The Ryland Boys


The Ryland family is filled with only the greatest, so they only hire the greatest.

When Norah Brooks gets the job to be Lucas Rylands nanny, she learns quick that the job comes with more than just a lavish paycheck.

Lucas is the youngest, the 'mistake' of one of the wealthiest families in their city. There's three others brothers that Norah begins to get wrapped up with, Jax the professional fighter, Carter the navy seal and the flirtatious Mason, the sexy college basketball player.

Some would say she has the dream job, she would say it's a living hell trying not to lose her job to one of their handsome smirks.

Those Damn Ryland Boys


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Chapter 1: The Worst & The Sexiest
Lifting my hand over my head in a frustrated move, I eyed my stupid key. "s**t" I muttered forcing my mind to calm itself before I beat the door down for stressing me out. A simple "f**k you lock!" And an agitated flip off, I suddenly felt a bit better. Reaching into the lock, I attempted to pull it out using my nails but no luck, It's really stuck in there. I can't believe I broke the key in the lock. Only I could do something so f*****g stupid. Moms going to have a huge b***h fit. Bending down, the sound of a loud rip tortured my mind, as if this wasn't already a shitty morning. God damn Reptar died, then Cheshire ate his dead body and now my pants ripped?! Fuck. Running a hand over my torn pants I let out a frustrated cry and stood stomping my foot once before I looked to my watch. Oh I'm so late, I don't have time to stand and cry either, they're not going to hire me for s**t! Hurrying to my car, I turned it on and put in the directions driving off to the place I'll hopefully be spending all summer. All my friends got to go on trips, they're traveling the states, visiting Rome, Spain and Jamaica, that's because their parents could afford it. My mom on the other hand, can't. Therefore, I'm stuck picking up a job to make sure I can help pay for everything and even save up for my first trip out of the state! Backing out, I headed down the street accidentally running a light and because of my luck, I got pulled over. My first ticket I've ever received in my life and I get it today. Of all the days! Seriously God?! Seriously?! After getting all red lights, thanks to Gods infatuation with making this day horrible, I finally pulled up to the stunning mansion. I mean this house was four times the size of my own. "Holy shit." I muttered while pulling up to the driveway and eyeing the stones that built up the outer layer of the work of art they call a home. Turning the car off, I got out and a man in a suit held his hand out. He seemed unamused by my looks and c****d an eyebrow at me waiting. I stared at him confused, maybe he wants a form of identification? "Keys." He said calmly and annoyed. Oh right, well yeah I guess rich people have that crap. "Oh!" I replied handing him the keys to my old Volkswagen Bug before he gestured for me to go inside the home. I wasn't sure if I wanted to cry or yell, but I knew a lot of emotion was bottled up in me right now. I hurried to the door realizing the longer I take the later I am. I can't afford to be late, hell no. As the doors opened, yes, doors, plural, another suited man walked me into the home and down a hall to a room. He pushed the door open and gestured for me to go inside the gorgeous office. Going inside and admiring the tall windows, I jumped as he shut the door behind me and I looked to it feeling my anxiety spike. Yeah, just lock me alone in a room, god this could be a trap. They could be rich from selling girls over countries, or they could- Oh! A mirror! Running over to the mirror quickly, I turned and eyed the rip on my pants. It was a strong and wide split on my ass, so unfair. Running a hand over my dark blue underwear showing through, I eyed it "At least they're a cute pair." I said attempting to lighten up my own mood. Some days you have to be your own shoulder to cry on, your own hype man and your own therapist too. "Have them send the other, I am a very punctual-" the woman's voice cut off and I looked to the door with widened eyes. My hand still on my hips with my torn pants facing the mirror. I've been caught, and by the look of her eyes moving to the mirror behind me I know she definitely just saw my damn underwear. Fuck! I nervously walked from the mirror to her holding my hand out "Hi, I'm Norah Brooks." I said watching as she c****d a light eyebrow over me before ignoring my handshake and heading to the desk in a snobbish way. God, are all rich woman this bitchy? I mean come on, I'm human too I just don't bathe in my money. I nervously looked to the door to see a man walk in, he was an older man with black and grey peppered hair. A handsome old man none the less, definitely somewhere in his fifties. He smiled at me and held a hand out shocking me a bit, I shook it "Benson Ryland." He said politely. Damn, he should teach her some manners. I dropped my hand and watched as he sat in a chair beside the desk. Oh, so he must be her b***h. Okay now that makes sense. Taking a seat, the woman eyed me carefully "I've got over thirty applications for a babysitter. You understand that you are the only one that I am in absolute disbelief of?" She said calmly as she leaned back in her chair. I ran my hand through my hair "I haven't had the best morning, I'm sorry. Really, I am a great babysitter and I'm very flexible on timing. You could call me at two in the morning and I'll drive down here to watch him." I said hoping that would give me some lever on the others. She smirked "That's if you even get here in time. You're aware that you are twenty minutes late. Yes?" She