Her savage Mate


He is a ruthless lunar world king that everybody feared, she is a third daughter of a man looking for an alliance with him. Neither one believes a mate was in their future, but Moon Goddess has a different idea...

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Party from hell
Amelia POV. I hate parties... Scratch that, I hate being surrounded by this many people. I have nothing against parties as in events themselves. What I hate is being in crowds like this one, where there were so many scents, sounds and bodies moving in unpredictable fashion. This is the second hour of this horrible party for my older sister’s, Layla’s and Alexander’s Mazza’s engagement party. And I have hated every minute of it. My older sister, Layla Roy, is the firstborn daughter of the Shadow pack’s alpha, Maverick and Petunia Roy. She is being sold off as a prized mare by our father, so he could become more powerful and influential in the Lunar world. And she's being sold off to no other than the most feared alpha of the whole Lunar world, the Blood Moons pack’s alpha, Alexander Mazza. The Blood Moon pack is famous for two things: destroying everyone that crosses them and their alpha, Alexander Mazza. There are a lot of creepy legends floating around about him, like how he killed his own father for the place of the alpha or how he slaughtered every man from the pack that crossed him and took the women as the pack's s*x slaves. Part of me wants to think that they are all lies. Because they do sound really crazy and made up, but looking at him now… I would feel sorry for her, but due to the fact that she hates me and makes my life miserable every day, I can’t seem to force myself to feel any sort of sympathy towards her. I wouldn’t call her a bad person, shallow and self-centered - yes, bad - no. Not that I can blame her for her behavior. All the blame for how she turned out goes to my father. He always favored her, and he made it clear that no one else could ever live to his little girl. And in return, she always manipulated him. That was their dynamic. Part of the reason why he loved her more than any of his children was because she looked identical to her mother, his first wife. A woman that was meant to be his mate, but died giving birth to their daughter. By old werewolf traditions, he should have stayed single, mourning the loss of his mate, but times change and mates become frowned upon in the alpha circles. Mates were viewed more as a problem than a blessing and usually were rejected by the alphas. It happened mostly because everything about alphas is magnified - power, love, sense of duty. Let's say an alpha falls in love and mates, then the most important thing then in their life is no longer the pack that he was born to protect, but their mate. So, in the last century, most of the alphas decided that mating is not as important as their position in the pack. So alpha marriages became a thing. It was mostly about gaining more power and that was a lot more important than love or destiny. Everybody tries to gain more influence and power for their pack, just like my father is trying to do by selling off his daughter… just like Alexander is doing by buying a pure bloated werewolf wife, that is supposed to make him a true alpha in the future. “Amelia, could you at least pretend to not be miserable all the time?” asked Lea, my stepmother - aka wife number three. She married my father after my mother was killed in a rough attack. And I can honestly say that she is the person I hate the most in this world. She was my mother's best friend, but she had an affair with my father long before my mother died. The worst part of it is that she became pregnant at the same time as my mother, and so now I have a sister that is two months older than me. Fun… really fun... “Lea, why don’t you go see where Sara went or try to get some attention from my father and leave me alone?” The last part was intended to hurt her, because my father was never faithful to her, no matter how hard she tried. Nowadays, he mostly ignored her and f****d her when she was ovulating in hopes of getting a male heir from her, but she had failed three times already, delivering only girls and his patients were fading. There was also talk that he had a few young girls that he favored in the pack and was visiting them constantly in hopes of getting them pregnant. If that happened, then it would be bey bey Lea and hello wife number four. I know that I should feel something for this woman. She was the only mother figure I ever knew, but I couldn’t force myself to do that. She always hated me and tried to make my life a living hell, just because I happened to be born in marriage, unlike her daughter. No matter how many times I tried to get any love from her, all I got was hatred, so after some time I just stopped trying. My father was no different, he never cared about me, he only cared about the pack, my older sister and getting a male