The lost princess

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Emmi has been in hiding within her pack, her entire life.

Training to become the warrior she believes she was born to be. She has, so far, successfully evaded being found and captured by the notoriously murderous royal family.

But there is only so much solitude one can take.

Her prayers to experience freedom and adventure are finally answered, when there is a plea to aid a neighbouring pack, who have just been attacked by the elusive rogues.

But what will befall her, when she befriends the enemy she has so desperately dodged for all these years?

And what if the royals aren't the ones she should be scared of?

What if there are other, more alarming threats searching for her?

Will she finally find the happiness she, so desperately craves or will she be treated to even more of the bad luck that has plagued her life?

Sometimes, something lost can be standing right in front of you.

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A new generation
Reagan POV “Are you insane?” I winced as my aunt Zelenia’s high pitched squeal travelled through my sensitive ears. “They’re not even sixteen yet, they’re still babies. How can you even suggest sending them into a potentially dangerous situation?” “Come on Zel…” My dad begun. “They are going to be taking their places within the pack in just a few years, they need to see the outside world.” My father’s announcement that we were going to be accompanying a search convoy to hunt for a group of rogue wolves who have been attacking packs had not gone down too well with my aunt, and by the look on my mother’s perturbed face she was also considering the whole idea to be unfitting for our young age. “They are all incredibly well trained and they do need to experience different situations. And the warriors will be there to protect them.” My aunt’s attention was diverted when my uncle Alex emerged through the door to stand beside my dad. “I can’t believe you are really supporting this preposterous idea…Where is your sense Alex?” “Nia, my love…” He began, slowly approaching the sofa where she was currently seated. “I know you are anxious because of what happened with…” “Don’t bring her into this…” My aunt cut him off before he could mention my cousin’s name. “This has nothing to do with that. This is because you three idiots have decided to send my teenage children into something that could turn into a fight! I mean look at Sage, he still acts like a three year old most of the time…” She gestured towards her youngest quint with her hand. “Hey!” Sage shouted, scrambling to his feet. “I can be sensible when I want to be!” Every adult looked toward him sceptically and I watched in amusement as his face dropped in disbelief. “You don’t think I can do it, do you? Well, I’ll show you how responsible I can be!” He announced before stomping out of the room dramatically.   “But honestly…Can you guarantee that they will be safe?” My mother stared into my dad’s bright blue eyes, looking for any sign of dishonesty. “My love, they are the most powerful wolves in existence, even if they didn’t know how to fight they could defend themselves against a foe.” For three hours this is how it had been. All the time we were occupying the castle’s public living space my mother had remained quiet, not wanting to undermine my dad’s decision, but as soon as we arrived back to our quarters, my parents hadn’t stopped quarrelling. “But what if they are outnumbered or one gets separated from the rest of the group?” “Baby, that is what the mind link is for.” I could almost envision my stepdad, Gray on the other side of the wall where I had been eavesdropping, running his hand through his thick red hair, frustrated by mum’s concern. My family was not the most conventional. My entire family, barring my grandparents are all hybrids. My mother had been deemed to be too strong willed and seeing as she had the potential to be a highly dangerous Siren-wolf, was blessed with two mates to keep her grounded. My brother, Skoll and I are twins, but biologically we do not share a father, this, however doesn’t stop Gray being any less of a dad to me than my own father, Lycus. “Look at the powers they hold between them…” My dad started to list all of our powers. “Skoll can order the submittance of any wolf he meets and they have no choice but to obey. Reagan has the ability to control the elements. Forrest’s strength is beyond any I have ever seen before. We’ve all seen what Sage can do and Cyan, even though his power may not be the most advantageous in battle, he is the most skilled and strategical fighter out of them all.” I noticed the smug grin that formed on my brother’s face at the mention of his name and rolled my eyes, always the egotistical teenage boy. “Hmm…I don’t really get a say in this do I?” My mother said, sounding defeated. “Of course you get a say, you are their mother.” “And who will be heading the expedition?” My mother asked. “Alex will be leading and Terry will be in attendance. And you know that neither of them would allow a thing to happen to any of the boys.” I couldn’t hear anything more, but I could imagine my mother nodding her head. My father always did have a way to make her see the reason to any affair she was hesitant on agreeing to.     