My Best Friend & I

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Liam and Lucas have been best friends since they were 6 years old. they are even called the "L power twins". They love cycling as much as they love each other. They are inseparable. When Liam suddenly starts to feel attracted to Lucas, he is confused. neither he nor Lucas was gay. in fact, they had already proved that they liked women a lot, so what was that strange attraction that Liam felt?

Everything starts to get worse, when on a training day, they fall down a ravine, and are forced to talk.

how's Liam going to hide what's going on in his head from Lucas now?

And what is Lucas hiding from him.

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Chapter 1
Lucas and I met in elementary school. We were both 6 years old and crying because our parents had abandoned us with a woman who looked like something out of a horror movie. We connected right away, and have been each other's backbone and support ever since. We did a lot of s**t together, like any kid that age, and our parents ended up creating bonds of great friendship on our account. They called us the "L power twins", because in addition to being inseparable, we had the same initials, and together, we were a force that no one could beat. By the way, my name is Liam. We were always in the same class, until we finished high school, and it didn't surprise anyone when, at 19, we were at the same university, on the same course and in the same apartment. Both of us are the stereotype of bros who, in addition to running after girls, run after victories. We're both cyclists, and I can brag, we're some of the best. Cycling started as a hobby, competing with school friends, but quickly, for the "twins", it became an addiction. Our personal training sessions were always intense, and after, we trained with the team. Yes, my college has cycling, and we are both co-captains of the team. During high school, we were the best in the youth cycling category in the US. Now, the coach had high hopes that we would be invited to join the US national team next year and represent the country in the Tour de France. Deep down, what matters is that we spent most of the day with the ass in the saddle, training side by side. I'm not sure how it all started, but one day, when we stopped by a fountain to fill our water bottles, Lucas takes off his shirt to cool off, and I found myself looking at his perfect body. I looked away, and he didn't notice, but I thought about it for a long time. We shower together many times, even now in college. It's faster and we're both men. There's no part of Lucas's body I don't know, and he knows all of my skin. Because I know Lucas's naked body so well, the fact that I was stuck on his sweaty chest left me confused. I wasn't gay. Neither does he. In fact, if there was a guarantee that none of us had such inclinations, it was the women we had shared in life. Neither of us was ever tempted to jump on the other when we were both screwing the same woman. So what is happening to me? For several weeks, I decided to pretend that nothing was going on, but it was getting hard to hide the boner I earned every time he passed in front of me with a bare torso. Bathing together with him is over. How was I to explain that my d**k rose without my order or consent? Lucas was surprised, but chose to ignore the fact, which I thank heavens for. Everything got weirder when, one weekend, we were challenged by some friends to go camping in the mountains. They took their girlfriends, and we took the girls we were with at that time. When we arrived, we set up the tents and built a fire. It didn't take long for the "L-power twins" to pick up the bikes. No one was surprised, everything was perfectly normal. We entered a secondary road and pedaled up the mountain until we felt the muscles in our legs scream. Then we stopped to rest before heading back. Lucas, took off his shirt and sat on the floor panting. Take the bottle, drink and pour part over his hair, letting the water run down his face, chest muscles and 6-pack. I couldn't take my eyes off Lucas's abs, which moved as he breathed. The water running over him mesmerized me, and I licked my lower lip, imagining myself drinking that water while tasting his skin. I see Lucas look at me, and I looked away. - Let's go back? The girls are waiting. I tell him, and he nods. He puts on the sweaty sweater and, again, the two of us go down the mountain, to the camp. When we arrived, everyone was bathing in the river, and we, taking off our helmets and lumbar support, threw ourselves among them. When we take off our clothes, we wash the suits and hang them on a tree. Everything was still normal, and when sleep attacked us, each couple went to their tent, and we quickly began to hear that everyone was doing something different from sleeping. My girl of the moment was hot, and she liked s*x as much as I do, so when I finally fell asleep, it was already 3am. The weekend flew by, and when we got back home, I got even weirder. - Did I do something to upset you? - Lucas asked me suddenly, when I was making dinner. - No, why do you ask? - I said, looking him in the eyes, because I didn't want to look anywhere else. - I don't know. You've been weird with me these last few weeks. - It's just tiredness. – I said, laughing and turning my eyes to the pan where the spaghetti sauce was stirring. That would be our dinner. He approaches me and leaning against my back, he looks over my shoulder and says: - How long does