Monster Girls All Want to Eat Me

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I always know there are monsters on the Earth.

When I was seven, I found I had a great attraction to monsters... especially the monster girls.

It could have been good until I realize they just want to eat me.

But... never mind, they are all so cute.

They won't eat their boyfriend, right?


Attention please: It is a MTL novel and we proofread the beginning part.

Release rate: 5 chapters per week

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1 Monsters alwasy want to eat me
White clouds strolling in the sky, thin willows swaying in the wind, it's a peaceful old town. A young man in white is sorting a small vegetable plot in his yard, where a row of red peppers is planted. After pouring the water, Mu Xiaobai couldn't help but stretched his waist. It was rare for him to have free time on weekends. Just as he was thinking about where he was going in the afternoon, there was a hurried knock on the door outside. Door sound. "Is anyone? I twisted my foot when I was running! Can you come out and help me?!" The voice of the girl like an oriole was mixed with a hint of anxiety. Mu Xiaobai heard this and said lazily: "Oh, wait, wait until I finish pouring the plants..." At the door, a girl in a white skirt sat down, reaching out her hand to cover her a little red and swollen ankle. Her face became stiff when she heard this. She looked at the closed door, she couldn't help cursing him in mind, "Bastard, how cold you are! There is a girl who twisted her feet! After being ignored for almost ten minutes, she finally saw the tightly closed door open and a handsome teenager came out. Mu Xiaobai walked out with a puzzled expression, his eyes fell on the girl in the white skirt in front of him, and he couldn't help but stunned. This is a beautiful girl with a slender figure in sportswear. She fell to the gate, frowning, biting her teeth, and reaching out to cover her ankles. A piece of white and tender calf appeared, looking a little red and swollen. The girl in the white skirt breathed a sigh of relief, staring at Mu Xiaobai in front of her, stood up with some difficulty, and said softly: "My leg is twisted, can you help me..." Before ending the words, the girl in the white skirt was unstable and leaned forward, just leaning toward the boy's arms, but he subconsciously moved a step aside. Bump!! The girl in the white skirt just leaned towards the iron gate behind the boy. Her cute forehead came into close contact with the hard iron gate, and a red mark appeared on her face. There was a trace of astonishment on her face. She would not have thought the young man in front of her turned away! ! She cursed the boy again in mind. Silent for a while, she finally calmed down. Mu Xiaobai was a little embarrassed by the look in her eyes, and he chuckled, then calmly said: "Hey, we are not familiar, don't you need to be like this?!" The girl in the white skirt looked at the boy with a serious face in front of her, her eyes twitching. How did he treat a wounded person? An expression of anger quickly appeared on her face, staring at the young man in front of her, and speaking in anger. "Hey, I twisted my ankle, don't you have the slightest sympathy? Can't you help me first?!" As she said, the girl quietly lifted her skirts, revealing her smooth calf, pointing to the red and swollen spot on it, which was particularly obvious. Matching that beautiful face, she looked particularly lovely. Seeing this, Mu Xiaobai showed a look of helplessness on his face: "I'm sorry, although I want to help you very much, I don't know how to do..." The girl in the white skirt looked at the innocent look of the boy in front of her, she couldn't help gritting her teeth with anger. She had never seen such a nerd before. How could he refuse to help her, a beautiful lady? Is he a gay? Although the girl in the white skirt wished to beat up the boy in front of her, after taking a deep breath, she endured it and squeezed out a smile: "My leg hurts, so please let me into your house and let me rest for a while..." A hint of hesitation appeared on Mu Xiaobai's face. The girl in the white skirt saw this and took a step forward, and because of the pain, she fell forward with an ‘Oh’, and panic appeared on her face. Before Mu Xiaobai could react, she suddenly reached out and grabbed his clothes, and hugged his waist in a panic, with a touch of paint on her face. "Oh, thank you for helping me." "What a coincident, huh?" Mu Xiaobai smiled and looked at the girl in a white dress in front of her. She ignored his words and spoke quietly. "Can you hold me in? My leg hurts so badly that I can’t walk." Mu Xiaobai couldn't bear to see the frowning brows of the girl in the white skirt in front of him. Hesitated for a moment, and he agreed. He stretched out his hand and picked up the girl in front of him. Her soft and elastic body quickens his