My Rejected and Broken Queen

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Elena was training to take the Alpha title from her father but on her fifteenth birthday something horrible happened to her which led her to run away and for her wolf to go deeper into her mind. In the brink of death someone finds her and her life does a one eighty. When her grandparents pass away they leave Elena with a company, billions of dollars, and a letter that she needs to give to her best friend which requires her to return to her old pack.


Jayden Blackwood is the werewolf king. He is cold, calculating, ruthless, and cold hearted ever since his mate was killed in a rogue attack. He thinks that the only thing that keeps him going is his duty to his pack, but when he meets Elena he finds her... intriguing.


What will happen when these two worlds collide? Will the werewolf king help Elena move on from her rejection or will he break her even more?

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New Home
(Elena) I walked into the building and headed straight to Drago’s office. I'm covered in blood, cuts, and bruises. I successfully eliminated my target, but I didn't count on my target having so many people that would still fight for him even after he was killed. Yet, I fought many huge men to try and get out of the place I was in. I was in a room without windows. It was fight or die and I chose to fight. I'm not ready to leave this world yet. Many people would say that our lives are in fate's hands, but ever since I was fifteen, I have said f**k fate. I make my own choices and that's final. I can feel eyes on me maybe because of the way I look, but I ignore it. As soon as I stop in front of his door, the door swings open. Maddie looked at me with wide eyes. “Jesus, Ele, are you okay?” Maddie, one of my friends asked. She usually doesn't worry much, but by the look on her face I know this time she is worried. “I’m fine. It looks worse than how I feel” I said. She nods and lets me in. Drago looks at me and I see his eyes widen for a second before they go back to normal. I bet i look much worse than what I feel. “Elena, is your last assignment done?” Drago asks. Drago is the creator of the Elite Warrior. Nobody knows about this Elite Warrior group, not even the Elders or Kings of the supernatural world. The group is very small but fearless. Drako, Drago’s son, found me when I was fifteen. I had been mentally and sexually abused, beaten, rejected, and close to death. Drako nursed me back to health and when I decided to stay, he taught me how to become a Warrior and I became really good at it. Our group is unique. Drago has someone that contacts him when they want a job done. “Yes, sir. The target has been eliminated and there are no loose ends”, I said. “Great job Elena. You can go ahead and get cleaned up” Drago says proudly. I nodded before turning on my heels and walking out the door. I headed to my room and put my weapons by the door. Since Maddie and Dragon know I’m back, they will send someone to clean my weapons. I grab some clothes and underwear before going to the bathroom. I undress the step in the shower. I turn on the shower, clenching my jaw when the cold water hits my body before warming up. Today was my last assignment. My grandfather died three months ago and left me his company. I have been trying to juggle the company and being a warrior, but it’s not easy because sometimes, as an Elite Warrior, I get called out of the blue to do a job and we don’t know how long it will take. So I spoke with Drago, Drako, and Maddie, and we came to the solution that I should take care of the company. Drago knew my grandparents and my grandparents knew I was here with Drago. They weren’t very happy that I was training to become an Elite Warrior, but after they found out what my mate did to me… they decided it was best as long as I continued with my school and went to college. I did just that. I stopped using my last name from Russi, which belonged to my father, to my grandparents’ last name… Santos. I then finished high school online, then went to college online. I knew that if my father had been here she would have been happy because I knew my grandparents were. I was proud of myself as well. Hell, I am still proud of myself. I’m not the same weak fifteen year old little girl I used to be. I just wish my wolf would stop being so scared and come forward. I sighed, turning off the shower. I grab the towel and towel dry myself. I get dressed and finish drying my hair with the towel. As soon as I walked out of the bathroom, I saw Maddie. “Are you ready? I don’t think you want to show up to your company all beat up” she says, gesturing to me. I look at myself