asked leaning forward and lighting a smoke. She's a smoker and yet she doesn't have a single wrinkle, or even a pimple. Must be nice to be rich, to have enough to make that just go away. I nodded as I watched her wrinkleless and ageless looking face. As she took a drag of the cigarette, I learned a lot about her, she probably talks a lot, has a stress level of eight thousand and uses her words to hurt people. (Freud's Psychosexual Theory. Oral stage.) She looked to her watch "You've got two minutes, explain your excuses." She said sitting back and staring at me with her crazy green eyes. Swallowing my fear, I began "I had a pet gecko, he died this morning. His name was Reptar." I regretted saying the name immediately, but if she wants to know my morning, I'll tell it all. "Well after he died, I went to toss him out, but the cat ate him. So I sat trying to look up if she was going to die from salmonella poisoning, because their skin is covered in salmonella. The geckos, not the cats. Well turns out she won't, but I should watch her. Then I made some coffee and poured it into my mug but the mug was cold so it just cracked and spilt all over my shirt. So I ran upstairs to grab a blazer, then I hurried out the door and my key broke in the door lock, then I leaned down and tore my pants, got a ticket on my way here and then I showed up." I said thoughtfully as I wondered if I missed anything. Benson began laughing and leaned forward covering his mouth as he stared at me shaking his head. The woman stared at him before she sighed and gestured for me to stand "Show me your shirt." She said. Oh god, I stared at her a bit uncomfortable but as she lifted an eyebrow, I unbuttoned the blazer and showed the coffee stain on my white button up. She waved a hand to have me close it back, and I gladly did. Benson was still laughing and then looked to the woman "Alison, she has had the worst day of her life." He said shaking his head and wiping tears from his eyes. Definitely not the worst, actually if we're being specific, April eighteenth three years ago was the worst day of my life. I sighed lightly and looked to Alison, she pursed her lips "Although your arrival was insanely inappropriate, I have seen your proof of excuse and so I'll let this one time pass. Come meet my son. If he likes you I'll keep you in mind." She said walking me out down a hall to a backyard? We headed outside and I watched her pull on a pair of sunglasses that looked more expensive than my home, before she sat in a chair under an umbrella that also looked more expensive than my home. I looked around the backyard, like a person on a safari hunt searching for the wild animal, I was searching for a tiny demon. Only my eyes caught on a different form of interest, three guys stood at a basketball court running and tossing the ball in. I realized the longer I stood, that they played for the state nationals, I could never remember their names but I know I've been to at least six games with Amanda. (Huge basketball fan) Focus Norah. Turning, I walked to the playground and climbed up the stairs to see the young boy wearing an astronaut helmet and outfit. He seemed like he was going to be trouble, you can usually tell by the things they choose to wear. "Who are you?" He asked looking at me in suspicion before eyeing his mom who casually sat at the lounge chair. I watched him hold the steering wheel as he eyed me with his judgy eyes, he's his mothers son alright. Giving him an evil look, I smirked "I'm an alien! Here to take over your space ship and seize your planet!" I said watching him scream and grab the foam bat hitting me. Okay ouch! I laughed and laid onto the floor of the second story. "Ah! Oh god! The pain!" I said holding my stomach. Maybe I'll just play dead, he might actually stop beating me up. He hit me a few more times before pulling out a toy gun "I'm the greatest astronaut in this universe! You can not defeat me!" He said pulling the trigger. It made a loud futuristic shooting sound and I played dead. The kid pushed my side, without even moving me an inch with his wimpy arms and I looked up at him "Need help? I'm kind of heavy." I whispered. He nodded and furrowed his eyebrows "Gotta push you out the ship." He said pointing to the slide while still trying to push me. "Oh, right of course." I wiggled toward the slide and pushed myself backwards down the slide, oh that's making me dizzy. Slowly lowering myself to the floor, I sat and stared up at him, he lifted a handmade flag and waved it. "I hereby state I am the killer of all aliens! None shall pass!" He shouted to everyone catching the attention of the guys on the basketball court. I laughed and as he stood on the edge of the playground, he began climbing up the top tower, now I don't mean he climbed it safely and it was supposed to be climbed up on. But he climbed on the damn part that has NO safety. I'm sure somewhere on this playground there's a sticker that says not to do what he's doing. Slowly walking over to him trying not to spook the i***t or get him to fall, I smiled up at him "Hey kid, you're going to fall and break a bone. I'm telling you now that broken bones do not feel good at all. Trust me, I've broken almost all the bones in my body!" I called up to him. He scowled at me "Astronauts don't break bones, we have no space." He said confidently. My brain racked the term space, I think he means no gravity. I nodded "Right, well that's actually only on the moon, Mars and Venus. We're on Earth. Earth has gravity-space." I said correcting myself in the end and trying to gain his trust. He gave me a long stare and then went to scoot down. Damn he actually listened, maybe he won't be such a pain in the ass. Of course that's saying I even