heartbeat. Carrying the girl in the white skirt back onto the reclining chair in the yard, Mu Xiaobai found depressingly that she had no intention of letting go. Feeling the young girl's elastic body, he coughed lightly to remind the girl: "Well, do you let go of your hand first? If you don't let go, how can I heal for you?!" "Don't worry, I have something to tell you..." When Mu Xiaobai heard this, a strange expression appeared on his face: "Wait, don't you want to tell me that you like me?!" The girl in the white skirt chuckled softly when she heard the words. She put her chin on the young man’s shoulder and leaned to his ear. She breathed with sharp teeth at the corners of her lips, aiming at the young white neck. "Yes, but more than like... I want to eat you..." The wicked spirit surged, and there was a long and thin hairy tail under the girl's skirt, and her fingers became sharp. She grabbed the boy and gnawed at his neck. Mu Xiaobai noticed the girl's actions. His face was calm, and a weird smile appeared. The girl bit him fiercely, but instead of biting the boy's neck, she bit a red and purple pepper instead, she couldn't help but stunned. Before she could react, the latter grinned at her, and with a slight force in his hand, the red and purple pepper was stuffed into the girl's mouth. "I know you want to eat me, but it hurts to be bitten, so I ask you to eat devil pepper. No need to thank me." The next moment, the juice of the pepper flowed into the girl's mouth, and the spicy and irritating sensation suddenly changed her cute face. She felt like a flame in her mouth. The spicy and irritating made her tears. She didn't care about the boy in front of her, and directly spit out the chili pepper in her mouth, fanning her mouth. "Woo... spicy! It's so spicy!!" The taste of the spicy made her jump up with tears streaming down from her eyes. She ran on the open space in the yard. When Mu Xiaobai saw this, the smile on the corners of her mouth became even brighter, and she smiled and said, "Hey, I think you have good legs and feet, so you don't need my help..." The girl in the white skirt burst into tears, rushed over, grabbed the corner of his clothes, and swayed vigorously: "Water! I want water! It's so spicy!!" Mu Xiaobai silently stretched out his finger to the table next to him, and there was a glass of water on it. The girl in the white dress didn't even think about it, she rushed in, picked up the teacup and poured it into her mouth. "Wait, that's hot water..." Before Mu Xiaobai finished his words, the girl in the white skirt let out a scream, and the tea cup in her hand fell to the ground. She rushed out the door as if burned by fire. When Mu Xiaobai saw this, he couldn't help but sighed and looked up at the blue sky: "There are always monsters who want to eat me. The IQ of the monsters these years is not good. I can solve them easily. I even can't to count the exact number of the monsters..." Mu Xiaobai's body was very attractive for monsters. Since the age of seven, monsters have wanted to eat him. Ordinary people may not be able to meet a monster in a lifetime, but he could meet monters more than ten times as many as them. He stretched out his hand unhurriedly and took out a palm-sized scroll from his pocket, picked up a pen and added a note on it—'March 3, I came across the nineteenth monster who wanted to eat me.' Satisfied with adding a full stop to the scroll, Mu Xiaobai put it away, tidyed up the clothes that were a little wrinkled by the monster girl, lay in the recliner in the yard, and stretched out lazily. With a lazy look on his waist, he took out a banana from his pocket and slowly picked the banana peel. "Today's weather is really good. It's rare that the school is closed on weekends. Why don't I go fishing?" Just as he was talking to himself there, the monster girl ran back murderously and saw Mu Xiaobai who was eating bananas leisurely there. She was so angry that she rushed towards the boy viciously with her sharp claws. "Damn human beings, dare to plot against me! Taste my claw!!" Mu Xiaobai looked at the certain girl who rushed towards him and calmly threw out the banana peel in his hand. The monster girl who was running wild stepped on the banana peel slipped her footsteps and fell to the ground, and her face came into close contact with the ground. Mu Xiaobai said apologetically: "I'm very sorry, I didn't mean it, who knew you would step on the banana peel I threw, I'm so sorry..." The monster girl listened to Mu Xiaobai’s insincere apology and stretched out her hand to rub her face that was in touch with the ground. Thinking about what she had encountered before, she felt extremely wronged. After so many years, this is the first time she have encountered such a sad thing. Suddenly, emotionally, she actually cried. "Uuuuu...you bullied me! You bastard! You actually bullied me such a little girl!!"

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