heir to secure his power in the pack. So all my life I only knew two things: the pack is the most important thing and do not defy the alpha if you want to live in his house. The last one I learned the hard way, after saying no to my father one too many times, I was kicked out of the house for a week and had to survive on my own outside. It would have been easy if I was a normal wolf. If I could have changed and wandered the forest for weeks in my wolf form, that would have been quite a pleasant experience. But my situation was quite different. I have a problem with my wolf, which made the option of changing into my wolf impossible. So I had to spend my week roaming the forest in my human form, and that wasn't an experience I would want to repeat ever again. My inner wolf’s name is Brie and she is an uncontrollable, hot-headed b***h. We never agree on things, and letting her takeover is not something I do willingly. The only times that it does happen, it is always against my will and I end up in bad situations… or more likely lost and covered in blood. That is what happened the last time she stole control from me. I woke up in the middle of an unfamiliar forest, covered in blood and bruises. When I returned home after wandering the forest naked for almost another two days, I was informed that my wolf had control over me for two days and had caused a lot of problems. My thoughts were scattered by the commotion in front of me. As I lifted my eyes from the glass of champagne in my hand, I saw a puddle of blood. There was a body next to it that produced the blood in the puddle. It seemed to be a dead werewolf and next to the dead body there stood a furious alpha. It was Alexander. Well, this looks like trouble… He started shouting at my father, “MAVERICK, COME f*****g HERE OR I WILL SLAUGHTER YOUR PACK AND MAKE YOU WATCH.” My father appeared in front of the alpha in a second with a terrified look in his eyes. He looked at what had to be one of our pack's werewolf headless body. I think his name was Troy or Trent… I didn’t know him well enough to really care about the fact that he was dead. Over the years, I probably had seen him only a few times, and he always tried to make suggestive comments about hooking up, but I turned him down. In return, he called me a fat freak and went off to whine to his friends about how I shot him down after he did me a favor by offering to f**k me… what a gentleman. A few days later, he started to spread rumors about how I was beginning to sleep with him. He told everyone that he turned me down, as if he would f**k a fat freak like me. After that, there were rumors that he raped two girls and got them pregnant. So I don’t really feel bad for him dying. I know that it makes me a kinda bad person, but he was a pure excuse of a werewolf and he deserved it. “I FOUND YOUR f*****g DAUGHTER WITH HER HANDS DOWN THE PANTS OF SOME PIECE OF s**t. I WON’T f*****g MARRY A WORTHLESS CUNT LIKE HER, SHE IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY I PAID FOR HER, SHE IS NOT A f*****g VIRGIN AND I WILL NOT MARRY A WOMAN THAT DISRESPECTS ME LIKE THAT. f*****g GODS, I SHOULD KILL ALL OF YOU AND FOR DISRESPECTING ME LIKE THAT, DO YOU f*****g KNOW WHO I AM?” Aleksander shouted at my father, who I think started to shake in fear. “I’m so sorry, alpha Aleksander, I beg you to spare our lives” he fell to his knees” I will return the money you paid for my daughter... I will… I will punish her for disrespecting you like that. Would you like to take any of my other daughters as proof of respect for you?" He fell to his knees and begged Alexander to spear him. He was kneeling now in a puddle of blood and looked so pathetic, that it almost made me sick… Aleksander lifted his dark eyes from my father and looked at the four of us standing now behind our father. I guess my sisters wandered here as they heard the commotion. He stared at all of us, trying to decide whether we were worth his time. His eyes moved to each of my sister's faces, looked at each one for a few moments, but frowning as he moved to the next one. In my mind, I begged the Moon Goddess for him to choose just to send us home, but I knew that would never happen. Either one of us was going to marry him or all of us would be dying next to that asshole that was getting from my sister… Great… just f*****g great… His eyes stopped on me. I felt him stare at my emotionless face as his facial expression changed a bit. He then looked me up and down, his expression didn’t turn to the same disgust my sisters got. He turned to my father and asked him, ”Is the redhead a virgin, or is she just as much a w***e as the other ones?” Did he really just say that he wanted a f*****g virgin? That was the real problem as to why he refused to marry my sister? Not disrespect or cheating? f*****g virginity? This is crazy. “Yes, Amelia is a virgin... but maybe you would like to choose my daughter Sara,” my stepmother pointed to my sister. ”Sara