get the damn job. I watched him slowly moved down but when he missed a footing and came falling right toward me, I jumped up grabbing the bars and pulling myself to the second story. Leaning over the bars, I caught him pulling him to my chest and holding him before I fell. I landed onto my back in the stupid wood chips and the kid was laying on my chest. Opening my eyes, I looked down at the kid "You okay?" I asked him checking his face, all good no bleeding. The kid nodded nonchalantly as if this was an every day thing "Thanks you dead alien. You saved me. Now I will not destroy your planet." He said giving me a smile and running up the slide. Sighing, I pushed off the wood chips and brushed myself off cursing the kid in my head. The sound of footsteps coming up behind me caught my attention. I looked back at the guy, his brown eyes running over my ripped pants. "Sorry, he can be a handful. I'd say run if you still have the chance." He said laughing a super hot laugh. I mean come on, a professional basketball player is talking to me. Me! I shook my head "Oh no, I've had handful kids. This ones just normal." I said laughing and trying to be normal, don't be weird Norah, don't be weird. He held out a hand "Mason Ryland." He said politely. God, the men in this family, manners and hotness must run in the blood. Looking to Alison's judgy eyes I looked back at the kid "Norah, currently being watched. I've had a bad start." I said trying to get him to go away so I could stare at him all summer after I get the job. He smirked and leaned into the playground "You should've seen the last ten who came in. None would've just saved him the way to did. You're hired trust me. What's your name?" He asked looking down at my lips. I smiled at him "Norah but your mom really might not consider if you keep flirting." I said watching as Alison moved her sunglasses down her nose to stare at us. Mason nodded "Ill let you win her over some more. Hope she hires you, it'll be nice to have a pretty face around here." He said before walking back to the other guys and giving me a wink. Damn. I headed up the playground, the kid smiled at me "I'm Lucas. I'm the youngest." He said as he handed me a toy gun. I took it and furrowed my eyebrows "Youngest?" I asked. He nodded "I have three brothers. One is in the navy, the other one is Jax, he fights and then that's Mason. He plays sports." He said staring at Mason. "I don't like Mason." He added. I laughed lightly "Why not?" I asked wondering how he couldn't like such a sweet guy. He scowled at Mason, "He says I'm a bad kid. Always tells me I lie and I don't behave right." Lucas said with a mocking tone. Oh. "Well that's just because he's old. That's what happens to people, they grow old and become mean and grumpy." I said leaning into the metal bars and fake shooting him. He laughed and looked at my face "You're not old. You're fun and pretty." He said happily. Awe, this is why I love kids, they're so kind. I stood "Pretty now, but wait till we're battling the other aliens of the galaxy, I promise I'll be the ugliest and meanest slayer of them all." I said mean mugging him. He matched my mean mug "Me too." He said scowling at his mom and shooting her. After a good thirty minutes of playing aliens, he got hungry so he ran inside leaving me with the evil witch Alison. "Well, I was extremely happy to see you brought him to his senses to come back down. Most of them just freak out or scare him. Your resume said you've babysat twelve kids, even worked in a daycare." She said and I nodded "Yeah I want to be an elementary teacher." I said smiling and pondering the thought of eighteen Lucas's running around. I've always wanted a kid of my own, but since the possibility of that ever happening is a very slim chance I decided to settle for being a teacher. She smiled lightly "You should know all my sons are Champions. Mason is playing in a college team for Basketball. Meanwhile Jax is a world champion fighter. Carter is at the highest ranking for Navy. I do not raise anything less than the best. Do me a favor, don't distract my other boys, and see if you can find out what Lucas is good at. I'd like to start him early." She said staring at her watch and then moving her focus to her tablet typing some things in. Wait. I stared at her confused, and watched her eyes look up at me annoyed. She eyed me "You're hired. Be here tomorrow morning at eight am sharp, No excuses." She said waving me off. God, she's such a b***h. I bit my lip going inside and doing a small dance heading down the hall and out the door. Unbuttoning my blazer to breathe, I stepped out the front door and immediately regretted it. The Hummer was parked in the driveway, and I watched as he stepped around it and tossed his keys to the suited man who gave him a smiling welcome. He stood tall, well built beyond my dreams, and his striking green eyes where enough to send me to an orgasmic heaven. His face had a small bit of facial hair but his jawline was so masculine, so sharp it killed me. I tried to get myself to stop staring before he began walking up the four wide steps but I couldn't. In a single moment I recognized his face, I'm sure I pinned his face on my Pinterest board for "Hot men" at least twelve times. He was Jax, the Jax. One of the greatest fighters in the country and one of the sexiest men I've ever laid my stupid eyes on. He looked me over carelessly before walking past me and inside the home. Makes sense, he must have a super model girlfriend. God when I heard Lucas say Jax, I thought he said Jack, not Jax the world fighter Jax! A whole summer of that torture? Oh god, I'm going to need a big ass bottle of wine tonight.  

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