The best thing happened to us

opposites attract
second chance
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**Book Two of Desire Trilogy**


"No 'Thank you for saving my life'. Wasn't it "lifesaving" enough?" Randhir mocked her tucking his hands inside his pants pocket. Sanyukta could clearly tell that it irked him that she thanked Aryan. She rolled her eyes at him and inspected her gown, thankful that it was not ruined. Her daughter loved this gown way too much.

"Aren't you expecting too much Mr Shekawat?" She glared at him. His comment affected him, hell everything about him affected her.

"Surely that sentence would suffix Ms Aggarwal." He challenged her, his eyes accessing her. It was good talking to her, keeping their last encounter beside he had loved to fight with her. They had too much of passion. He would clearly love to mess with her. She was a talk of many men around here which had angered him. They were eyeing her as if she was a piece of meat. She was unaware or she was doing it on purpose he thought.

His arrogance and that smirk on his face was not something she liked at the moment.

"Are you trying to boost that giant size ego of yours?" Sanyukta asked looking at him.

"Huh here I was thinking I would get a pleasant reply." Randhir replied. He was inwardly smiling, she still had the fire in her. She was still the same feisty girl.

"I have nothing pleasant to say to you Mr Randhir" Sanyukta said angry at him. After eight years he was expecting her to talk pleasant to him. She was far from being pleasant with him. She hated him.


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Imp note: This not stand alone book. You need to read the first book to understand this book. This is the second book in Desires Trilogy. All the characters, places, events and incidents mentioned in this book are purely fiction. The story is created for entertainment purposes only. Coping of any ideas, events or views without the permission of the writer is strictly prohibited. Plagiarism is a crime. This is book for the adult readers due to some coarse language and mature contents. You have been warned already. All rights reserved @San2045 Welcome to the whirlwind, emotional and lovely journey ahead>>> |Blurb| After getting her heartbroken from the notorious badboy in New York, she moves back to Mumbai to stay with her Italian uncle. Eight years later they meet again. Unfortunately this time she vowed herself to never fall in love with him again. But is it possible? Atleast not when he got more handsome than before and he's her business partner now. The twist is he doesn't know that he had a daughter. What will happen when he finds out? *** |Prologue| What's the problem baby?" Randhir asked standing so close to her such that if she tipped a inch forward their lips would meet. She shivered at his husky voice, the room temperature suddenly seemed too cold giving her goosebumps all around her arms. "Umm...the.. heater...It's not ...work...ing" Sanyukta said her voice barely audible to the Victor who was straining his ears to hear them. Randhir looked at the heater and noticed that the wire was damaged near the switch. He looked at her, her lips shivering due to the cold so he inches forward and placed his lips on hers for a quick kiss. "I'll ask him about it." He pecked her lips one last time and turned towards the man who was standing more than leaning against the door. Randhir frowned at him. "Can you replace the heater? My wife's getting cold" Randhir said pointing at the heater and then he gazed at Sanyukta who looked shocked. Clearly this behaviour must have shocked her. "Sorry sir we don't have any extra available. The rooms are full and everyone is using the heater" "Damn! Okay then can you send two cups of hot coffee?" Randhir asked tucking his hands inside his pants pocket for fetching the money. "Yes sir I'll bring the coffee" Victor said taking the money and walking outside the room. Sanyukta sighed looking him walk out then she turned towards Randhir who was opening his luggage. "Why did you kiss me?" Sanyukta asked pulling his arm and turning him around. "We have to pretend to be a couple in front of the hotel staff" Randhir said though he clearly had enjoyed kissing those lips. Though it was only for a minute and then a peck but he did enjoy kissing her. He was going crazy not being able to touch her. "Don't kiss me with out my permission again." Sanyukta glared at him folding her arms and bringing them close to her chest. "Oh I did more than kiss you Sanyukta" Randhir answered smugly smirking at her. He wasn't going to get embarrassed or deny her but he was going to remind her the time they were fooling around together. Oh those golden times! A dangerous game you're starting here Randhir. "How dare you..." She was cut off by the loud ringing of her cellphone. She had switched the cell in the taxi but she didn't call anyone yet. She walked and picked the phone from the purse still glaring at him. ***

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