Chapter 59 : Sirena IV (incomplete)

377 Words
Chapter 56 : Sirena IV   -Enzo-             As we set out to search for those rare sea eels, we saw some mermaids coming right to us. I don’t know why yet they’re swimming towards us. I think they’re going to tell us something. We waited for them to come before we jumped to the water and start looking. I wonder how rare those eels are.             There are seven of us, so if all of us find one, there would be immediately seven eels, and seven sea scales, well, that’s if it’s a one hundred percent drop. But if no, then we have to hunt for more until we obtain ten sea scales. I hope they’re a hundred percent drop, gosh, those eels are already rare.             “Before you start looking, we’re giving you this…”  one of the mermaids said as they handed us a fruit. I don’t know what it was, it’s different from fruits that I know, yet it’s colored from blue to purple, it’s round in shape, and it looked so smooth in texture. It looked delicious.             “What is that for?” Darxi asked as we all received fruit for each one of us. I stared at it for a while, it looked like the sea, so I guess it’s somehow related to it--- wait, I knew it… ahahaha             “Eels doesn’t get above water, neither can you breathe under…so we give you this berry for you to sustain air. As you eat this berry, you will be able to breathe under the sea while looking for your sea scales. This is called the sea berry” one of the mermaids said explaining to us what this sea berry is.             “Well, yea. Thank you so much… I was also thinking how are we able to hunt eels ahahaha now this is the answer… sea berry” Vic said thanking the mermaids for the sea berry. Well, that’s what I thought just now too. Now, all we have to do is to hunt the eels to get our sea scales. 
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