is beautiful and a great fighter. Amelia isn’t Luna material, she has problems with her wolf form and isn't as beautiful as my other daughters.” I guess she didn’t know that Sara lost her virginity a long time ago. By the age of seventeen, she had already f****d half of my father's packs male population and who knows how many men from the other packs. Alexander laughed at my parents' faces. ”Are you kidding me? She is worse than the oldest one. She offered to suck me off a few years ago. There is no way I will marry that cunt. I will take the red one, we will marry by the end of the week and that's it!” “But she is not of age yet, she is only seventeen, and she will come of age in a month. Why don’t you take Sara instead. She can marry you now?” Lea was pointing to horrified Sara, who was crying so hard, that even I felt a little sad for her. “SHUT THE f**k UP! I will marry the red-haired one and that's it, or do you prefer to die right here and now?” When he got no answer, he just turned to the crowd surrounding us. “The party is over”. After those words, he turned around and left the room. I stood there in silence, inside I felt a hurricane of emotions, Brie started shouting in my head” WHO THE f**k HE THINKS HE IS? WE ARE NOT MARRING THAT PRICK? WE ARE LOOKING FOR OUR MATE AND THAT IS IT!” “Shut up, Brie. We have no choice; the pack comes first. We always knew that we would be sold off for power.” I answered Brie in my head. “I won’t let this happen. I will take over, I will kill them all. I WON’T MERRY THAT DICKHEAD.” I tried to silence her in my head and not lose control, but she was extra feisty today. We have enough s**t to sort without her annoying ass creating more problems, which would get us killed for sure. Alexander POV. As I entered our pack house, I felt more tired than usual. I hate these things, but taking part in them is part of being alpha. Today is the day I am supposed to get engaged to some chick that I do not know, and I hated this. I never planned to mate, but I had to do this for the pack. She was supposed to seal the deal with her father, the Shadow pack's alpha. The deal is for him to start working with us and I will marry his daughter in return. That d**k made me pay a million dollars, so I could marry her, but she is just a side deal to me. The most important part of this deal is that he would be joining us and not the f*****g Underworld pack side. The Underworld pack made my pack's life difficult, and it has started costing us people. That is the only reason why I agreed to this. I have only one thing that drives my life and it is my pack. There is nothing that I wouldn’t sacrifice for them. The Blood Moon is the most important thing for me. I live, breathe and think about my pack. We are the most powerful pack in Europe, and that comes with its own set of problems. But that was not always the case. When my father ruled, the pack was weak. He fell for my mother and only cared about her, making her every wish come true, but when she died he lost it. All he did was cry and whine about how much he missed his mate. That was f*****g pathetic, but the worst thing was that we were constantly under attack by other packs and most of our land was taken away. So, when I turned sixteen, I challenged my father for the place of the alpha. We fought... I won… But the craziest part was that when I won, he said to me when I got him pinned down... “Good, son...now you can take care of our people” and killed himself, screaming ”HONEY, I AM COMING FOR YOU!” At that moment, I swore to myself that I would never take a mate. My pack will always be my first priority. So here I am, getting married, so I can strengthen my pack by giving them a Luna and an heir that will replace me when my time is over. Even though I swore never to do so. As I walked through the pack house, all of my pack members bowed their heads at me, uncovering the right side of their neck in respect of me. One of the pack women came to my side, stroking my arm, smiling at me. She pushed her boobs at my arm, hoping for my attention. I turned to her and looked at her big t**s pressed against my arm., then I turned to look at her face... “Hi Tina, would you like to join me tonight with Anna?” She smiled and jumped a little. She loved spending nights in my quarters. I always spent my nights in female company. There are usually two or three women in my bed every night. But just a few of them get a chance to spend a night in my bed more than one time. Most of the women that join my pack come from other packs that we defeated. Women love power, and power is my specialty. There is no one as powerful as me. There were some rumors about us taking them as s*x slaves. Well, that has happened a few times…. But the wolves we took were happy to be there. Most of them don’t stay too long, they just stay for pleasure and leave on their own way. When we are exterminating problematic packs, women can be speared if they pledge their