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Losing his wife by a ghastly accident Nathaniel Carter turns from being a husband to becoming a housewife. Now left to cater for this three years old son and his four months old daughter Nathaniel finds a huge challenge in that;

1) He doesn't have any knowledge or experience.

2) The business became a huge struggle.

3) Nonsupport due to his independent ways.

How hard and frustrating can it be?

So he thought until Samantha, His wife's younger sister came knocking his door. What Benefits can she gain in the family she longer hoped for? A wife? Or a Mother?

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The night was bleak, the sky, gray and overcast. The phone call from the hospital has woken Nathaniel Carter from a sound slumber. His son Kenneth and daughter Olivia lay alongside him on his king-size bed. His wife Natasha has been admitted to hospital for over two weeks falling in the state of coma at the cost of a terrible car accident, because of her critical state Natasha has been placed in the intensive care unit as a precaution. Matters, however, had quickly gone bad, complicated by the fact that Natasha's spine had been broken followed with six of her ribs which had pierced her lungs cutting her short of air making her slip into coma faster. After two weeks sitting by her bedside, Dr. Quentin had sent him home promising to immediately contact Nathaniel if there appear to be any change. Now he was proving true to his word. "Mr. Carter, could you come to the hospital, it urgent?" Dr. Quentin spoke through the other line. "Could anything be wrong? Is my wife okay?" Nathaniel demanded, hearing the weary frustration in the physician's voice, which wasn't a good sign. "It'd be best if you came to the hospital. I'll explain things better once you're here." ——————♦♦♦♦♦♦——————— The hard sound of a fist hitting a smooth surface echoed around the doctor's office. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Not like this. An hour later after arriving at the hospital, Nathaniel Carter's heart broke into tiny shreds at the news of his wife's death, not a sound escaped his lips. The powerful fist of pain, agony, disbelief viciously punched at him. Feeling weak and dizzy, he slumped into the molded plastic hospital chair. "We did everything we could to save them both." Dr. Quentin murmured, his voice subdued with defeat. It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Nathaniel's pain added to the knowledge of their unborn child in Natasha's womb. Had he knew she was pregnant he wouldn't have allowed her to leave out. It was only six weeks, still a fetus. Nathaniel glanced up at the man opposite him "I'd like to be with my wife for a minute if I could. Just for a minute." After a while, Dr. Quentin nodded and lead the way down the calm quiet hallway to Natasha's room. Nathaniel felt his heart pounding savagely, his head whirling, his legs almost given away. He felt as though his world had crumbled on him as he walks cautiously towards the new cause of a nightmare. "I'll be outside waiting." Dr. Quentin said through the quite hall opening the door and stepped aside. Stepping in the room the first thing he noticed was that all the tubes had been disconnected. His wife once glowing face still looked glowing, if not more. For a moment he thought they could all behave mistaking, she could only be deep in her slumber. If only it was. He could remember the first day he met her beautiful transcending face of nature. Memories of Florida still vivid in his mind. The image will forever haunt his life, that he was sure of. The baking, the knitting, the painting all going down the drain. The ray of sunshine hitting her blond hair, a free-flowing beauty at the clock of twenty. No woman has ever moved him the way Natasha Mullins moved him, his heart had stopped, his breath cut short by her sight, at that moment he knew to make her his forever by tying the knot with her. Five years ago the knowledge of a woman in his life seemed terrifying, but a moment spent with Natasha proved otherwise. Within eight months of marriage, they were blessed with their first child Kenneth Carter. Nathaniel's thought his heart would burst with pride. A son. One of his everliving wishes had come through. Then there came Olivia another bundle of joy but their joy was immediately cut short one faithful night Natasha left to get the forgotten beverages of their daughter despite his disapproval. He received a heart tearing call from an unknown man through his wife's phone stating her car was been hit by a drunk truck driver. Nathaniel looked down at her, and his heartfelt heavy and empty. It was as if she'd taken his life with her. What could he do without her? How could he possibly face life without Natasha by his side? How could he cope with two kids? "Natasha why? Why must you leave? How am I suppose to take care of our kids? How?" Nathaniel shed tears out with a sob finally overtaking him. ********** Thank you for reading and don't forget to vote and comment. I love those? How you follow and ride along with the journey of Nathaniel and Samantha.❤❤❤❤

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