A Royal Memory

opposites attract
friends to lovers
arranged marriage

A girl with no past, and uncertain future. That's Marie. She has no memories of her past nor her own identity. Her only clue was a gold ring with the name Marie on it.

  Then there comes Nathan. A charming and sweet young millionaire who stole Marie's heart. He was Marie's knight in shinning armor, and she was Nathan's angel. They were happy and in love.

  They might have been perfect for each other, but it's not what Nathan's best friend thinks. Alexander thought the pair is just living in their own made up world. That they ignore all the factors that slowly tearing them apart.

  Will Marie and Nathan last forever? Or will Alexander be right, that the pair is not just meant to be? Will Marie's memories come back? Who is Marie anyway? Are their lives actually intertwined from the very start?

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The smell of antiseptic assaulted my nose the moment I opened my eyes. White walls are everywhere. I winced once, I tried to move my body. Why does it hurt so much? I looked at my body and saw that Im covered with wounds and bruises. What happened? Then a young woman in light blue scrub came in. She looked surprised when she saw me. "Oh! You're awake!" She exclaimed and ran outside. I'm confused. Where am I? Who is she? When the lady came back, a man was with her. He has graying hair and also wearing a white lab coat. They approached me, and began examining my eyes, my arms, my head. "How do you feel? " the man asked. I groaned and coughed a little. The lady went to get a glass of water with a drinking straw. She helped me drink from it. I felt relief when water ran down my parched throat. "Now, I am Dr. Smith, and I am your doctor. Tell me how you feel." the man, the doctor asked me. "Doctor? Where am I? " I asked. "You are in St. Margaret Hospital. You were admitted here when you were found. You were involved in an accident." Accident? So that's why I'm in so much pain. I gave the doctor a nod as an acknowledgement. "Is there somewhere that hurts miss?" the lady in scrub asked me. "Everything." I answered. "That's understandable. Your body went through so much." the doctor paused and flipped through some papers. "When you were brought here you have no identification with you. If you can only tell us your name or any of your relatives name or contact details so we can notify them." he added. I furrowed my eyebrows. Name? My name? Relatives? My mind went blank. I don't know what to answer the man's question. I can't seem to remember anything. "I-I don't know." I mumbled. The doctor and the lady looked at each other. "What's the last thing you remember?" the doctor asked. I tried to think and yet again, I came empty handed. My head began to hurt as well. "Don't force yourself it'll be bad for your health." The lady said. "Why can't I remember anything?!" I exclaimed. I begin to thrash around despite the pain I feel. The doctor tried to hold me down while the lady went to get something. When she came back, I felt a prick on my arm. I suddenly felt woozy, until my eyes slowly closed. ••••••••••••••••••• I groaned when I opened my eyes. I am still in the white walled room. The lady in light blue scrub earlier came within my line of sight. "How do you feel?" she asked. "Woozy, I guess." "I'm sorry. I have to give you a tranquilizer to calm you down and put you to sleep so you can rest." She paused. "Anyway, we made a few tests while you were asleep. Dr. Smith ruled out that you have amnesia or memory loss due to the strong impact your head received. " she explained. Amnesia? Is that why I can't seem to remember anything? Even my own name? Who am I? Who are my parents? "Will I be able to remember anything ?" I asked. The lady gave me a small smile. "In time, your memories will resurface on it's own. Just don't force it or else your head will hurt." she told me. I nodded. "Anyway..." The lady took something from her pocket. She took my hand and placed something on my palm. "You were wearing this when you were first brought here. It was kept safe. I thought it might help you." she said. "Thank you." I said. She gave me a warm smile and left me to my thoughts. Once he was gone I looked at the thing on my palm. It was a ring. a simple yet pretty gold and platinum ring with small diamonds around it. I noticed something written inside of it. I squinted my eyes, trying to read the neatly cursive writing. "Marie"

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