Enchanted moon child

another world

Olive is a lone wolf living in a human world. She lost her parents to mysterious circumstances that lead her to live in the human foster care system. As a way to protect herself, she keeps secrets and hides in her books. She has built strong walls around her mind to help keep an emotionless appearance. While planning out her last days before graduation and her first shift into her wolf form she meets him.A handsome stranger that insists on pursuing her and becoming a part of her world. The closer he gets the more her walls start to crumble and her history starts to reveal itself. She will have to decide if she can trust him and let him into her world or keep running away on her own. Unfortunately, she can't keep the past from finding her. She can only decide how to face it. Come along as her story unfolds and her life transforms in more ways than one.

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Chapter One / Intro
The first bell rings. I am sitting in homeroom with a book in my face like always. Reading is my drug of choice, I can’t ever get enough. There are only about two weeks left, and we just finished all of our testing, so everyone is laid-back. Well, except me, that is. My name is Olive Green, legally that is and I am a lone wolf stuck in this human world. Originally, I am from the Frozen Peak pack. That was until everything changed when I was 10. My parents grabbed me and said we had to leave. They made me leave everything that I owned except the clothes I was wearing at the time. We ran through the woods, and I was terrified. No one would tell me what was happening. My dad stopped and kissed us both and told us to keep going. We didn’t want to, but my mom pushed us further until she stopped. We were very close to human land. She told me to keep running until I found a human. Tell them I needed help but not to give them my real name. I did what she said and ran. I heard her screams in the distance but I kept going. I found a store and ran into it. I asked the first worker I had seen for help, but I didn’t know what to say. They asked if I lost my parents, and I said yes. When they asked my name, I remembered what my mom said, and I knew I had to make something up. When I searched the room, I spotted a jar of green olives. I think anyone could piece my thought process together from there. I wish I could have seen something beautiful because I regret this name fully. After that, they put me in the foster care system. It has been rough since then. My first set of foster parents included a guy who tried to get me to touch his gross thing. I ran out the door, and he was so drunk he followed me out during broad daylight butt naked. Once that happened, they moved me around a few more times until I landed with the Evans. They are a very strict couple. Like military strict only, I doubt either has ever served. They say children should be seen but not heard. What they actually meant was they don’t want to see or hear me. They want to just collect a paycheck while I clean their house. They have dealt out some good beatings, but I can handle it. The beatings feel random sometimes, which is the rough part. Like once they hit me because they heard me using the vacuum. Now I save noisy cleaning for after they leave for work. They are the main reason I am not as happy as the other students here. While the other students are excited to become adults and go to college, I am here trying to figure out how to live. I was told that I would be kicked out the second I am 18. I have some money saved from my part-time job at the hardware store. It truly is the best job ever, and even my foster parents are happy just to have me out of the house longer. They expect me to pay for my own clothes and food now, so that leaves me with little. Minimum wage at a part-time job is just not enough. I do have a side hustle I am not proud of. I don’t want to think about it right now. As for my second main reason, I am worried I will have my first werewolf shift when I am 18. I will have to find a secluded place away from humans, and I will be all alone. That scares me a lot. My thoughts get pushed away when I hear the door slam. I don’t look up despite the noise. I try not to do anything that causes people to notice me. My foster parents don’t let me wear any clothes that are form-fitting, so I look pretty bland, which helps. It doesn’t bother me at all, though. It’s not like I can date. Could you imagine falling in love just to be like I am a werewolf, by the way? I chuckle internally to myself at the thought. I don’t have any friends either. Unless you include my boss Mr. Woods. “You must be the late transfer.” The teacher says. His desk is on the same side as mine, so I can hear him clearly. I still don’t look up. Who even decides to finish out the last two weeks at a different school? I have to internally chuckle to myself again because I have once when I was being moved around to a different home. It is a miracle I am going to graduate at all with how inconsistent my attendance has been. It’s not like I am dumb. Actually, I do very well on tests. It’s mostly just that some schools value attendance more than