Twilight - Breaking Dusk - Book 1


[This is book 1 of a 6 part Breaking Dawn continuation series]

After the Volturi had left my family and I in peace we planned to live happily ever after. Only, to live happily ever after would come with a great cost especially when you thwarted the Volturi. They knew that they were over powered at the moment and left peacefully. Little did they know we knew they would return. We had something that they wanted and they would do anything to get it. Even if it was unjust.

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Chapter 1
As I lay in the bed that Edward and I shared together I began thinking about the days to come. Certainly there would be many more but what would become of them? Several of the worries that I had these past few days were gone. I knew that Renesmee would stop growing in five years time and we wouldn't need to worry about her growing old and eventually dying. She would live forever, along side her father and I, with the family. I would be able to watch her grow up, go to school, get married. My mind trailed off. I didn't want to think about that right now, especially knowing that my best friend -Jacob - imprinted on her. That meant in the future if things kept as they were I would become the mother in law to my best friend. I scoffed silently to myself. Alice and Jasper were back with us. After fearing that they would be forever gone, they were back. The thought I had when I feared we had lost them caused my frozen heart to sink. It was a aweful feeling to experience. Tomorrow... well today I wanted to take Renesmee to visit my father again. To think just months ago I feared I would never get to see him again. I shook my head to rid the thought and unexpectedly gained Edwards attention. "What is it?" Edward asked as he propped himself up with his arm. I grabbed the blanket and pulled it to myself as I rose into a sitting position. "I was just trying to figure out the rest of eternity." I explained. "What do we do? What do we expect?" Edward sat up, his back leaning against the headboard, and pulled me into his arms. He held me tightly, my body tingling as I felt his breath on the nape of my neck. Focus Bella, I thought to myself. "That's it, don't expect a thing." Edward turned my face towards his and kissed me gently on the lips. "We have all of eternity and our worries are far behind us." I took several -unneeded- deep breaths to try and clear my head of its cloudiness. Unsuccesful against Edwards sweet breath in my face I rose to my feet and began pacing. I needed to think. Happiness. Of course I wanted it but it just seemed after all we went through that it came too easily. Especially after the recent events. "The Volturi-" I began, trying to find a way to explain myself. Edward, who had been with me during both encounters with the Volturi understood from those two words. The Volturi. Raising to his feet he pulled me into his arms and held me. "Bella, love, the Volturi are gone." I broke his embrace and turned around to face him. "They are gone for now, but they will be back. I just know it." I said, my words strong. If they came back I was prepared to fight. I would round up every vampire I knew and have them do the same and we would stand and fight together. A world without the Volturi gave me more security when it came to living happily ever after. I would do whatever needed to be done in order to protect my family. I closed my eyes and zoned in on the sound of my daughter sleeping. Just being able to hear her beating heart was the most valuable thing I had. I wanted her to never have to be afraid and I was prepared to lose everything in order to ensure that. Edward laced his fingers through mine and brought my hand to his lips. As if an electrical current ran through me I was bound. He had my attention. I turned around quickly and wrapped my arms around his neck. In one swift movement my lips were on his and we were back in the bed. It was well into the next morning when I thought it would be appropriate to get dressed. This was about the time that Renesmee woke up. Dressing quickly I walked into the next room just as Renesmee opened her eyes. Like clock work. I couldn't help but smile as I watched her rubbing her eyes of the sleep. I could tell at first glance that she had grown a bit from yesterday. Her hair was a few centimeters longer and her face was more mature in its look. It was relieving to know that her height was a sixteenth of an inch taller from the previous day. Then again I already knew she would only continue growing for another 5 years. I wonder what she would look like in 5 years time. If I didn't cut her hair I was positive it'd be just as long as Rapunzel. I giggled to myself. My little princess. She deserves a fairytale story of her own. Maybe I could find a ghost writer to write for me. It'd be a cute project for a bedtime story. Esepcially since I was running out of books since she didn't like to read certain things. Edward came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist he trailed a few kisses along my neck. Once he released me I crossed the room and brought Renesmee into my arms and spun her around once. She immeadiately laughed, her vocals high pitched bells. That was one of my favorite sounds. "Mommy missed you." I said to her as pressed my lips to her forehead. Very slowly I inhaled, taking in her magnificent scent. It was perfect. She was perfect. Renesmee placed her hand to my cheek. She missed me too. Then she showed me her dreams. She showed Jake and her playing in the sun on the beach. Once her dream was over she patted my face before holding it there again. She wanted her dream to come true, she wanted to go to the beach. "Mommy and