allegiance to me and denounce their previous alpha. If I’m convinced that they are sincere, then they are free. If not, they are dead. Simple. “Anna and I will be waiting for you alpha” she bowed her head and left the room to search for Anna, I am sure. That left me to continue with my walk through the room as I spotted my wife-to-be. Even from here seeing her in real life for the first time, I got this sour taste on my tongue. As I got closer, I saw that she had a hand down some shithead's pants. Fuck... I have to kill him now. Without wasting a moment, I walked up to them. Not saying a thing, I picked him up by the shirt and punched him in the face a few times. The only good thing is that he was not my pack, so killing him would be a lot easier. And I did just that. With one hand around his neck, I let my claws pop out and cut his head right off. “MAVERICK, COME f*****g HERE OR I WILL SLAUGHTER YOUR PACK AND MAKE YOU WATCH.” My voice made the whole room become silent. This was such a mess, now I have to kill him, his pack and family. This will be such a mess. He appeared in front of me a moment later, and I didn’t waste time. As soon as he was in front of me, I started threatening that stupid asshole. He and his w***e daughter ruined a great plan. “I FOUND YOUR f*****g DAUGHTER WITH HER HANDS DOWN THE PANTS OF SOME PIECE OF s**t. I WON’T f*****g MARRY A WORTHLESS CUNT LIKE HER, SHE IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY I PAID FOR HER, SHE IS NOT A f*****g VIRGIN AND I WILL NOT MARRY A WOMAN THAT DISRESPECTS ME LIKE THAT. f*****g GODS, I SHOULD KILL ALL OF YOU AND FOR DISRESPECTING ME LIKE THAT, DO YOU f*****g KNOW WHO I AM?” He started shaking with fear and, by the looks of it, he was almost pissing himself. Can he get any more pathetic? I f*****g hate cowards like him. He has no alpha pride or honor. He is a freaking disgrace to the name. ”I’m so sorry alpha Aleksander, I beg you to spare our lives”. He mumbled as he fell to his knees. ”I will return the money you paid for my daughter… I will... I will punish her for disrespecting you like that. Would you like to take any of my other daughters as proof of respect for you?” I almost laughed out loud. He was offering me his younger daughters, still hoping to keep his head? Well, as much as I want to kill this asshole, continuing with the original plan was a better idea, even if the bride was a different one… not that I really care who she is. I looked at his other four daughters, two of them looked no older than fifteen… I’m a kinky asshole, but even I don’t swing that way. Then I turned to the older two. One was crying in distress about the wolf I killed, which was annoying me so much right now, that I almost reached out to slap those tears off her face. The other one looked at the body by my feet with a cold stare. Unlike her sister, there was no sign of tears on her face… I could even say that she looked bored by this whole situation. Well, that's interesting. I took a closer look at the icy one. She seemed to be unmoved by the blood she was seeing, and that was a good thing, because I couldn’t stand the fainty princess like her sister. She even looked different to her sisters. Her hair is straight and red, which was much more preferable to the fake blonds. She was curvier than the other daughters… and those curves made my mouth water. Heck, it was a long time since I f****d a bigger chick. As I remember, they are good in bed. She wasn’t gorgeous, but that was never my thing. She had wide hips and big boobs, she would be good for breeding, I thought to myself, liking the idea of the redhead as my future bride. Okay, I think I will take that one. My inner wolf Max growled in agreement, he was always a fan of big boobs and a big ass. But first I have to check if she is a virgin. I don’t want to repeat what just happened in the future. ”Is the redhead a virgin, or is she just as a w***e as the other one?” “Yes, Amelia is a virgin...but maybe you would like to choose my daughter Sara?” Maverick's wife, I forgot what her name was, pushed the crying mess a bit to the front. ”Sara is beautiful and a great fighter. Amelia isn’t Luna material, she has problems with her wolf form and isn't as beautiful as my other daughters.” I wouldn’t go so far as saying that she is more beautiful, especially now with tears running down her cheeks and terror in her eyes. The more I looked at her, the more familiar she seemed. Then I remembered… When I was visiting one of the Mavericks pack a few years ago, I was approached by a young woman. She offered me oral s*x and I agreed. She sucked a good c**k, and then I f****d her ass, but it was not very good. She was a bit younger than she is now, but that is definitely her. Yeah, that is not going to happen. I won’t let her be the Luna to my pack and mother to my children. ” Are you kidding me? She is worse than the oldest one. She offered to suck me off a few years ago. There is no way I will marry