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weak to strong

After getting cheated on by her billionaire husband, she had the power to give him his KARMA.

What would happen if the one they thought was dead was still alive and had a vengeance behind her cape? Would she learn to forgive her cheating husband, or would she do anything to make him suffer through her ways?

“It looks like I am on this freaking battlefield, but I'm not fighting for you; I am fighting for justice. I am fighting to get my vengeance on all of you. I am not the weak woman you cheated on.”

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Chapter 1: Pregnant
“Your husband's cheating on you.” My body stilled, processing what I read from the anonymous text I had received as I removed the apron from my waist. My eyes glanced at the clock, and I saw it was almost past midnight, but Arthur wasn't yet home. As I swallowed hard, my hand instantly deleted the message because I always received this kind of message to taint my marriage with him. Arthur wasn't the type of man who would cheat on me, even though we were married for almost three years after my sister, Jasmine, eloped with his boyfriend. My parents didn't have a choice but to choose me as the substitute bride for him. He didn't protest, signed our marriage certificate, and brought me to his mother's house because he had some business errands to run. However, he did everything to visit me whenever he went to his mother's place and ensured I would have some gifts whenever it was our anniversary. The truth is, I had some news for him, and I hoped he would be happy once I announced my surprising news for him. “Tiffany, why are you still awake? Did you forget you have some housework that needs to be finished tomorrow?” I was startled when I heard Elena speak behind me. Her forehead creased as she smugly glared at me when she saw a lot of food on the table. “I won't allow you to cook some extravagant meals! Didn't I tell you to ask for my permission whenever you cook something for yourself?” she snapped. “Mom, I prepared this for Arthur because tonight is our third-year anniversary.” I murmured, and it sounded like I was in pain because she still treated me like I was the sort of trash she wanted to get rid of. “Gold digger, are you an i***t? Did you think Arthur would be back here? He's happy with Jasmine right now.” She sarcastically responded. I was stunned by what I had heard from her mouth. My tears formed in my eyes as I placed my hands on my chest. “You're a useless woman my son's needs to marry. You can't even give me a grandchild! That's your only purpose, yet you failed. Good thing Arthur will dispose of you and might divorce you---” “What did you mean?” “Shut up; don't cut my words. You played with us big time; you aren't the legitimate daughter of the Sharsmith family, but an orphan. That's the reason why he doesn't come back here: he's preparing the divorce papers. I want you to sign them immediately and leave my house. Don't you ever steal anything from me because I will ask the police to accompany you from leaving?” She angrily reprimanded. She turned her back on me with a big smile on her face, like she was delighted to get rid of me. I couldn't understand what was happening or what made me more confused. I didn't know Jasmine came back after she escaped with her boyfriend. My parents didn't bother to inform me about the sudden news because they might think I didn't deserve to know. As my hands shook aggressively, I managed to dial Arthur's number, but he didn't answer me like he always did to me. Gasping to breathe some air, my body slumped on the floor when my tears continued flowing down from my cheeks. s**t. I continued calling Arthur's number, but after my fifth attempt, he shut down his phone, which broke my heart into tiny pieces. “Jasmine...” I called her because she seemed preoccupied with her phone. She giggled and pointed to the vacant seat in front of her. My lips were in a thin line, so I coughed to get her attention. She irritablely glanced in my direction before she acted surprised, concealing how happy she was because of my miserable state. “Oh, it seems you already know what's happening around you. Tiffany, you're my sister, but did you think you could easily steal everything from me?” she uttered, flashing her evil smirk before she put her phone back in her expensive bag. “I'm already back. Arthur kept chasing me, like he didn't want me to leave him again. I thought you would satisfy him, especially in bed.” “Jasmine, what are you saying? I don't steal anything from you---” “I'm pregnant,” she said, interrupting me from talking. She laughed with mockery as she tilted her head to see if I already heard her clearly: “I don't want to stay long here because to think I was breathing the same air with you, makes me want to hang myself.