brains, sadly. The morning announcements come on the classroom TV, which means I only have about 9 minutes left to read. Although some of my classes have basically tapped out and will let me read during their time. It feels like someone’s eyes are burning into the side of my face. I can’t help it. I have to look. Scanning the room, my eyes land on a guy I have never seen before. He must be the new student. He is looking at me intensely with his hazel eyes. I can see beautiful gold flecks in them. His nose is pierced, and he has a lip ring. I bite my lip, imagining what it would be like to tug on it while I kiss those lips. He smiles at me with sexy dimples and bright white teeth. S***! I pull myself out of it and stick my head back in my book. I can tell he is still staring at me. How embarrassing. What is wrong with me? I have never fantasized about anyone before. Okay, maybe a few fictional characters in my stories, but never anyone real. I am sure my face is super red. It feels hot to the touch. I need to snap out of it. Even if I could date, he is way out of my league. I am going to hide my face in my book no matter how hard he looks back at me. When the bell rings, I get out as fast as I can. Wouldn’t you know he is in my next class and every class up to lunch? Thankfully, I don’t eat lunch in the cafeteria. When the bell rings, I head to my locker to switch out my books and grab out a granola bar. Since I have to pay for my own lunch I keep it cheap. I eat it as I walk to the library. Seniors can have lunch where they want to. The library doesn’t allow food understandably. I finish mine before I get there, so I usually get the place to myself. I get a drink at the water fountain and throw out the wrapper before going in. This is my heaven right here. I daydream about having my own library just like in Beauty and the Beast. It is my favorite movie ever. I am not allowed to watch TV anymore, but I carry a cheap paper-cover version of the book around. I keep it in my locker once I leave so my foster parents can’t rip it up. They like finding creative ways to punish me for being alive. Breathing in the air helps soothe my thoughts. The smell of old books is amazing. Looking around, I find a book that’s all about wild plants. I grab it and take out my notebook. I have been taking notes on living off of the grid this year. I have learned a lot about keeping a mobile home and living off of the land. I know I can use my wolf form to hunt for my meat. I could possibly get chickens when I buy my own land, but that could take a long time. I hope to find some new plants in this book I haven’t noted yet. I take note of helpful or dangerous plants that I could use or need to avoid. I have also been trying to learn about gardening, but I have nowhere to practice, so who knows if I would be any good at it. I see a new mushroom I haven’t noted. I don’t care so much for mushrooms, but this one says it tastes like chicken. In my notebook I write all the details about what it looks like and where to find it. Right beside that, I begin sketching a tree with the mushrooms coming out of the side. I love drawing, but I never have the time or even good supplies to do it. Hmm, why is it so dark in here all of a sudden? “That’s really good.” I hear a dreamy deep voice say behind me. I freeze up and drop my pencil. I look back at him. “Are you stalking me?” He laughs to himself. “No actually I came here to shake a stalker of my own.” Is he kidding? “Who is stalking you?” “I don’t know her name. I want to say it’s like Casey, Tracey, Lacey. I am unsure, but she has been following me around like a baby duck.” “Does she have blonde hair with highlights and to other blondes that follow, her?” “Yeah, that’s her.” He says casually. “ That would be Stacy. You probably should know you are both already dating and planning your wedding. She probably has the name of your firstborn child picked out.” I turn back around and continue drawing. “Do you mind if I sit here until lunch is over?” “I can’t exactly stop you.” “I don’t know about that. You look like the fighting type.” He says, pulling out a chair and sitting down. He makes the chair look like it was made for a child. I think about what he said for a moment as I finish up my drawing. “I only fight if I am forced to.” I stand up and put the book away. Picking up my stuff, I leave without another word. Not 10 steps out the door, and I am stopped by the blonde bimbo trio. “Hey you! Whatever your name is, stay away from my boyfriend.” “ I don’t know who your boyfriend is, but do you think he even would be interested in me?” I point at my awful clothes. It's better to just bring myself down and get this ugly encounter over with. “Well, I guess you do have a point there. You are so frumpy. I almost feel bad for you.” “ See, I am sure if your boyfriend was near me, it wasn’t because he wanted to be.” “You know, you have been really nice. How about I help you out by taking this.” She pulls my Beauty and the Beast book out of my arms and starts ripping it up, letting the pieces fall to the floor. My heart bled with every tear, but I didn’t lose my poker face. I won’t cry, I never cry. “There now you won’t look like a little