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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world where Witches and Vampires are ruled by Royalty? Where there are top Kings and Queens and several other Kings and Queens who run the kingdoms controlling their kind and trying to make the world a better place to live in one kingdom at a time. Well if you have come join Rebecca on her journey of self discovery of trials and tribulations. She has a long road ahead of her.

Rebecca has been on the run her entire life with her Mother from a man she has never met but has always feared. None other then her father. What will happen when Rebecca and her Mother Taylor are Caught and brought back into the world of Magic and Vampires. A world Rebecca didn't know was real. Come join Rebecca on her journey as she learns about her powers and prepares to face her Father. It might happen sooner then anyone is prepared for. Can Rebecca live up to the reputation of Top Royalty on both sides of her family or will she fail and be sent to live among the humans once again?

Read this thrilling story to find out what happens!

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Chapter 1
Chapter One: “Run, be silent, quiet your breathing, mask your steps with the surrounding noise, don’t panic, stay calm, and stay close.” I follow my Mom, keeping as close to her as I can, my black hair flinging around with the wind. “Quick put it up.” Her voice was a whisper as she thrust a pony binder into my hand. I took it and quickly secured my hair. “STOP YOU'RE SURROUNDED PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!” Came a demand from nowhere a huge blast of white light blasted our faces. Mom grabbed my arm to hold me in place and I heard her murmur a chant softly in a language I still didn’t know or understand. “Quick don’t let go of me stay quiet and…” her words were brought up short as we were blasted in the back and both of us flew forward and landed on the ground with a spray of gravel going everywhere. We were somewhere in the northern United States running on country roads from… well I don’t know exactly what we are running from but this has been my life for the last seventeen years. My mom was beautiful. Some call her an angel with her light blonde hair, and baby blue eyes, her alabaster skin flashing in the bright lights wildly contrasted my olive toned skin, dark black hair, and Gray eyes that changed color. I got back to my feet just as quickly as Mom did but the damage was done. We were surrounded by forms dressed in black robes with the hoods hiding their faces. “Schutz suchen” My mom shouted her hands up as she tried to block me. “Why should we help you?” Spoke a man's voice from one of the figures in front of us. “Because we mean no harm!” “Everyone says that! That is of no use to us!” “Bitte meine Tochter!”  “What’s so special about her that would make me save you?” “Sicherer Hafen!” she shouted and actually took a step forward towards the figures I grabbed her arm trying to keep my place not understanding half of the conversation. “Very well but we must cuff you to bring you in.” The middle figure held out two sets of handcuffs. “Don’t fight and this will be easier on all of us!” “Becka Sweet heart do what they say don’t fight they will take us to their leaders and we will finally be safe… I hope…” she trailed off as the figure stepped forward and first secured my Moms hands in the cuffs and then turned to me. I shot a pleading look at my mom and she nodded. “It’s okay sweetheart you will be safe now!” The man stepped closer to me and I got a whiff of stale blood. I whimpered softly in disgust but held out my hands as he clipped the cuffs on my wrists and I felt the cold metal against my skin. I started to feel very trapped. “Let’s go then!” He added cheerfully as if we had just become best friends. They lead us down the long country block to a bunch of SUVs waiting for us. “They knew we couldn’t out run them.” My Mom groaned so softly I’m not sure anyone but me heard her. “Mom…” I started but she cut me off with a look. I bit my lip and looked down at my feet trying hard to hold back from speaking. We were led to the biggest SUV that could have seated seven people. They had us climb into the far Back and two robbed figures got in after us filling the seats in front of us. We rode for almost a half an hour in pure silence only broken by our haggard breathing from running as fast and hard as we were trying to escape. Suddenly we pulled up to wrought iron gates covered in greenery effectively blocking your view inside the gates. A figure stepped out of a small little building connected to the gates he walked over and took the badge of the driver and within seconds handed back the badge and waved us on through. The Gates suddenly opened at his wave and I assumed there must be another man inside that building that had pressed the button when he waved. Once we were inside the gates shut immediately. As we pulled in I felt as if we were driving into one of those prestige colleges I had always dreamed about but knew would never be a reality. There were buildings and quads and the whole works gardens with all kinds of flowers and herbs growing and it even looked like they might have fruits and vegetables growing in one of the gardens we passed. They pulled to a stop outside one of the bigger buildings and slowly our guards climbed out and then reached in to help us out. They led us inside one of the buildings and we suddenly found ourselves surrounded with people. Our guards