Obsession With My EX-wife

second chance

Catherine had loved Leonard once.

After marrying him, though, Leonard took his childhood sweetheart home to be his mistress, which caused Catherine's abortion, and the end of her love for him...

Out of sorrow, she divorced with Leonard, but Leonard didn't want to let her go...

After found out the truth, Leonard decided to make up his mistakes and chase his Ex-Wife again.

But this time, Catherine was not his obedient wife as before...

* * * * * * * * * *

"Don't try to get rid of me," he said. "It is a waste of time. As I said before, I will win your heart once more."

"You were the one who abandoned me, Mr. Campbell!" she hissed. "I will not give you another chance. And besides, I have already begun to move on and see other men!"

-Daily Update-

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Chapter 1: Why Can't I Marry Him?
In the Campbell Group. Catherine Winston, wearing a delicate suit, rushed into the building with vigorous strides. She had a murderous look in her eyes, and upon seeing her, the desk clerk smiled nervously and said, "Hi, Mrs. Campbell, what can I do for you?" "Don't call me Mrs. Campbell!" Catherine replied without breaking stride. After she left, the desk clerk sighed, and then she hurriedly dialed Jim Walker's desk, and when the phone was answered, she said, "Mr... Mr. Walker, there is an emergency. Ms. Campbell is here!" On the top floor, the assistant, Jim Walker, thanked the receptionist and returned the phone to its cradle. He frowned, and his heart began to pound at an alarmingly fast pace. Dear God – he thought - What now? Every time Mrs. Campbell came, she fought with Mr. Campbell. Now that she was here again, she would be like a cat among the pigeons, and there would be another violent war! As Jim stared at the elevator, a fierce sweat appeared on his forehead. Then, when Catherine emerged, he hurried over to greet and welcome her. "Mrs. Campbell," he said, "the president is in a meeting. Could you please wait for a while?" "Don't call me Mrs. Campbell! I am no longer Mrs. Campbell!" Catherine explained. She pushed Jim away and said, "Now go away. I have to see this bastard today." Jim stumbled out of Catherine's way and watched in dismay as she kicked open the door to the board room. There was a loud bang as the door hit the wall, and everyone in the room turned to look at her in shocked surprise. Inside the big meeting room, the president, Leonard Campbell, sat at the table's head. From Catherine's point of view, she could only see his side profile, but he turned to look at her the moment the door flung open – as did the executives who sat around him. Leonard's face was delicate, and his features looked as though they had been carved out by a knife. He had an intense look in his eyes, and he was breathtakingly beautiful. The executives exchanged nervous looks amongst themselves. They recognized Catherine - the president's ex-wife – but could not fathom why she'd barged in. They had heard some gossip about her, but most of them had never personally witnessed this kind of behavior from her. But her words stunned them even more than her actions had. "You bastard, Leonard Campbell!" Catherine shouted. The executives all turned to look at Leonard, and much to their surprise, Leonard was not angry. In fact, he seemed happy to see Catherine, and they were stupefied when he opened his lips calmly and said, "The meeting is over. You can all leave now." This simple command shocked them nearly as much as Leonard's calm demeanor had. Leonard was a cold and strict man, and he never allows anything to affect his work. Now, though, he was ending a meeting early because of his ex-wife. Furthermore, he hadn't gotten pissed off over being scolded in public, nor had he retaliated in any way. It made no sense to them. Of course, no one dared to argue with Leonard, and everyone left as he had ordered. Soon, only Leonard and Catherine remained in the meeting room. After a moment, Catherine ground her teeth together and rushed towards Leonard with her arms outstretched. Leonard raised his eyebrow and calmly looked at her. He rested his chin on his hands with his finger crossed and said, "So, you miss me already?" Catherine glared at Leonard. "You know why I am here!" she exclaimed. She was pissed off, and his calm demeanor was only making her angrier. "And you know what you have done! I don't want to talk about it. I just want you to stop it!" Leonard frowned tightly, and he lowered his head as if he was about to begin mediating. After a moment, he looked up and said, "Are you talking about that time when I saved you from that old man? Please don't thank me for that. A man should protect the woman when she needed a hand." Catherine: "Bullshit, you were beating my patient!" Leonard: "If lust for women could be called disease, then I'm afraid that your hospital would be overcrowded." Catherine: "......" When faced with Leonard's calm manner, Catherine found herself at a loss for words. She shouldn't have been surprised, though. Leonard was hardheaded, and he had always been ready with a swift response. Fortunately, she recovered quickly. She ground her teeth together and said, "So what? Everyone who comes to the hospital is our patient. How dare you beat one of my clients?" Unfortunately, Leonard had a point. The old man was gross. Furthermore, he always harassed her and used his disease to excuse his behavior. Of course, she could just avoid him - and she had been. Leonard hadn't needed to beat him at all. And this wasn't the first time that he'd done it! Just the thought of Leonard's behavior threw Catherine into a violent rage. Every time a patient meant to harass Catherine, or if they showed their love to her, Leonard's men would beat them indiscriminately. And the worst part about this was that, not only were his actions damaging her reputation, but she had been forced to pay thousands of dollars in damages. In one case, she'd had to pay twenty thousand dollars, and she could only imagine how much this new assault charge would cost her. Just the thought of it brought her to tears. When Leonard saw her tears, he thought that she felt sorry for the old man, and a storm began to gather behind his cold eyes. He frowned and said, "Catherine, I am trying to help you. You should be grateful." When she didn't reply, his anger became more evident. He pounded his fist on the table. "so, you want to marry that nouveau riche? Is that it? And you're blaming me for stopping him?" When Catherine saw how angry he was, her heart ached for no reason. "Why can't I marry him?" she argued. "It would be better to be married to him than to be married to you! At least he truly loves me!" Her eyes were cold, and her face was determined. "Mr. Campbell," she pretended to be calm, "I came to tell you that I don't need your bullshit help. If you really want to do something good for me, please, stay away from me, and never interrupt my affairs again. That would be the nicest thing that you could do for me!" Now that Catherine had had her say, she clenched her fists at her sides and turned around, leaving without another word and without looking back.  

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