in the mirror next to me. I have a busted lip. A broken cheekbone, cuts and some bruises were starting to show. “You should see the other guys” I said, making her giggle. We headed back to my room. Once inside, she places her hand on mine and her eyes turn white. Did I mention that Maddie is a witch? Yeah, she’s a witch and Drako’s mate. She was hunted because her coven is a coven of dark witches and Maddie had the ability to heal. When Maddie refused to use her powers for evil, they tried to kill her but she ran and Drako found her and brought her here. Here she learned like the rest of us and her powers grew. She didn’t want to go out into battle, but she wanted to help when we came back injured. “There. All done” she grins at me. I don’t need to look in the mirror because I feel like new. “Thank you Maddie”, I smiled and hugged her. “I’m going to miss you, Ele” Maddie whispers as she pulls me in for a hug. “You know where and how to find me if you ever need anything” I told her and she nodded. “Stay safe out there” she said. “I will do my best”, I told her. “It’s all I ask. Now come on. Drago wants to see you” Maddie says. I followed her out the door and back to Drago’s office. As soon as we enter, Drago and his son Drako look at me. Maddie goes to Drako and he pulls her into a kiss. “I have a car ready for you to take you to your grandparents' house” Drago says, but he doesn’t look at me. He doesn’t like goodbyes. “This is not goodbye, sir. You know where to find me and how to get in contact with me if you ever need me”, I told him. This time he looked at me. “I know Elena, but I have come to love you as a daughter. What you went through… no one should have gone through that. Just remember that they are still out there and that you are no longer that young child you once were. I’m just sorry we couldn’t help your wolf come forward”, Drago says, tears shining in his eyes. “Everything happens for a reason, sir. What we went through was too much for the both of us. Maybe one day she will know that I will protect her and she will come forward, but for now, I am proud of the woman I have become”, I said, making Drago smile. “I’m glad to hear that. If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call”, Drago says, walking towards me and pulling me in for a hug. I hear a whimper in my head and I know it’s my wolf. I can feel her and sometimes I can hear her whimper here and there, but she’s too afraid to show herself. “Same thing. If you or anyone ever need anything, don’t hesitate to call me” I said once we pulled back from the hug. I give Maddie a hug. “Always remember you are more powerful than them” I whispered in Maddie’s ear. She tightens her hug before letting me go. Then I hug Drako. “Thank you for saving my life, Drako. You’re like a brother I never had. No, you are my big brother” I said into his ear. “And you’re my little sister” Drako whispers back before pulling back and kissing the top of my head. I smiled at them before going back to my room and grabbing my duffle bag and suitcase. I go to the elevator and see everyone in a line on both sides of the wall. At the end stands Drago. I stop and look at everyone as they all turn to me. I hugged and said goodbye to everyone. The job we do here is very dangerous and sometimes we don’t return alive. As I get closer to Drago, memories of me coming here for the first time hit me, followed by my training and my first assignment. But the most important part of all the smiles and laughs I had here hit me harder. This place didn’t just save my life and taught me how to be who I am today. This place is my home and the people here are my family. When I reach Drago, I can’t stop the tears from falling. “Thank you for making me the woman I am today. Thank you for giving me a home and a family, dad” I said before hugging him. He hugs me tight. “Stay safe Elena. I love you my daughter”. Drago whispers in my ear before letting me go. I took a deep breath before pulling back. Drako comes forward, grabbing my duffle bag and steps into the elevator with me. I wave to everyone as Drako hits the code followed by the button to go up. “Who’s the driver?” I asked Drako. “We know you don’t want anyone to know yet that you’re the new owner and CEO of the company, so I will be the one driving you” Drako says. I can’t help but smile at this. Once out of the elevator, I follow Drako to his Jeep. He puts my bags in the back and I jump in. The drive to my grandparents' house- I mean my house is a quiet one. I thought about selling the house, but I couldn’t. My great grandfather had this house made for him and his mate. He passed it down to my grandfather and after he met his mate they both lived here. After