baby.” “Thanks.” I managed to say as I picked up the scraps off the floor. Standing back up, I notice they are looking elsewhere. I feel an arm go around my shoulders, and my body tenses up without my control. “Hey, I saw you in my last class. What’s your name? Casey?” It’s him! I have never been touched by a man kindly before, and it feels scary, actually. I have no idea what to do. One of the blonde friends looks at Stacy. “Your boyfriend doesn’t know your name?” “Of course, he knows my name is Stacy. He is just being silly.” “Well, anyways, whatever your name is. I noticed you have some dirt on your upper lip that’s still there.” She shrieks and covers her mouth. She pulls out her compact mirror and wipes her upper lip a bunch. She puts it away and looks back at him. “Did I get it?” He drops his arm from my shoulders, making me both relieved and kind of sad it’s gone. Leaning in, he looks at her face, squinting his eyes. “Oh sorry that wasn’t dirt I saw. It’s your mustache growing in.” I almost lost it. I suck my lips in and take a breath to stop myself from bursting out in laughter. I honestly can’t remember the last time I even wanted to laugh. Stacy covers her mouth, making weird muffled sounds before running into the bathroom. One of her blonde friends yells after her, but the other one stops her. “Look she had to find out about it somehow. Maybe this is our opportunity to get her to shave.” Wow! Some friends she has. I look over at the new guy, and he seems satisfied with himself. Walking over to the trash I toss in my ripped-up book. Looks like I will have to wait until I am done with school to get a new copy. “Hey wait!” I hear him call for me. Once I turn around, he is already next to me. I can’t look at him in the face. I am afraid of never being able to look away. “Umm yeah?” I say, still looking at the floor. “I didn’t get your name.” “It’s Olive.” “Olive?” He says like he doesn’t believe me. Why does it feel like he thinks I am lying? “Olive what?” “Olive Green.” I can see him cross his arms. “Olive Green?” He says in disbelief again. I am starting to feel frustrated at this point. “Yes, It’s my legal name, okay?” He takes a step closer to me, but I stand my ground and don’t move. “Interesting you say legal name. Is it not your birth name?” Sh*t I said too much. I take a step back this time. “I have to go.” I turn around and try to go, but he rushes in front of me. “Wait Olive I just wanted to know if I could take you on a date sometime.” A date? That’s a joke, right? I mean, he is this mysterious gorgeous creature while I was just called frumpy, not 5 minutes ago. He must be out of his mind. “I am not allowed.” I try to leave, but he steps in my way again. “How about just getting coffee then?” Those words would normally come off as desperate, but his tone is cool and charismatic. “I don’t drink coffee.” I say, trying to step away, but once again, he steps in front of me. I let out a huff, getting tired of this. “It can be another drink or food I will pay. We can go after school. ” “I have to work.” This time, I just look away, hoping he moves. “I can stop by for your break.” “Fine but it’s only a 15-minute break at 5. Bring your own refreshments because I won’t have any.” I know I sound kind of rude, but I don’t want him to try to get involved with me. “Great where do you work?” “ Wood’s hardware and supplies shop. It’s only about 3 blocks from here.” “See you then, I guess.” He says, moving out of the way. This time, I don’t move, though. “You going to tell me your birth name?” I say with sarcasm. “ It’s Jayce Cooper.” Oh great, I can’t even make fun of his name. “Bye Jayce!” I walk away to my next class. When I walk in and sit down, the first thing I noticed was that he never came in after me. Even though he isn’t here, I can’t stop thinking about him. I open my book and try to read it but I can’t concentrate. Closing the book with a thud I give up. I read the same line about 9 times, and I still don’t remember what it even said. I decided to just look blankly at the clock until the bell rings. Finally, last class and it’s study hall. I don’t have any work to do, and reading is out for now. I open one of my notebooks and decide to just doodle. I scribble out a howling wolf and decide to throw in a full moon. It’s not so good, but it’s not like anyone will see it. I think shifting for the first time on my own has been weighing on my mind. I keep telling myself that it’s nature and that it will figure itself out. I will be okay if I follow my instincts, right? “That’s really good.” A familiar voice says from behind me. “It’s just scribbles.” I say. What is with this guy. I am a nobody, and he keeps trying to be around me. “Wolves are probably the best animal out there.” This makes me want to smile, but I know better. Showing emotion only gives people ammo to use against you. I rip out the paper and hand it to him. “You have it then.” “Thanks but it’s bad luck if you don’t sign it.” He hands it back. I let out a little huff and take it. Finding a spot on the corner of the paper, I start writing a G. Once I realize what I did, I start trying to make it into an O. I think I pulled off, making it say Olive. I think that