Bending My Straight Boss

age gap
office/work place
enimies to lovers
turning gay

Working for a gorgeous, straight cold-hearted boss has its ups and downs, being able to see the God of s*x and beauty wearing suits that he fills perfectly with his perfect body, and drive us, mortals insane, it's a blessing and a curse.

A torture in Heaven.

" Mr. Greco … I’m very tempted to kiss you. And I’m doing my best to keep my hands to myself and not … do things. Go, because I can’t. " I plead for him to go, hoping that he'll stay ... f**k, s**t, damn, motherfucker!

" Do what? " He pushes, making my hard as a rock d**k leak precum like a motherfucker, and my hands to turn into fists, my nails digging in my palm, trying to get a little control over my actions.

" f**k, Mr. Greco … unbutton your pants and gently stroke you while I kiss you ... then most probably I’m gonna fall to my knees and beg for you to f**k my mouth hard and fast, choke me with your big d**k while you come down my gagging throat. Now ... if you don’t want that to happen, go. " I explain, or better yet, fantasize with my eyes open while I admire how his pupils get bigger with every word I say until there's no blue left. There's only black. Only desire. Only lust.

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My cold, gorgeous boss.
ALEX'S POINT OF VIEW Another beautiful but horrible day at work. Why beautiful? Because my boss is damn gorgeous. Why horrible? Because he’s an ass. An arrogant, cold Greek God. I buy our coffees from the coffee shop from the corner of the building, because Mr. Gorgeous Ass doesn't drink from somewere else, and hope that this time we won’t get into an argument, otherwise tomorrow I'll buy him black coffee again, and blame the poor girl that didn't do anything wrong. But I need to vent somehow. When I have enough, I have my way of punishing him, and maybe I can't tell him to f**k off, but I can get my revenge in other ways. Because one thing is sure. Nobody walks all over me. Not even his gorgeous ass. Now, you may ask yourself why he doesn't fire me. That's easy. Because I’m the best P.A. there is, and nobody, ever, in the human history, worked as his P.A. for as long as I did, and still do. With a smile on my face I open the huge door where his name is written in big, silver letters, CEO CALVIN GRECO, get inside his big office, and admire him for a second, hoping that he’ll not open his gorgeous mouth and ruin my moment. Calvin Greco is an Italian name, or so I read online, and his features are not screaming American, if that makes any sense. He has a foreign halo around him. It's a mix of s*x on legs and danger. But, I'm not one hundred prozent sure that he has Italian blood running through those sexy veins. I wanted to ask a couple of times, but as soon as I saw the coldness of Antarctica in his eyes and the 'I'll kill you if you disturb me for stupid things' in his voice, I gave up. Back to his sexy self. His posture is as always immaculate. Squeare, big shoulders that fill the black suit and the white shirt just perfectly, the white and grey tie that he wears today makes me think of Christian's tie from Fifty Shades Of Gray, and God damn, my body reacts in ways that I would rather not at this time and in his office, at the dirty scenarios that my mind creates and they all involve that damn grey tie and my gorgeous, straight boss. His jet black hair that it's short on the sides and just perfectly long on top, it's as usual, combed on a side, every string is elegantly and perfectly styled, making me wonder if he goes to the hair salon before he comes to work. The rest of his body is hiden behind his big and long office that's made of random mix of black and white glass, with two chairs in front of it, and one big ass chair for his hot, sexy self. Even if the scenario behind him it's breathtaking, the river and the tall buildings, the green tall trees, and f**k knows what else, man can't compare it to him, to his gorgeousness, to his elegance... The man is simply a God. The office suits him just perfect. It's simple, but elegant, the walls are a mix of white and grey, decorated with a few black and white paintings that honestly, make no sense. Abstract s**t. And a long, glass table, made for 12 persons on the right side of the room, completes the elegant, but cold office. After the second passed, I make my way to his long, manohamy desk and put the coffee on his desk, turn around and go. "How many times did I tell you to knock?" His deep, husky, but also smooth voice sends shivers through all my body, and his words makes me roll my eyes. Yeah, mixed feelings. He just had to ruin it. I turn around and put a fake smile on my face. "Well, if my memory serves me correctly … " I trail off and tap my indes on my chin, and narrow my eyes as if I'm trying to remember. "162.392 times. Am I correct?" I ask with a cheeky, sarcastic grin, and he sucks in a sharp breath, then shakes his head in dissaproval. Well, f**k, he's hot and annoying! "Are you looking to get fired?" He asks in an angry tone, but somehow, today I just can't find it in me to give a flying f**k. "You’d never fire me." I reply with a smirk, and he raises his eyebrows and looks at me surprised, but also curious. "Really? What makes you so sure?" He asks, keeping the burning eye contact, and I almost lose myself in his bright, