Revenge for the Sacrifice

second chance
friends to lovers
first love
love at the first sight

I am very confident that this is not done by him, but some where I feel scared that what if he returns. I really don't understand what to do...


Relax baby, you will be fine okay. But why, don't you tell about it to Samuel, he loves you so much ?

I know, but I feel scared. What if he leaves me, I can't bear that. He is my first love.

For the past 1 hour I was waiting for her, but she didn't. I felt very scared, what if Riya, retreats from her promises which she had obliged just few hours ago?


Did you go to the Maldives, just to place a piece of paper?

No. It's not a piece of paper, I thought, I will give her my glance to revive her memory, if she revealed her notes. But, she is cunning and acted like innocent and fragile in front of her husband.

We both know, how cruel and cunning she is. She has not changed a bit after all the incidents and married a rich guy and you too know the real reason for her so-called true love marriage.

Hey, I know you want justice and even me too. But, we need patience, we waited for 2 years and give me some more time. We both will give justice not for us but to everyone.


Check out my latest story to unfold many hidden secrets, and unexpected twists. Find who is the culprit and who wants the revenge, for what?

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1. United after 2 years
Riya POV Finally, my dream come true moment is happening today and I hope everything happens smoothly. My little girl is going to be married today to the love of her life. Mom, please don't be so sentimental and stop spoiling your makeup by crying. I took a few selfies with my mom, dad, and my bridesmaids. I was dreaming of this for 2 years with the love of my life. I am so happy today mom. I was going crazy to see my soon-to-be hubby and eager to become his wife. Dad, how much more do I have to wait to go there, please go and find out. Haha, my little girl, please have patience and calm down. Everything is in order and we will go there in 10 minutes, Okay? 10 minutes more... Okay. Just then, someday knock on my door, Mom opened the door and found a delivery guy with a small parcel. I got excited like a kid seeing the gift parcel. You are behaving like a kid, and stop being as obsessed about gifts. Mom, who doesn't like gifts and don't lie to me that, you never got thrilled when you got a gift from Dad. Everyone in the room laughed at my childish behavior. I was about to open the gift, wedding planner instructed the bridesmaids to be ready and one was late still. Everybody went outside and took their positions, and I was called next. My Dad took my hand and said " I will be happier if you are. So never hide anything from me, I will be there for you at any time. Love you, my baby girl." I got emotional seeing tears in my Dad's eyes and what he said just now, and to lighten the mood I said "Dad, please don't make me cry, my makeup will be spoiled". He understood my words and laughed with me. We both made our way to the wedding venue, where my prince charming is waiting for me. Suddenly, she hugged me tightly and complimented me. Seeing her, I was relaxed and hugged her back. We became a part, and I kept my regular pout whenever angry. Soon, my friend Naina understood the reason and started apologizing to me for being late and I excused her this time. She pecked my cheek and moved to the line of bridesmaids. I exhaled a deep breath and started my walk down the aisle along with my Dad, then the background music started of my favorite song, " Set fire to the rain ". We reached the top of the stairs of the famous Church, Mount Mary Basilica in Mumbai. There was my man in a grey suit with a light pink shirt that matches my wedding gown and all my relatives and close friends stood as soon as I entered. But my eyes were only on him, my love who stood there with his ever-charming smile, and I can sense his nervousness behind it. Sam POV I was so tensed and moving like an insane in my room, to see my darling and thinking how she will be in her wedding gown. Relax dude, you both will be married in just 15 min, and you are behaving crazy said my best buddy Aditya. Shut up! okay, for God's sake, it's been more than 24 hours that I had seen her last. f**k! with the traditions, I couldn't even see her virtually because of the traditions. And my being so obedient didn't even pick my call when I had a video called her. Someone knocked on the door, and Adi (Aditya) went to attend. It was the wedding planner assistant, " Sir, you need to be there in 5 min." Okay, we will be coming and by the way, when will the bride come? Sir, she will attend after you in 5min. Okay, you can go. After the assistant went, I rechecked myself in the mirror and adjusted my makeup and my dress. After being satisfied with the look, I went to the venue with my Best man, Adi. Bang!!! Loud music played suddenly, while I was nervously waiting for her to enter. Our favorite music "Set fire to the rain" played and there she stood with Dad, holding his elbow tightly due to nervous nice. She looks like an angel in her light pink color wedding gown with a veil over her. But I can see her smile from here, and just her smile, made my world stopped for me. She walked slowly, down the hall with her father and her eyes were to the ground and she was blushing which makes her more beautiful. Her father given her hand to me and told, " Take care of the girl or you will face it." I nodded and smiled. She stood before me and blushing and trying hard to control it. We both were lost in our world and into each other eyes. The Priest cleared his throat, and we both were startled, all were laughing. He started the prayer and we held each other hands together and promised to stay close to each other, no cheating, to support our careers and most importantly we love each other for years until we become old and die. And finally, said I Love you for each other. The Priest asked me, " whether I truly accept Riya as my wife?" Yes. Do you truly accept Samuel as your husband? Yes. Okay, I pronounce you both as husband and wife. And, Samuel, you may kiss the bride. As soon, he said those words, I stood before Riya and opened her veil. She was a breathtaking beauty for sure. I could see her eyes with happiness and her lips are quivering due to tension. Soon my lips landed on hers and I kissed her sensually and this kiss was different from the past two years kisses. Because this was very special as I kissed my dear wife, whom I want to spend the rest of my life with and have a lot of kids. Once I moved from her, I kissed her cheek and said, " You are looking so beautiful my Love, and I love you so much." She blushed and said "Love you too" We were out of our trans, as we here loud applause and laughs from our friends and family and all were congratulating us on our big day. I hugged from the side by holding her waist and pecked once again on her lips before saying thank you to all.

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