didn’t seem fazed and kept walking through another door leaving the sudden silence and stares behind us. We were led into a reception type area and the lady at the counter quickly stood up. “You’ve found them? Perfect, take them to the conference room. The King and Queen will be with you shortly.” “What is so special about you two!” One of our guards grumbled and led us to the conference room they indicated for us to sit down on one of the many chairs around a deep mahogany table that matched the chairs. It had an antique ring to it. As soon as we sat down the door opened and A Very tall lean build man with auburn hair and freckles across the bridge of his nose walked in followed by a very beautiful woman who had a startling comparison to my Mom her Light blond hair sparkling with the jewels of the crown she wore her blue eyes standing out and sparkling mysteriously with the sequins of her Royal blue dress. “My Dear Sister whatever have you done?” she demanded her hands on her hips in a sort of rebuttal and my Mom had the audacity to look contrite. “Your majesty I request…” She shot me a quick look and said softly. “Zuflucht fur meine Tochter and myself of course.”  I blinked rapidly back and forth between my mother and this woman. “Mom…?” “Hush now child if you know what’s good for you then you will hold that tongue of yours.” She snapped, shooting me a meaningful look. I flushed at the backhanded words and looked down at my hands that were still cuffed. The Queen seemed to notice this at the same second and tisked. “Earl please uncuff these two women I know they won’t cause a fuss and then you are dismissed.” The robed man bowed.  “Yes your majesty.” He quickly undid my hands and then my Moms and then left the room so it was just the four of us King and Queen with Mother and Daughter. “Where have you been these last eighteen years?” The Queen demanded once we were alone, her and the King both sat across from us at the table. “I can assume this young lady is the reason but why? And who?” “Please not in front of her I will tell you everything I can but not in front of her, not now! Will you grant us sanctuary or not?”  “How could I turn away my own flesh and blood? I’m not like you clearly.” I opened my mouth to retort but my Mom slapped my hand and gave me a look. She clearly knew her place but I didn’t know any place in this world besides the shadows I have been raised in my whole life. “Listen here lady I don’t know who you are but don’t you dare talk to my Mom like that! She has done nothing to you!” “Rebecca Allison! Apologies right now!” I turned my glare to my mom but suddenly an apology was coming out of my mouth against my will. “I’m s-o-sorry.” I stuttered then glared at my Mom. “No fair!” “You don’t know your place here, be silent, do you wish to continue to run or do you want a safe place to be? I already know your answer now, learn your place right now this is the King and Queen of Minnesota My Sister and her husband.” She added glumly. “I didn’t think they would catch us but now that they have well why not use their help to save you!” she was slightly flushed by the end this argument taking too much out of her. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled and looked down at my hands again. “My; my what have you gotten yourself into?” “Elena please she knows nothing about us or … them!” My Mom exclaimed and I looked up to see her turning away from looking at me. “NOTHING!?” she shrieked rising from her chair. “YOU TOLD HER NOTHING OF THIS LIFE? AND YOU COME HERE DEMANDING OUR PROTECTION BUT SHE KNOWS NOTHING?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW DANGEROUS OF A MISTAKE THAT WAS AND IS?!”  She was really winding up for a big explosion but her husband reached over and grabbed her hand and like that she visibly calmed herself. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment and then she said. “This wrong shall be corrected immediately! I grant you both our protection as long as you remain on grounds!” she turned and smiled sweetly at me. “Darling what is your name?” “B-becka.” I stammered. “It’s Rebecca not your silly nickname when speaking with the queen!” My Mom scolded me. “Sorry.” I grumbled. “Rebecca Dear, how old are you?” “Why does that matter?” my mom demanded. “Because I need to know how far behind in her learning she is thanks to you!” the Queen snapped back. I looked at my mom asking what to do silently.  She took a deep breath and sighed softly then nodded. “I will be eighteen after midnight.” I spoke softly but I knew they heard me. The Queen had a look cross her face as if she was counting and then she smiled at me again. “Well happy early birthday now I think if we set you up with some tutors we should have you in classes by the end of the month.” “No! absolutely not! I am not letting you ship her to one of those schools!” “You will do as I command, you are under my care now and it's not shipping her off to one of those schools it's getting her knowledgeable in our world and an active member of our society and then she can have Friends! “ she said the last word with extra vehemence. My mom actually looked hurt at that and I saw her control slipping. I quickly grabbed her hand. Silently I begged her. “Please I can handle whatever they want me to do you know I’m smart enough to handle myself.” And I truly meant what I silently told her. She huffed a sigh. “You have no idea what you are asking for!” She replied aloud and The Queen Raised her eyebrows. “Mom!” I groaned.

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