daddy will talk about that okay?" I said to her. The idea of her going near the beach when I had once almost drowned made me nervous. I was unsure whether or not she could swim and I didn't feel comfortable testing it just yet. "The weather is suppose to be cloudy with a bit of snow, maybe we can take her." Edward said. Renesmee quickly turned around in my arms and held her hand out towards Edward. I handed her to him and watched as she placed her hand to his face. "Please." She said, her voice ringing out. I took in a deep breath and slowly released it. I knew my daughter all too well and understood that when she spoke she was either impatient or really wanted something. Edward looked up at me and I knew he was won over just by his expression. "Okay, we can go." I said, chuckling. Renesmee was very persuasive when it came to getting what she wanted. Though it was a bad habit I knew it was the least I could do. Anyways she was special, she wasn't an ordinary child and deserved these things. Renesmee held her hand back up to her fathers cheek. "She wants the entire family to go with us." Edward said to me. Taking Renesmee back into my arms i began the process of, quickly, dressing her. Unlike her father and I she had blood flowing through her veins and could get sick like a normal human. If we were going to the beach I wanted her to be well dressed for the weather. As I placed a white hand made beanie on her head -Esme had made it for her- I smiled. She was the perfect child. Her outfit was something I let her pick out and I had to say Alice's time that she spent with her -though just minutes- did alot when it came to Renesmee's choice of style. Renesmee was wearing black leggings with a blue tunic dress. Over top of that was a long red peacoat with large black buttons. On her hands were white mittens and her feet red boots. Removing one of her gloves she placed her hand on my cheek. "Yes you look beautiful like always." I said as I fitted her glove back on her hand. I wanted to make sure she was all covered up before we stepped out into the cold. Then we headed from our little cottage. We held hands as we ran in the direction of the main house. Edward lifted her into his arms just long enough for us to jump over the river and then set her to her feet. The moment we came onto the porch Alice opened the door. "Are you guys ready for the beach?" She said, excitedly. Renesmee squeeled happily and began hopping up and down before she let go of my hand and ran inside. As I followed inside I watched her as she ran around the room putting her hand on everyones cheek. "She's telling them about going to the beach." Edward chuckled. "She's excited." I nodded my head, a grin wide upon my face. It was impossible to not smile when I saw how happy my daughter was. I loved to see her smile, to hear her laughter. My attention was pulled slightly as I smelled a familiar smell. Sniffing the air lightly I sighed when I was able to put a thing to the scent. It was chocolate. I walked into the kitchen just as Rosalie was pouring hot chocolate into a large thermos. "It's for Nessie, she likes chocolate." Rosalie said, putting the lid on it. "That is a good idea, I'm sure she will get a bit cold." I replied reassuringly. It was nice to have Rosalie as one of Renesmee's aunts. They thought of the things that I didn't think of. Carlisle came into the kitchen to let us know that we needed to behave because we wouldn't be the only ones there. I didn't need to be reminded but it was nice to give a heads up. As Edward, Rensmee and myself headed out to the car I watched Emmett carrying several parcels and placing them into his jeep. What was he doing? I didn't give it much thought as Renesmee was impatient. I got in the front seat of the volvo and sat Renesmee on my lap before buckling myself in. Even though I was indestructible I was still used to a few of my human safety precautions. Soon we were on our way. I pointed at different things that we drove past on our way to the beach. Explaining to Rensmee the memories that came with them. One of Renemsee's favorite memories though was the meadow. Though she had never seen it in its spring time beauty I hoped to someday show her. The minute Edward parked the car in the parkinglot Rensmee unbuckled the seatbelt and darted from the car. "Renesmee, walk please." I told her. I didn't want to risk any human eyes seeing her superhuman speed. Keeping my eyes on her I waited until Edward joined myside before we hurridly followed. By now Renesmee was right at the shore, staring at the water. I released Edward and jogged -human speed- to her side. Kneeling before her I placed my hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes. "Renesmee, I don't want you getting sick so please try to stay dry okay?" I explained to her. Renesmee placed her hand on my face and I saw her soaking wet, cold and coughing. She understood which was good. Whenever we asked her not to do something she knew it was important that she didn't and we never had to tell her again. We reminded her though just incase she got overly excited and forgot. She was half human meaning she would make mistakes. As I rose to my feet and turned around I saw the others carrying items down towards the beach. In the next second they began quickly setting up the items which turned out to be an obnoxiously large canopy - like one you could comfortably seat 50 people under- and a barbecue pit. Why would they go through all this trouble for things we didn't need? I could understand if it was a smaller canopy but one this size? Crossing my arms along my waist I headed up towards the campsite. It was Alice who explained it all to me. "I hope you don't mind but I invited a few extra