that cunt. I will take the red one, we will marry by the end of the week and that's it!” “But she is not of age yet, she is only seventeen, and she will come of age in a month. Why don’t you take Sara instead. She can marry you now?” Fuck, this b***h is getting annoying. “SHUT THE f**k UP! I will marry the red-haired one and that's it, or do you prefer to die right here and now?” I knew that she wouldn’t say anything, but the fear in her eyes made her finally shut up. I turned to the crowd and said, “The party is over”. After that, I turned around and left the room. As I walked to my quarters in the packhouse, I mind linked my beta Matt and informed him about the change in the situation. Happy to solve everything so well, I was happy to treat myself. I climbed up the stairs, knowing full well that there would be a willing p***y waiting for me the moment I stepped through the door. The moment I opened the door, I saw naked Tina and Anna waiting for me. Both of them greeted me with a smile that promised me a great time. I walked to the bed and both of them, not waiting for any directions, started undressing me. When they were finished with the tasks, Tina kneeled in front of me as Ana rose on her tiptoes, so she could kiss me. Her tongue met mine halfway as I reached up to squeeze her massive t**s. They were a great pair of t**s, right in the middle of my top ten t**s. But my hand did not stop there. It slowly moved up, over her shoulder and into her hair. I warped my fingers around the dark black strands and pulled her back a bit, stopping the kiss, so I could whisper. ”I think you should start by pleasuring Tina for now.” She almost jumped with excitement when she heard me say that. That is one of the reasons why she is one of the few that I f****d more than once. She is very… excitable by everything… and anything. As Ana kneeled behind the other woman, I grabbed Tina's hair and pulled her back from my c**k, before I got a love bite in a place where I did not want one. Tina stared at me confused for a movement, as to why I took away her favorite candy, but then she felt Ana behind her and a knowing smile appeared on her face. A pleasurable moan left her mouth as Ana's mouth made contact with Tina's p***y. I let myself look at the beautiful scene in front of me. Ana took great pleasure in making Tina scream in pleasure and, as the scent of Ana’s lust filled the room, I made my way around the two girls and stopped right behind Ana. “Do not stop eating Tina out, Ana.” I commanded Ana as I aligned my d**k with her opening and filled her in one swift move. She made a sound between pleasure and pain as I rammed my c**k into her tight p***y. She had a hard time concentrating on her task, so I flipped her over and turned to Tina this time. “Sit.” She understood what I meant and lowered herself on the other woman's face. The look on her face told me that Ana was a good little cunt and was following her instructions. I continued to f**k Ana as I leaned forward and captured Tina’s n****e in my mouth. That was enough to send her over the edge. Tina's back arched as she released a loud moan. I guess that was enough to send Ana after her, because I felt her contract around my c**k as she screamed into the other woman's p***y. As she stopped contracting around my c**k, I dragged Tina from Ana's face and pushed her face down on top of the other women. This gave me the perfect angel to take her ass. Under normal circumstances, I would stretch out the tight hole, but Tina was used to the pain of the force and enjoyed it a lot. In one swift movement, I filled her and her loud cry of pleasure and pain filled the room, before it was captured by Ana's lips. At this point, I no longer cared about their pleasure and let myself loose. I knew Tina could take it and would enjoy it, so I hammered into her asshole until I felt pleasure climbing my spine. As my vision started to blur, I pulled out and let my c*m plash on Tina’s back. I am pretty sure she also came, but I was a bit too out of it to care. As my own climax reached the peak, I did not see the two girls in front of me… no… I saw the red head I was going to marry. Hmm… interesting. “That is it for today, girls.” I said to them as I sat down on the bed next to them. “Yes, alpha.” They said as they climbed out of bed. This was the drill. I f**k them, and then they leave, simple. The moment the doors closed after them, I fell back on the bed and let myself relax. After a few moments, the hunger returned and I swore under my breath. For a moment I considered calling them back or someone else… but I was in a mood for someone specific… a certain curvy redhead, that for now is out of my reach. Max growled in approval and I understood that this hunger was not mine but his. Kinky asshole. I smiled to myself as sleep took me over and I drifted away. My night was filled with red hair and thick ass… great dreams.

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