Terrified By My Beta Mate


“You are sorry, what can you do to solve the problem you created?”

I asked him taking few steps closer to him while he took some steps backward until his back was touching the wall and there was no other way for him to escape, I smiled to myself satisfied for caging him in a tight corner. I placed both of my hands on the wall caging him in between them.

“M – m – m – my parents won’t say anything, p – p – please forgive me and let me go,” he said and this time I could see the tears dropping from his eyes.

I love the fact that he was scared of me and I was the reason he was crying, he looked like a prey about to be devoured by his predator knowing that his death was close at hand.

I laughed out raising his chin up with my thumb so he could stare at me, his lips looked soft and looked tempting for a kiss.

I didn’t know he was this cute until now and lovely until now, staring at him while he looks at me with those puppy eyes and his tempting lips I couldn’t resist the urge any longer as I clasped my lips with his, forcing him to open his mouth to receive me and I pulled him closer to me, deepening the kiss.

My tongue was poking deeper into his mouth, I could not believe I was f*****g his tongue with my tongue.

My hands were roaming around his body, caressing every part my hands could touch and I went as far as fumbling with the button on his shirt.


Sam's dream was to fall in love and have everything with his one true love, his mate.

What happens when his mate turns out to be the heartless, playboy beta Emery, who doesn’t give a f**k about mating or believes in love.

Emery held a deep secret that not even his past lovers dared reveal in fear of being killed.

Will Sam be able to change Emery or will he be changed?




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It was a rainy day, while everyone was inside, completely dry and basking in the warmth of their various homes. I was out in the rain running errands for an alpha, that was the curse of being an omega. Omegas were born to be slaves to every member higher than them, especially their alpha, and I wasn't any different. Everyone treats me like an omega even without me having a wolf to prove so. That was all because my dad is a beta and mom was an omega of the Golden Crest pack, so they all assumed I was just like my mum. My name is Samuel Jackson and I am 17 years old. I currently live in the Golden Crest pack ruled by Alpha Ron and Luna Joyce Cayden. They could easily be considered one of the nicest Alpha and Luna that a pack could wish for, but that wasn't the case with the rest of the family. They were blessed with two children. One was Alpha Tristan and the other was named Emery but had an unknown secondary gender. His 18th birthday was still far ahead and no one had a clue about what his second gender identity would be, because Luna Joyce was a beta before she married our pack's Alpha. I eventually discovered that Emery and I were both age mates born on the 20th of March. We would both be having our wolves and meeting our mates on the same day. I hoped for a wolf that would be any rank but omega. I had endured enough from the hands of the pack members. I just needed my freedom and a bit more respect. Completely drenched in the rain, I hurried into the Alpha’s quarters carrying the things he had sent me to get for him in my hands. I stood in front of the door and knocked. “Who’s there?” Alpha Ron asked, his loud and gruff voice managing to startle me a little. “Um... It's Sam, Alpha. I have your package in my hands,” I said, responding to his question. “Come in,” he said, his voice shifting into an authoritative tone. “Alpha, I am so sorry, but I can't come in. I do not wish to ruin your floor as I am completely drenched,” I said through the closed door. I soon heard the sound of feet walking quickly towards the door and I knew that it was Alpha Ron coming towards me. I was shaking from the cold when the door opened. “Goodness, Sam. You could have used an umbrella or waited until the rain was over before going to get the things. Now look at you, completely drenched and cold,” he said, shaking his head. “I thought you would need it urgently. I am sorry, sir. I should have waited for the rain to stop. Please forgive me, Alpha,” I said, apologizing to him, hoping he wouldn't be too mad at my mistake. “You don't need to apologize. Just come in and get dried off before you catch a cold.” He reached out to touch me but I took a step back, almost falling to the ground, but I quickly regained my balance. “I can't, sir,” I told him, shaking my head. “Why?” Alpha Ron asked me. “Because I don't w-want to r-ruin your f-floor,” I told him, stammering while chattering my teeth. My whole body was shaking as a sudden chill went through my body. “Nonsense. What's wetting the ground compared to your health? Don't make me command you to come in, just come in already.” I nodded my head after his words, taking my drenched self inside his home. “Follow me. My son’s clothes will fit you perfectly.” He said, leading the way to his son's room. We walked through the quarters, taking long yet slow steps as he led me through a path I had never taken before, eventually getting to the front of a door. He pushed through the door and I was greeted by a beautifully designed room. I was amazed at how neat it was because this was the living space of a male werewolf. Apparently, the omega assigned to the cleaning of the house had done a great job. There were several omegas in the pack assigned to take care of certain tasks. My duty was to run errands for the Alpha and Luna. My eyes moved to Alpha Ron, who went straight to his son’s closet while I stood up straight, still shivering slightly even with the warmth of the house. He pulled out some decent clothing from it and placed them on the bed for me to change into. “Wear these and meet me downstairs,” Alpha Ron said before leaving me in the room to change. I stood there for a minute unable to move, still glancing around in awe, especially at the delicate-looking fur placed at the corner of the room. My room was left in could never even be compared to this. I walked up to the bedside and plopped down onto the fur. It was extremely soft, quickly burying me into an enveloping feeling of warmth. I sat up in haste, realizing that the pack's alpha was waiting for me, and then glanced at the bedside, only to see two pictures of Emery. Oh. I had wondered which of the brothers owned the room. I guess this was Emery's room. It would be better for me to get out of here before he comes back. Emery was the hot-headed son, the type who lived the life of a bad boy. He liked to flirt around, both in and out of the pack and was pretty notorious for sleeping around and dumping his lovers. He also enjoyed using his lovers like toys without an ounce of shame or remorse. Not even the strongest willed male or female could resist him once he made them his next target. I heard he was bi-sexual, with a preference for both males and females. As long as you were good for s*x, he would claim you as his. He was the epitome of the word 'bad', being rude, and lacking respect in all ways. His words were like poison to whomever he directed them to. Alpha and Luna had tried their best to change him but found it impossible to. They eventually left him alone to his fate. Rumors were circulating around, both in and out the pack, that Emery has a dark secret that nobody knows. I was as curious as everyone else about what it was and was also eager to find out. I had tried so many times to eavesdrop each time the pack members talked about him. Nobody knows what the secrets were. Even those who dated him had no idea what the secrets could have been. Or perhaps they were hiding something that they couldn't talk about? Anyway, they always kept saying, “Fear and run away from him. Don't get any closer to him or you will end up badly.” The more they said it, the more I was curious to find out what he was hiding and why they kept telling us to run away from him. I was scared and curious at the same time. Scared because I didn't want to be a part of whatever he did to them that made them afraid of him. And yet, curious because I wanted to know the secret too. I wanted to know what kind of monster had made them all scared. That will be a story for another time. I guess, I had better get dressed before he finds me in his room. I ran into the bathroom and I quickly took off my wet clothes, wearing the clothes Alpha Ron had given me to change into as quickly as I could. I then picked up the wet clothes and left the bathroom. I checked what I had changed into in the mirror. They surprisingly looked good on me – an oversized black t-shirt and black trousers. I doubt I would ever have enough money to buy something this expensive to wear, at least, not in this lifetime. I was about to leave the room when I bumped into someone. The last person I wanted to see or even come close to. I guess I'd rather face death now. Whatever his secrets were, I was almost sure I was about to face them when his voice took me out of my thoughts. “Who the f**k are you? What are you doing here and why are you in my clothes?” I stood there like a statue, afraid to say anything, while my legs shook uncontrollably.

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