Triplet Alphas Claim


Get ready for an epic tale of love, heartbreak, and redemption in "Alpha Triplets Claim"! Phera Evans thought she'd left her family and pack behind after being devastated by the only three people she ever loved: Axel, Damon, and Zane White, the future alphas of the Red Moon Pack and her older brother and sister's best friends. Determined to forge her own path, Phera leaves the wolf multiverse and becomes a skilled charted accountant and elite warrior at the prestigious Wolf Academy of the Elite in California.

But fate has other plans for Phera. Forced to return to the Red Moon Pack, she discovers that the once arrogant playboys she once craved are now ruthless and vicious alphas of the most powerful pack in the multiverse. And they're determined to make her theirs, no matter what. After all, Phera was always meant to be theirs from the beginning, and they'll stop at nothing to claim their princess.

As Phera's heart battles with conflicting emotions, she must decide whether to open herself up to love again. When an eternal bond ties her to Axel, Damon, and Zane, will she resist their advances or give in to the passion and desire that still burns between them? "Alpha Triplets Claim" is a sizzling, emotionally-charged romance that will leave you begging for more. Don't miss out on this captivating tale of love, loyalty, and second chances.

Author Note:

I’ll like to make a point before you proceed ahead. ‘Alpha Triplets Claim’ storyline is based on the very first novel I read by a talented author know as Eva Zahan and the storyline is from her book ‘Ace’s Trap’. Despite having the same sequence in the beginning the book has a different storyline and I wanted to bring it to the reader’s attention. I also want to let everyone know I’ve asked the author before hand if I can use her idea and she has agreed. I have the conversation with the author on my page [H.A Shah Readers] for anyone wanting to confirm before going ahead.

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Chapter One: Prologue
Please note this is a slow burn romance story. If you don’t like when stories progress slower then usual and certain emotion are constantly mentioned then I wouldn’t recommend. Also, this book needs heavy editing, revison, grammer structure, inconsistencies and dragepetition removal. I'm currently working on all the issues and will have polished version asap. Phera POV: Growing up, you always have this one person who would always leave their mark in your life. Whether it be your friend, sibling or parents, but everyone always has that one person. In my case, I had three, but sadly instead of leaving a happy memory in my mind, it was one that, to this day, makes my heart bleed. And bleed to the point where nothing can mend it. Growing up, everyone my age looked at our future alphas: Axel, Damon and Zane, as their big brothers and future leaders. But for me, they were my best friends, my shoulders to cry on, basically my everything. What started as a crush eventually developed into full fledge feelings over the years; however, I never once showed it. It was wrong because as much as it hurt my heart, I knew they only saw me as their best friend's little sister that was constantly following them. However, I don't know if I had imagined things or not or if it was actually true, but when I turned thirteen, and they turned eighteen, they started to pay more attention to me. To them, I was their little sunflower. Even if they were busy, they always made time for me to consistently showing up to watch me at my warrior classes or gymnastic competitions. Besides my two best friends: Betty and Resse, the triplets: Axel, Damon and Zane, were the next thing to family to me apart from my actual family. But as I said, everything is short-lived. With whom I had planned my future with, for who I prayed to the moon goddess every night for me to be mated with all crumbled. When the triplet's father, our then-current alpha and Luna, Alpha Rox and Luna Daisy White were killed in a rouge attack, forcing the triplets to step up as alphas, the murder of their parents made them closed off and cold. But, even then, they tried visiting me and spending time with me, but what really butchered my heart was when they mercilessly broke it into a million pieces on the night of my sibling's twenty birthday.

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