Kiss and Make Up

906 Words
Marie Three days passed and yet I haven't heard anything from Nathan. Today is my off from work. I decided to start my day with a bit of running. Running helps me calm a bit when I have a lot going on my mind. I started at a normal pace, then gradually increasing as I move along. I'm really pissed at Nathan. Why can't he just send one text to inform me he's still alive. Was he that busy? I stopped running and leaned on a wall, panting like a dog. I looked around my surroundings. Everyone was busy with their job. Coffeeshops were buzzing with costumers. My eyes caught a couple pushing a stroller with their baby asleep. Will I ever have that kind of life? Happy and contented with a loving husband and an adorable baby? I know my future is really uncertain when my past was still unknown. Its been years since I woke up with a blank mind. Do I still have parents and siblings? And if I do, are they looking for me? Or if they even tried. What if I have a husband and a child waiting for my return. A sharp pain in my head made me rub my temple. This headaches really pisses me off. It usually happens when I think too much. Stupid mind. It made me think if I have such a lazy mind. I sighed. I was about to run again when my phone rang. I furrowed my eyebrows and pulled out my phone from my pocket. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Nathan's name flashing. I immediately answered. "Hey! " he greeted. I remained silent. I heard him sigh. "Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for cancelling our date." He said. "Its not that Nathan. You sent Alex to tell me instead of contacting me yourself. And you didn't even dare to send me one single text to let me know that you're still alive." I told him. "I know, I know. I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you. Why don't you pack a couple of clothes. We're going on a short vacation. I'll pick you up at 5." I rolled my eyes and smiled. "I'm out for a run. I'm just about to head back." I told him. "Great. Wear something warm. See you in a bit." He said. "See you." I hanged up and ran back to my apartment. •••••••••••••••••••••••• When I got there, I ran upstairs to my room. I pulled my overnight bag and began throwing in clothes and other stuff. After packing like a mad woman, I stripped off my clothes and hopped inside the shower. Knowing Nathan, he must be on his way. He's one impatient person. I finished showering in a new record of 5 minutes. I don't know where Nathan would bring me, but he told me to dress warm. I rummage through my closet and pulled my faded jeans, fitted white long sleeved shirt and gray hoodie. I then grabbed a nice pair of lingerie. I may dress like a hobo most of the time but I made sure to wear something nice inside. I quickly get dressed, put on my black sneakers, comb my hair and apply some powder and lip and chick tint. I was looking at myself in the mirror when I heard a knock downstairs. It must be Nathan. I grabbed my sling bag and threw in my phone, charger, wallet, book that Im currently reading and other essentials. I slipped it around my shoulder before grabbing my duffle bag. The persistent knocking made ran downstairs. I opened the front door painting hard. There stood Nathan looking handsome as ever. He grinned once he saw me, and pulled me in a hug. "I missed you so much, baby." He said. "I missed you too." I said hugging him back. We pulled apart. "Are you ready?" He asked. I nodded. "Just let me leave some note for Leah." I said. "Okay." Nathan said. I walked towards the kitchen counter and took a piece of paper and pen. I then wrote a note telling Leah that I'll leaving with Nathan to God knows where. I placed it on the refrigerator door with a magnet. Then I grabbed my keys and walked towards Nathan who is still standing by the door. He took my duffel bag from my hand, and stepped back a little. I stepped out of the apartment, and locked the door. Nathan then grabbed my hand and we walk out of the apartment building, hand in hand. Once outside, we walked towards his car. He opened the door at the back and placed my bag inside, next to his own duffle bag. He closed the door before opening the passenger door. "After you my lady." He said, holding the door for me. I giggled. "Why thank you fine sir." I slid inside the passenger seat and put on my seatbelt. Nathan walk around the car before sliding in the drivers seat. He strapped in his seatbelt before turning to me. "So, where are you taking me Mr. McPherson?" I asked him. He grinned. "Its a surprise. Might as well take a nap baby." He said. "Not fair." I said pouting. Nathan just chuckled before starting the engine, and driving off. Where ever Nathan is taking me surely makes me excited. This will be our first trip together.
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