they passed, I found out that they had passed down the house to me. We pull up to the gate and Drako puts in the code. Yes, he has the code, but I will be changing the code tonight. It’s not that I don’t trust him because I do, it’s just that too many people know the code and it’s best to be safe than sorry. “Don’t forget to change the code, Elena. The code is old and who knows who has this code”, Drako said, and I couldn’t help but smile. He knows me too well. I mean, after all, he was one of the people who trained me. “I will. I’ll change it tonight”, I assured him. He nodded, pulling up to the house. Dalton, my driver and one of the workers were in front of the other workers. Grandpa and grandma always kept two maids, Lisa and Bonnie, the cook Chris, Dalton, who is the driver, and Jeff, the gardener and pool cleaner. They have been here since before I was born and my grandparents trust them and so do I. Not to mention, Drako did a full background on them. I got out of the Jeep. “Hello Miss Elena. Welcome home”, Dalton smiles. “Thank you Dalton. It’s cold out here. There’s no need for you all to be out here in the cold. Go inside”, I told them. They all smile, but Jeff and Chris grab my bags. “We’ll take these to your room”, Dalton says. “Thank you”, I smiled before they left. “You have my number if you ever need anything”, Drako says. “You, too, big brother. Anything, no matter how big or small”, I said, and he nodded and handed me the duffle bag he was carrying earlier. “Here are your weapons and ammo”, Drako says. I looked at the duffle bag, then back at Drako. “What? But-” “Yes, I know. All weapons stay in the armory, but these weapons were made and customized just for you. They are yours and yours only”, Drako says. I didn’t know this, but now I understand why I got the same weapons for ten years. “This is incredible. I was going to go buy some, but I’m glad I don’t have to go through that hassle. Come inside, I’ll make you a check for them”, I said. “No need to pay us for it. It’s a gift from dad and me”, Drako said. “It must have cost a lot to have these weapons made and customized just for me” I said. “It’s a gift, Elena”, Drako repeated, and pulled me in for another hug. “Take care of yourself, sis” he said before jumping back into his Jeep. “Drako” I called, making him look at me. “If you, dad, or Maddie ever need anything for yourselves or our home, let me know. I will help in a heartbeat”, I assured him. “Thank you Elena” he smiles and leaves. I sigh watching the back of the lights get smaller and smaller before the car is gone. I turned and headed inside the house. As soon as I enter the house, two fur balls jump on me, knocking me to the ground. I can’t help but laugh. I have two dogs. My dogs are pure German Shepherds. Lobo was gifted to me by my grandparents for my eighteenth birthday, but Rain… I rescued her from a guy who was beating her. Drago let me keep them with me and helped me train them. Poor Rain, it took me a long time for her to trust me, but eventually she came around and those two mean the world to me. I would die for them. To some people, it may be weird for a werewolf to have two dogs, but I trust them with my life just like they trust me. “Miss Elena, would you like anything to eat or drink?” Lisa asked. “No, thank you Lisa. Did Lobo and Rain eat yet?” I asked. “Yes, ma’am and they have been out as well”, Lisa assured me. “Thank you Lisa. Oh, could you have Dalton come to my room please” I said. “Yes, Miss Elena” she smiled and I returned her smile, then headed to my room with my dogs on my heels. Lobo and Rain lay by the bed as I began to unpack my clothes and put them away. There was a knock at my door. “Come in,” I called. “Did you call for me ma’am?” Dalton asks. “Yes, Dalton. Do you know how to change the code on the gate and door?” I asked. “Yes ma’am” he says. “Please change the code on both the gate and the door and when you’re done I want the tablet so I can see who is in the system. I want only the workers and myself. No one is to be added unless I have given the okay to do so”, I said, and he nodded. “Yes, Miss Elena. What code would you like to be put in?” He asked. I give him the new code and he leaves. Once I finished putting the clothes away, I put my hand guns in different hidden places around the house. I then grab my McMillian TAC 50, my Barret M95, and my Barret M82 and place one in different places of the house memorizing where everything is. These are my sniper rifles. I have them so well hidden that not even the people that work here will know where they are and, even if they find it they know better than to touch what’s not theirs.

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