“ “Pregnant? Congratulations, then.” “I've been f*****g with Arthur since college. Did you finally understand why he wants me badly enough to marry him? We are at the same university, so it means you are already aware we have a relationship. Since he married you, he hasn't stopped pursuing me, and promise me he will break your heart like what I want.” Jasmine said, insulting me in the best possible way. She barked a laugh, took something from her bag, and put the ultrasound copy on the table. “Since we're still sisters, I don't want you to hear this news in others mouths. I want to tell you this personally,” she added, like she was proud of how she f****d my husband behind my back. As I took the ultrasound, I saw a tiny circle and Jasmine's full name. She was six weeks pregnant, and I remembered Arthur going back to his mother's house with the smell of Jasmine's scent. Elena even mocked me when I told her about it, which made me realise she already knew about Jasmine and Arthur's affair. “I won't ever believe this crap. Jasmine, you can easily fake the ultrasound---” “But not his penmanship. He's the one who signed the papers as the father of my baby.” She slammed the papers she was referring to, so I snatched them fast. I took a deep breath when I saw she was telling me the truth: Arthur was signed as the father of her child. “B...Bitch.” I huffed as I angrily glared at her. I hoped I could strangle her, and I slapped her multiple times until the anger in my chest faded. “Tiffany, you can't get anything from me. You're only an orphan, and I ensure they will know about it. Like what you're doing, be an obedient child and divorce him.” “What if I don't want to? Jasmine, I know how cunning you are, and you might be playing games with me right now.” I shouted, and my cheeks rose when the attention of the customers was directed to me. I gnashed my teeth and looked at her, even though my vision was blurry because the tears continued coming out of my eyes. “This is part of your game again. I won't ever believe in you because you're manipulative.” “I know you don't want to believe me, so if you want...” She placed a black card, and that broke my heart when I noticed it was the black card I always see in Arthur's clothes. “You can visit me where he rented a presidential suit for me. Arthur and I are in our honeymoon phase, and please, if you see me f*****g with him, don't ever disturb us.” She left me as I burst into tears harder. She was only lying. I became hesitant if I would do what she asked, but since I wanted to know the truth and have some peace, I was willing to take a risk. “U-Ugh, Arthur! Oh! F-Faster!” Jasmine moans and welcomes me as I open the door. I strolled towards the room where they were having s*x, and was stunned when I saw a man, the same size as Arthur's body, thrusting his c**k inside her. My eyes widened in horror as I turned around to hide from them when Jasmine smirked at me. My hands covered my mouth, concealing my sobs that were about to come out. “Arthur, honey, you will divorce Tiffany, right?” “Yes, I am. I will ask her to sign the divorce paper tonight.” Arthur said. I was sure it was him because I knew what his tone sounded like. Jasmine giggled, continued grunting, and begged him to give him a full-blast stroke. It was disgusting to hear how their nasty parts poked around, creating some sounds in my head. “Ugh, Arthur, you have such a long d**k. It's cute to see a mole on your dick.” As Jasmine muttered those words, my stomach grumbled, making me rush towards the sink and vomit. It was truly Arthur because I was the only one who knew about his mole. “You will always have my c**k after I divorce her. I don't like her, and you know that I only want you. I don't have a choice but to marry her, so you will be back in my arms again.” I couldn't bear what I had heard anymore, I rushed towards the door and exited their disgusting room. My heart continued hyperventilating, making me unable to breathe properly anymore. Arthur broke my heart after I trusted him and became loyal to him. I wanted to slap him, but I might waste my energy doing it. As my vision became fuzzy, I came out of the hotel and cried harder while I passed the road. My phone vibrated, and it was Arthur. As I tapped the answer button, I heard a loud buzz from the car before my body slumped, rolled, and dropped to the ground. “Miss!” I heard a man shout, gently tapping my cheeks, as my vision started to turn pitch black. “M-My b-baby...” hoarsely stammerred, and forced myself to manage myself from talking. “H-Help...” I couldn't move my body, even though I attempted to raise my hand to check my stomach. Fear rushed into my system, hoping the baby would stay with me even though Arthur might divorce me. As I coughed, a spat of blood came out of my lips before I passed out.

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