it take to be ready? I'm starving and it smells so good. I was distracted by the smell of his perfume, and the feeling his c**k pressed against my ass gave me. I immediately felt a boner being born, and I didn't know how I would manage without him noticing. With my elbow, I hit him in the stomach, making him whimper, and I said: - You're always hungry. Drain the pasta that is ready and set the table. Dinner is almost ready. He chuckles and does as I say, and I let out the breath I've been holding. I leaned my c**k against the kitchen counter, hoping that the cold contact would make it lower, but the sound of Lucas humming, kept the feeling of having him against my back, very present in my mind. Taking advantage of the fact that his back was turned, I poured the sauce over the pasta and placed the platter in the center of the table, sitting down immediately. Lucas looked down at the table and grimly. He pulls up a chair, sits down and helps himself, starting to eat right away. I laugh at his sweetness, but I copy him. Thank goodness my c**k falls asleep, and when we're done eating, I can get up and put the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. - You cook, I'll wash – Lucas says, immediately getting to work. I'll clean up the kitchen, and I'll sit in the living room and watch TV while I drink a beer. A little later, Lucas lands next to me, sipping one too. - Bro, I love your spaghetti. I was able to eat it every day. - he says satisfied. - You say that about everything I cook – I reply laughing. - True. I hope my future wife cooks as much as you do. I'm not used to it. I laughed and handed him the remote to choose a channel. But 5 minutes later, we ended up falling asleep on the couch. When I opened my eyes, Lucas was sprawled on the couch, his head in my lap. I took the bottle from his hand and put it next to mine on the side table. I put my hand on his shoulder to wake him up, but before I touched him, I stopped. He felt like a sleeping god in my lap, and I wanted to know how smooth or rough his skin was. Losing the battle against my strength, I ran my fingers over his face, and I felt sparks run through my body from the contact. My fingers brush over his ear, small and perfect, and brush the black hair that falls into his eyes. My fingers ran over his perfectly natural eyebrows, and then his lashed eyes. Finally, my fingers reached the place I most wanted to touch, his beautiful full pink lips, half open, which let out a small snore, so soft and low, it was nothing more than a deeper breath. I got lost running my fingers over her soft lips. I don't know how long I stared at his lips and caressed them, but when I looked up, I almost jumped. Lucas had his big green eyes open looking at me and his gaze was expressionless. I stopped, pulling him to his feet. I say goodnight and get up to go to bed, but Lucas grabs me by the wrist. - Wait, do we need to talk? - Talk about what? - I asked, making a fool of myself. - What just happened? - he says - Nothing special happened. I didn't want to wake you up and ended up playing with your face. But now you're awake, I'm going to bed. - I said with a laugh. - Crazy guy – Lucas answers me and goes to his room. I go into my room and throw myself on the bed. - i***t. What's wrong with you? You are not gay. You're not attracted to other men, you've known Lucas for 13 years. Why, all of a sudden, you have these images in your head. Why does he give you a boner every time he approaches? It can't be lack of s*x, because last night I f****d Linda's brains off. I must be getting sick. I need to switch girls. I rolled a lot in bed, unable to sleep, so at 5 am, I took a shower, put on my gear and rode my bike for a few miles. When I got home, at 8 am, Lucas was making breakfast and he didn't look happy. - Good morning. - I told him. - I'm going to take a shower, I'll be right back." In response, I got a sound that looked like a mix between a grunt and a "go f**k yourself". I shrugged my shoulders and went to shower. I put on the clothes I had prepared for the classes and went to sit at the table and eat the toast, scrambled eggs and coffee that Lucas had made. He was truly angry. Was that about what happened yesterday? - Lucas, I'm sorry. - I said, without looking at him. - I think it's good that you apologize. How many years have we known each other? - Almost 14. - I answered him with my head down. This was going to hurt. He thinks I'm hitting on him. - Almost 14. And in those almost 14 years, how many times did you go cycling without me? What? Was that what was pissing him? -Lucas, I couldn't sleep well. I went cycling at 5 am. I wasn't going to wake you up to come with me. - Why not? I could go or not go, but you should have woken me up. You're acting strangely, and this is the last straw. I do not know what's happening. You're avoiding me, but for the sake of our friendship, I think it's good that you think about it and tell me the truth. I was open-mouthed and did not know what to say. “Look, I have erotic thoughts every time I see you. I even get a boner”. I had a hunch that the sentence wouldn't solve anything. - Sorry, it won't happen again. And I'm not weird. Everything is fine. You are my bro. Lucas scoffs and gets up. - I'm walking to class. You cleaned up the kitchen, since I've cooked. This was his revenge? I had to laugh. The worst thing is that he messed up the whole kitchen and half the dishes, just to make toast. I sigh and get my hands dirty.

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