people." She said to me. "What do you mean?" I asked. Turning around I did a quick search for my daughter and found her 10 feet to my left digging a hole in the sand. "Well I invited your father and sue..." She hesitated. Shifting my weight to one leg I narrowed my eyes. "Alice, who all did you invite." I asked sternly. Before she could speak I heard female laughter. Looking up I zone in on the figures of humans coming down from the parking lot. These females looked familar and then I realized why. "You invited my school friends!" I hissed at her. She took a small step backwards and smiled widely. "Trust me sis you will be happy to see them. It's a good day and all of us are going to enjoy it. I even invited all the wolves." She admitted, smugly. "Wait... your visions Alice" She held up her hands and smiled, walking backwards she reassured me that for the next 5 hours she was on vacation from her visions. Jessica and Angela came over to my side and quickly pulled me into a hug. Angela quickly leaned away shivering slightly. "How long have you been out here you are freezing!" She gasped. I shrugged my shoulders -out of habit- "Longer then you I can tell you that much." Jessica looked me up and down once before her eyes widened. "You are pale." She said simply. "Yeah, yeah she's always been pale." Mike said as he joined in. "How is the married life?" he asked as he wrapped his arm around Jessica's waist. "I love it, it couldn't get any better then this." I chimed. Jessica, Mike and Angela seemed to gravitate a bit closer towards me as if they wanted to hear more. I guess it was about time to tell them about Renesmee. Not our real story but the public story. "Edward and I recently adopted a child." I said simply, trying to ease them into the news. Jessica's jaw fell. "What about college?" She asked. "How are you going to be a mother and go to school at the same time?" She asked. "She doesn't need college she is rich remember." Mike added, his voice seemed a bit snide and for some reason it made me feel bad. Mike's family owned a sporting good store but even then they still were trying to scrape by. Not many tourists came there and alot of people that have lived here bought all they needed and only went there to replace things. "I'll wait until our daughter is a bit older and then I'll think about going. Anyways I could easily do my classes online." I replied. "Well where is the child?" Angela asked. Of course she was happy about it, she had younger siblings. I looked to my left and saw Edward walking towards me, holding his hand was our little girl. "There she is." I said proudly. "Our Renesmee Carlie Cullen." Jessica looked at Renesmee then to Edward and then to me. I knew what she was doing, she was comparing her to Edward and I. Of course she looked like us because we were her biological parents but there was no way she would ever know that. She couldn't even assume because to humans it took 9 months plus the extra 4 years to obtain Renesmee growth. "She looks just like you." Mike said, probably stealing Jessica's words right from her mouth. "I know." I said as I lifted her into my arms. "That is why she is ours. It's like she was meant to be with us." Nessie who was lectured before she got here knew right away that these people weren't like us. She knew she had to be careful with them and not show them things like she showed us. She knew not to bite them or anything she wasn't allowed to do with Charlie. "My miracle." I said as I pressed my lips to her forehead. Nessie looked at my friends and then looked at me. She rose her hand up and pressed it to my face. I saw her with Charlie and then she showed herself with the new faces, she understood how to behave and I didn't have to remind her. "Yes." I said simply. "What?" Jessica added. I looked at her and smiled. "Nothing." "Bells!" I heard my father call to me. I turned my head and smiled as I saw my father and Sue coming down the beach. Behind them were Leah and Seth. Leah like always looked bitter but it was seth who was looking like he had just won the lottery. Charlie came over to my side and held out his arms towards Renesmee. "Can I hold my grandbaby or is it too soon?" He asked, a smile showing from under his mustache. I willingly handed her over, touching her lip to remind her. She nodded her head before latching onto my dad. He began cooing to her and tickling her stomach causing her to squeel excitedly. The two then headed over to the camp and I saw Rosalie handing Renesmee a cup that I knew it had chocolate in it. Edward wrapped his arm around me and kissed my lips catching me off gaurd. "How had you been Jessica?" He asked, his voice velvety. I heard Jessica's heart beat quicken at his words and couldn't help to laugh to myself. Edward looked at me and smile and I knew he had purposely done that. I leaned my mouth to his ear. "Edward be nice to Jessica." I smirked. It was too much and I began chuckling. "What's funny?" Angela asked. "Nothing, we are just being rediculous." Edward replied smoothly. "It's been a bit of a stressful week for the entire family so we are just happy to be stress free and giddy." That was for certain. The past week had been stressful and it was nice to just see familiar faces. Especially after I was confident I would never see anyone ever again. I would have to give Alice a proper thanks once we got back home. I looked at Edward and smiled. "I love you." I mouthed to Edward. He mouthed it back before bringing his lips to mine. I didn't care who was watching because this day was all about me and my families happiness. I was happy, my daughter was happy and my husband was happy the day couldn't get any better.

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