Mated To The Cruel Alpha

enimies to lovers

Razia is a poor girl, she lives with her greedy stepmother and family. She always prays for change in her life. Fate brings Razia together with Navir, the alpha of the pack. At that time, Navir felt a bond with Razia. With all the differences between them, can they unite?

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1 ************* Silence brewed as birds chirped loud and viciously. The darkness had already embraced every angle of the woods as Navir, the forth prince of vetrish as well as the youngest sat with his men where they would camp for the night while awaiting their quest hunt for witches from he south coven who were recently reported to be seen casting black magic from the ends of vetrish. The witches from the south coven were long ago Banished from the kingdom of vetrish after a ribelious act from their previous queen whose head laid stack up at the highest tower in the middle of the kingdom to serve as a reminder for anyone plotting an act of treason. "Your Highness, there hasn't been any signs of black magic so far." Reported Rua, the royal sorcerer. "Hmm…" Came a short reply from Navir. "Call Zaphron." Rua bowed and immediately skiddled away and shortly after, Zaphron, the head chief of his guard approached. "Your Highness." He bowed slightly. "Make sure everyone is on high alert, we wouldn't want an ambush." He spoke while taking his sword off his waist belt and burying it's tip deep down Into the soil to have it stand erect. The noise from the birds chirping had seemed to die down a bit and now were replaced with the loud taunts of the crickets. Navir laid on his back against the soil, his hands behind his head and his eyes closed but with wide ears open in alert. The breeze flowed in the woods, carressing every angle of his partial amor when suddenly, the vicious neighing of horses were heard, followed by quick footsteps making his eyes flash open in same rythm as he got up in one swift movement. "Witches?" Asked Navir with a frown ached against his brows to Zaphron who was approaching him. "It is not of certain your Highness but Rua senses a presence not too far from here." The frown on Navir's head arched even more as he quickly grabbed hold of the hilt of his sword, pulling it up from the ground before bolting off to his horse which had been tied to the bark of a tree. Who else if not witches would be in the woods at this particular time. Casting spells, he presumed. ****** "Make sure we don't loose the witch." His deep loud voice rang in the ears of his guards who rode alongside him on their horses. They still weren't certain if who they were chasing was a witch or someone much more powerful but immediately Zaphron had missed a shot with his arrow, the creature began running. The figure seemed desperate to run away and escape from them which seemed stupid and dumb as whoever that was, was outnumbered by the royal guards. They Chased for a short while before a curse spell cast from Rua made the creature tumble down to the ground giving them an immediate advantage as they circled this creature with their horses. Zaphron was first to jump off his horse, taking out his sword, he walked to where the creature laid trembling, from the looks of it, it looked like a girl. A witch, he snorted within. "Lift your face.” He ordered coldly while pointing the tip of his sword against her neck while she slowly lifted her face to show a terrified and frightened look. When their horses had come to a halt in front of their chase, Navir had no idea why, but something felt off, a certain spark erupted in his chest but quickly brushing it off, he got off his horse right after Zaphron and just then, right there, he felt it. He felt a bond. He had never felt it before but for some reason, he knew what it was. A mate bond.

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