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Maximo Wolff has it all. The money, the power, the killer looks.

And a hidden true identity as the son of an Alpha.

Yes, the youngest billionaire in New York city was in fact, an actual ravening beast.

As a young child, he grew up in the woods of Blood Moon Grove with his pack, the Dark Moon. His father, Alpha Cohen and mother, Luna Scarlet. But after saving a human outsider that happened to be a billionaire tech company CEO, he wanted to be the same.

And so he did. Not caring about anything but making money and the usual weekend visits to their pack, his whole world turns upside down when his mate shows up right in front of his office door.

Dressed in a tight red dress that hugged every curve she had - Anya Silva is a young and promising woman that, by a twist of fate, ended up working for the Wolff Enterprises.

And as the universe would have it, very much human.

What could possibly go wrong between a hidden wolf and an unknowing human?

Or more importantly, what type of adventures await them both... in the outside world or in the four corners of his office?

Rated 18+ for explicit s****l content ~

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Maximo Wolff is the youngest billionaire in New York City with a dislike for anything but money and himself. But soon his whole world will change when his mate shows up right in front of his office door... and becomes his new secretary. What happens when the hidden son of an Alpha gets mated with a human? Desire. Jealousy. Possessiveness. And lots and lots of passionate encounters. Rated 18+ for explicit s****l and language content~ - Excerpt: He’s got an aura that won’t let me take my eyes away from him. Everything about him, from top to bottom, is absolutely and undeniably irresistible. The way his dark black hair curled a little on the top of his head, his brown eyes that pierced into mine so deeply, his lips that looked so damn kissable, and every part of his body protruded muscles on his white long sleeves. I’ve never met anyone that I’ve ever felt so attracted with, like there’s a magnet between us that’s pulling me closer and closer to him no matter how hard I try myself not to be pulled. He took a step closer to me and my mind is thinking of moving away, but my body isn’t doing the same - feet frozen on the ground and heart beating so fast it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. In a split second, before I could even think of anything else, I was already backed up against the wall next to the book shelf in his expensive-looking office. His breath ragged and deep as our eyes continued to stare at each other, the world around us slowly starting to disappear as tension visibly increased in between us. From taking care of my dad back then to Matthew’s busy schedule in the hospital, I haven’t gotten any physical intimacy with my boyfriend for what seemed like years. It made me feel guilty, but I had to admit that being this close to a man that was no doubt turning me on was not doing any favors to my womanhood, slightly closing my legs to contain myself. Maximo slowly leaned closer to me, his muscular hand perfectly positioning it against one of the wooden shelves behind me, and he was so close that I felt something rub up against my leg. I froze at the thought of what it could be, but mostly at the realization that I knew exactly what it was. My mind kept telling myself not to do it, but my body was once again not cooperating as my eyes began to trail down to it and before I knew what I was doing, I was now looking at what was on my leg, my eyes widening at the sight of the clear bulge almost as if it wanted to come out. I avert my attention back to him when he cleared his throat, a mischievous and insinuating smirk greeting me. His voice deep and sensual, I felt myself almost drowning from how wet I had already gotten down there. “Do you want to touch it?” - Hi everyone! This upcoming story will be my first ever Werewolf story so please bear with me, but I'm excited for this new journey with all of you. Hehe. Make sure to save this in your library for the first chapter release on June 1! And as always, daily updates. ;) Thank you and see you then! ♡ - PS: The POV for each chapter is dependent on the title. If it's His, it's Maximo's POV, if it's Her, it's Anya's POV. x EDIT: This book is now completed and has recently been undergone revisions as of July 2023 though major details and the story remain the same!

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