The Mafia Boss and his Submissive Waitress **Completed and Free*

opposites attract
small town

Akihiko had managed to escape the Syndicate Council and is now on the run. Ending up in Hawaii he meets a fiery waitress called Zoe.

Zoe is down on her luck and currently has have own problems to deal with. All she wants to do is keep her head down and not get involved with anyone. Especially, a mysterious stranger that has just rolled into town.

Fate has other ideas and Akihiko has to choose between love and his Syndicate Chair. Will he discover the importance of love before it is too late?

This is Book 3 in the Syndicate Love series. This can be read as a stand alone book or part of a series.

Book 2: The Mafia Boss and His lost Princess (Kurt and Alannah’s Story)

Book 3 : Mafia Boss and his submissive waitress. (Akihiko and Zoe’s story)

Book 4: Called by the Siren (Bee’s, Ethan’s and Aiden’s Story)

Book 5: The Mafia King and his teacher. (Matt’s and Lisa’s Story)

All books are free :)

Free preview
Chapter 1: Hawaii!
“As far as places go to hide out, Hawaii was not at all bad!” Akihiko thought as he looked over the sea whilst sipping his coffee in a American style diner.  Akihiko had been amazed to learn that there was a large American Japanese community in Hawaii Islands. After arriving here, Akihiko decided to settle on Kauaʻi for a while. It still had a big enough population to hide in, but was off the beaten track when it came to tourism. This was good, because Akihiko was currently one of the most wanted men in the Syndicate Gang world. Akihiko wished he could say it was all a big misunderstanding, but it wasn’t. He had given the Drakes Gang the money they needed to create a virus which allowed them to spy on every gang. Why would he have gotten involved in that, I hear you ask. Over a women of course! Akihiko had thought Alannah had been his soul mate, when in reality it was a teenage crush that had got out of hand. Alannah had gone one to be an Evans and a Medvedya- two of the most powerful gang families in the world. Added to that she was married to Kurt Blackwood, the Syndicate Chair of the British Gangs. Alannah also had allies all over the world from her time in the fighting family - the Nine Tails. In short, Akihiko did not have many places he could go. He still had friends and money of course, but he must still keep a low profile for now. “Refill” Akihiko ordered the waitress who passed him. The waitress ignored him and went to the next table taking an order. When she walked past him again and he said “I said refill”  “I heard you the first time Mr!” The Waitress said. “Then what are you waiting for?” Akihiko snapped. He was unused to waiting, for anything. “Waiting for you to learn some manners!” The waitress snapped back. I was at this point Akihiko really looked at the waitress. She was 5 foot 7, long brown curly hair that was forcibly put into bun, with China blue eyes. Her face was heart shaped and had on red lipstick, a diner uniform dress and black flats on. The name tag said Zoe. “Is this how you speak to all your customers Zoe?” Akihiko said with a raised eyebrow. “Only the rude ones! Now if you don’t mind, I need to get these nice people their food and coffee” Zoe said. Arsehole! Zoe thought furiously. ‘Meinu” Akihiko said. (Japanese for b***h). Zoe heard and turned round in perfect Japanese and said “I might be a b***h, but you are a arrogant arsehole who needs to learn to say please!” The look of shock on Akihiko’s face was priceless. After a few seconds of glaring at each other, Akihiko got some money out and slammed it on the table. He then walked out of the Diner and slammed the door.  “Like a bloody teenager!”  Zoe thought unimpressed. “Everything OK? “ Jo the cook said popping his head out of the kitchen. He had obviously heard the door slamming. “Fine Jo! Just a rude customer, who I don’t think we will be seeing anytime soon” Zoe said with a smile as she continued to serve customers. The instant was soon out of Zoe’s mind, she had much bigger things to worry about. Akihiko  on the otherhand was constantly thinking about it. At first he was furious about it, how dare a waitress speak to him like that! He thought furiously as he got into his Volvo and sped home. He was still thinking about it when he arrived home, a simple 4 bedroom bungalow building in the local style. It had stunning views of both the mountains and the sea. Akihiko  slammed his front door shut and threw his keys on the side. “Master? Is everything OK?” Ena Said coming out of the kitchen. Ena was a man in his 50s and had salt and pepper hair. He had been Akihiko’s  friend since Akihiko  was young and been loyal throughout. Akihiko  had ordered him countless times not to call him master but Ena was old school - manners matter. “I am fine’ Akihiko snapped  “Obviously! I have not seen you this worked up since..” Ena said “Do not say her name in my presence! This is nothing to do with her’ Akihiko snapped again. “Thank the God’s for small mercies” Ena muttered. Akihko might be starting to recover from his obsession with Alannah. Akihiko  said nothing and went to his outside training area. He proceeded to release his furry out on an unfortunate punch bag. After about half hour, Ena came out with some tea. “Care to tell me about it?” Ena said “A women disrespected me that is all” Akihko said in a dismissive tone. “A women? Interesting” Ena said  “It is not like that! I am just use to..” Akihko said “Women throwing themselves at you? Well apart from ..” Ena said  “Ena” Akihko warned. “So are you going to see her again?” Ena asked innocently  “Why would I want to see her again? She is just a waitress for God’s sake and not a good one at that!” Akihko said  “That comment is beneath you Akihko, you were brought up better then that” Ena scolded and Akihiko  grumped. “Maybe go back tomorrow and apologise. She has obviously got under your skin, it might be closure” Ena wisely suggested. “Right old man, that is exactly what I am not going to do. What I am going to do is grab a shower” Akihiko  said. Ena chuckled to himself, for some reason he had good feeling about this women. It took someone special to turn Akihko’s  head. Yes he brought home one night stands, but here was no emotional connection there. Love and hate are the same side of the coin Ena thought.

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