It wasn’t like I was capable of even standing up. The outburst of emotion caused more pain to travel through my body and I hitched in a breath at the onslaught. I flinched when his cool hand touched my burning forehead again, and I cursed myself for being such a coward. Why was I so damned scared? He would hardly have rescued me if he’d wanted to harm me. I struggled to remember his name. Samael Darhk of Blue Blood. I’d never heard of the Blue Blood pack before. Not that I was a good reference for the moment with my jarred memory. “Welcome back,” he said succinctly, and was about to leave the room leaving me to my despair. I was so surprised that I opened my mouth to stop him. I had hundreds of questions. “Wait! Where am I?” I moistened my lips again. “Why am I here?” He half turned back, frowning down at me as if I’d displeased him. “You don’t remember anything?” Would I have asked if I had? I swallowed the retort not wanting to jinx the Jesus avatar. I made a mental note to prep myself later, I seemed like someone with dry humor and a sharp tongue. I wasn’t sure whether it was a good thing. “I remember my name,” I provided uneasily. Even the name didn’t ring perfectly in my ears, and I said them loud wishing they would make sense. “I am Emersyn Ward, an omega from the Black fur Pack.” I frowned. “No, I am no longer part of a pack. I a rogue werewolf,” I said in a small voice. And it all came crashing back to me. I closed my eyes and moaned again as the affliction started to throb through my entire body once more. It wasn’t merely physical pain I was experiencing, my whole being was rejecting the trauma I had endured in the past, like it was trying to protect me from the memories. I shuddered as I fought to keep them at bay, not wanting them. They came anyway, and I whined in agony with perspiration beading my forehead. My heart constricted to the extent of being squeezed in a ball of tight heart-wrenching anguish and I fumbled around to adapt to it. It felt like something permanently etched in my chest. Then, I gasped as I realized one horrified truth. Those memories of a fight hadn’t been a hallucination of my sickened mind, it had actually happened. And I had been killed in the fight. My mouth hang open as I struggled to make sense of what was going on and trying to breathe at the same time. It was impossible. My memories must be surely playing a prank on me, I scoffed derisively at myself. But as my eyes collided with the stark black stare of the old man standing in the room opposite me, the intense knowing look confirmed my suspicions. Welcome back, he’d said. It was indeed a welcome back from the dead. I was in fact resurrected.

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