There was a knock on the access door to our apartment. Aunt Zelenia greeted me with a smile, Selena standing behind her with her arms crossed and a large, resentful frown on her face. People often compared myself and my dad, commenting on how similar we looked, but the resemblance between my aunt and cousin was uncanny. They both shared the same bright blue eyes and even the tone of their golden hair was identical, the only exception was the fact that my aunt would never scowl so sulkily as Selena was doing right now. “Is my brother in sweetie?” Zelenia asked softly. She smiled and stepped over the threshold as I held the door open wider, followed by the brooding Selena. It had been three hours since the announcement had been made, that the younger males of the royal family will be going on a journey in search of rogues. What none of us had expected was Selena’s very vocal outburst. No one even considered she might want to attend, she always seemed to enjoy the life of the spoilt little princess, in no way could I even imagine her sleeping in a tent and forgoing her lavish lifestyle. My aunt and cousin followed me through the apartment as I guided them towards my dad’s study. Reaching the heavy oak door, I knocked and waited for his acknowledgement. I opened the door to the room and my dad’s head slowly rose, his eyes peering over the frames of the glasses that sat on the end of his nose, where they had slid from the bridge. He was sitting at his desk with a book splayed out on the desk in front of him. The sun from the window behind him, was shining on to his head and causing the few silver strands that had emerged to stand out against his natural blonde. “Zel? What can I do for you?” My dad eyed his sister’s apologetic grin suspiciously. “Well…Selena here, has a question to ask you, Ly.” My aunt announced, pushing Selena towards the desk. “Um…Hi, uncle Ly…I..um…I…” Selena, for once in her life was lost for words. “Go ahead Selena…” By the smirk on my father’s face, I knew he was enjoying seeing this, unusually nervous side of his niece. “Well, I just think…I thought it was unfair…” She started, before pausing to inhale deeply. “Can I go on the expedition too?” She blurted out suddenly, surprising both myself and my father. “You know you won’t be staying in five star hotels and there won’t be electricity or hot water from a tap?” He spoke, to which she nodded. “And once the search has begun, there will not be any turning back?” She nodded again. “Once I have sent the party out to investigate the situation, I will not have the resources to come and fetch you?” “I will be able to handle it uncle Ly…” She whined. “I’m not a spoilt little girl anymore, I can go without the extravagant life for a few months.” My aunt gave a sarcastic chuckle, before clearing her throat. “It’s not just going to be going without the extravagant luxuries, you will have to travel through every possible weather condition, you will have to bathe in cold streams and lakes, you will be eating whatever the warriors manage to catch and it will not be made into a gourmet meal for you. You will have to adhere to everything, and I mean EVERYTHING your father and Terry tell you to do, if they tell you to roll around in excrement to cover your scent you will be expected to follow the instruction without argument.” My aunt said with a raised brow and received a nod from her determined daughter. “What do you think Zel?” My dad looked at his sister. “I’m obviously not happy about the idea, I’m not happy that any of them are going, but I trust Alex will keep her safe. I just fear that she is too head strong to obey any orders given to her.” She voiced her concerns, acting as if Selena wasn’t standing right beside her. “I will…I promise I will. Please mum…” Selena begged with big, pleading eyes. “Well, if your mother here, agrees, I see no problem in you going, but understand this Selena…” My father looked at her sternly. “If I hear of any spoilt or bratty behaviour you will be punished severely on your return.” “Yes uncle Ly.” She nodded with an excited grin. “And I don’t mean a month’s grounding…I mean you will be working with the maids for a year. Cleaning, serving, scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees. Do you understand me?” “Yes uncle Lycus. Thank you, I won’t misbehave, I promise.” She said cheerily, practically bouncing on her spot. I rolled my eyes and left the room. Once again, princess Selena had got her own way.                              

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