conversation earlier got to me. I hand it back, and he looks at it with a smirk. “Thank you, OLIVE.” He says my name sarcastically. Who is this guy, and what is his deal? I look at the time, and there are only five minutes left, so I gather up my stuff. “See you later, JAYCE.” I say as I leave to go to my locker. I can hear him snickering to himself. I don’t know what his angle is, but I am not going to be around long enough for even a friendship to form. I don’t have any homework or anything, so I can just leave everything in my locker. Putting in my lock combination, I get my locker open on the first try. Something instantly catches my eye. It's a large book with a ribbon around it. I set my stuff down and pick it up. Beauty and the Beast? It is brand new with a beautiful cover. It is even the entire story, not just the short version I had. Flipping the book over, I find a tag on it. (To: beauty from: Jayce. Sorry about your old copy.) I can’t believe this. How did he get it so fast? How did he get into my locker? Why did he bother? I hadn't even realized he saw me throw it away. I really wish I could take it home and read it. I can’t risk taking it out until I have moved, though. I wonder if he thinks I am some baby or something. I give the book one last look over before putting it back. I shouldn’t care what he thinks. It isn’t like we are going to be socializing a few weeks from now. Well, at least I don’t have to carry anything around today. I also get the satisfaction that my fosters don’t have anything to snoop in. I grab my spring jacket out and put it on. It’s not cold out, but it’s not fully summer weather yet. Today, it's warm but windy. I walk outside, heading straight to work. It isn’t a long walk, but I only have a half hour until I punch in, so there isn’t really any time to mess around. I have a driver's license but no car. Luckily, I got my case worker to get the fosters to help with that. They didn’t let me practice, and they lied about me being on their insurance. They would have killed me if there was even a scratch on their crap car. They did end up furious that I passed the test on the first try. They don’t like it when I prove I can do something. They didn’t hit me at all, but they did have me scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors with an actual toothbrush. I think it helped them feel superior again. “Hey, do you want a ride, Beauty?” I look over, and Jayce is driving a black muscle car. He is creeping real slow to stay at my pace. Did he just call me Beauty? I shake my head no. “No thank you.” I try to say it loud enough for him to hear me. “Are you sure? It’s no problem if you do.” “I am fine walking, I promise.” He looks a little annoyed that I am turning him down. I really want to tell him I don’t get into cars with strangers, but I don’t want to hurt his feelings. I don’t know why I care so much. Maybe it’s because he was nice enough to give me that book. Also, he doesn’t look like the type to get his feelings hurt so easily. “See you later then?” He is still following me. “Yup later.” I say, trying to figure out what he wants. He finally rolls up his window and turns up his music as he drives past me. I don’t know what that was about. Maybe he thought I was backing out of the 15-minute break with him. This guy has me all mixed up. In just one school day, he has gotten into my head. I speed up my walk and get into work at a new record time. “Hi Mr. Woods!” I say as I walk in. He is this 40-year-old man who almost feels like a father figure to me. I plan on working here for as long as I can because it feels more like a home than anywhere else has. “Olive you are early.” “Yeah, I don’t have any books to carry anymore, so it felt like an easier walk.” Which is partly true, I just left out the part about Jayce. I wonder what Mr. Woods is going to think about him being here on my break. We will be outside, so hopefully, he won’t even notice. I go into the closet and grab out my apron with my name tag on it, then punch my time card in. “Do you want me on register or in the back?” I ask my boss. “Go ahead on the register.” Time is going kind of slow, and I feel so antsy not knowing when he is going to show up. Or if he actually is going to. Every time the door opened, I was quick to look. Every spare second, I checked the clock. “Okay, what’s going on?” I about jump out of my skin and turn around to face my boss. “What are you talking about?” “You march in here day after day acting cold and calculating like Wednesday Addams, but today you have been on edge. Your head shoots up each time you hear the door. You looked at the clock about 20 times this hour and have chewed off every one of your fingernails. Now, what is going on with you?” “Well.. I kind of told someone that they could hang out with me on my break, but the more I thought about it, I wasn’t sure if you would be okay with it.” “Oh is that all it is? I don’t care what you do on your break, Olive.” I let out a breath I was holding onto and then suck it back in once he turned right back around. “Now does this person happen to be a boy?” Oh no, I don’t want to talk about this with him.

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