This Is Me Now

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Marie I stretched my arms as I stepped outside my apartment building. The cold wind of November makes me hold on to my coat. Christmas is just around the corner. Looking around as I walk towards my work makes me remember that this will be my third christmas since I woke up in the hospital, without any memories. It was hard for me not to remember anything. But Dr. Smith and Leah, my nurse helped me get through everything. The name on the ring, felt familiar but nothing much. Leah thought that it must really be my name. Since then they called me Marie Smith, as Dr. smith was kind enough to let me keep his surname. After I was discharged from the hospital, Leah took me in. I'm living with her, in her apartment. When I'm totally recovered she helped me get a job as a waitress in a café named Sweet Escape. I love my job. I like it when I can make people smile with just small gestures. The cafe owner Hilda, is a sweet old lady. She bakes most of the cafe's pastries. She's the baker I know! Not that I know anyone else. As I entered the cafe, the rich and sweet aroma of cakes and pastries engulfed my senses. "Good morning Tina!" I greeted the brunette standing behind the register. She smiled at me. "Good morning Marie." I went behind the counter and wore my apron. I turned, and I proceeded to put the freshly baked bagels on the rack. Hilda came out of the kitchen carrying a tray of her famous banana muffins. I immediately helped her arrange the rack, next to the tarts. "Good morning Marie ." She said. "Good morning to you too Hilda." I greeted back with a smile. •••••••••••••••• Our morning went on. Patrons come and go satisfied with our food and our service. Afternoon came and I was busy refilling our pastry racks when Joan, another waitress came to me. She's somewhat new in the cafe. "Marie, some hot guy is asking for you." She said. The first person to pop up in my mind is my boyfriend Nathan. He said he was going to pick me up to take me on a date. I happily turned towards my visitor. My smile turned to a frown. Instead of Nathan, there stood his best friend, Alexander. I sighed and approached him. "Alex.." "I came to tell you that Nathan can't make today." He said. My frown deepened. "What? Why?" I asked. He rolled his eyes. Something Im used to him doing everytime he's talking to me. "I just came to inform you the sudden change of plans. I don't owe you any explanation." He said before turning around, walking away without a single word. I sighed. Alex has been cold and distant to me ever since Nathan and I became a couple. Yes, he was quiet and reserved since the day we met, and rarely talks to me. But since Nathan and I started dating, he was adamant on showing his dislike towards me. He said he never approved of my relationship with his best friend, that what we have won't last long. He may be rude towards me, but I tolerated him for Nathan's sake. Joan approached me. "Why is that hot guy so rude towards you?" She asked. "That's Alexander Salvatore being his usual self." I told her still looking at the door. Joan suddenly stood infront of me. "Did you just say Alexander Salvatore? The Salvatore heir?!” she exclaimed. "Yup. That's him." I answered walking towards the counter. Joan followed me. "How come he knows you? How did you meet the hottest bachelor New York has ever had?" She asked. I sighed and remained quiet. "He is Nathan's best friend." Tina answered. "Nathan? Her boyfriend Nathan?" Joan asked again. Tina nodded. "By any chance your boyfriend is Nathaniel MacPherson? One of New York's most eligible bachelor? Next to Alexander of course." "The one and only" Tina said. "Wow!” Joan exclaimed. Joan is quite a fan girl type of girl. I sighed again and went back to work. I can't help but feel sad that Nathan couldn't make it today. I rarely see him anymore. I know he's a very busy person, but he should've called or texted me instead of sending Alex here. I then remembered how I met those towels gorgeous men. Three days after I woke up in the hospital without any memory, two men came to visit me. Leah said they were the one that brought me to the hospital. Those men were Nathan and Alex. I immediately found them strikingly handsome. Nathan was the boy next door kind of handsome, while Alex was the quiet, bad boy type. They said they were on their way towards a club when they saw me being hit by a car. They decided to stop and help me. Then and there, Nathan showed his charming personality. He did all the talking, while Alex just confirmed and stood like a statue. Since then, Nathan visits me every chance he get. And when he can't, Alex come in his place. Though he doesn't talk much, he always brings me food. Time passed, even when I was discharged, Nathan would visit me in Leah's apartment, taking me to dinner and stuff. That is when I started developing feelings for him, and him to me. Something Alex strongly disapproved. And when Nathan and I officially became a couple, Alex became more distant, quiet and rude. Nathan and I have been dating for almost a year now, and I couldn't be more happy. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• After closing the cafe, I immediately went home. Tired and disappointed. I threw myself on the couch once I entered my apartment. I let out a loud sigh. Leah appeared from the kitchen. "Hey, you're home. Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for your date?" She asked. I sighed and stood up. "Nathan cancelled. I'm gonna head upstairs." I said walking towards the stairs "Oh. Ok. I'm gonna go now." She said. I just waved her goodbye.
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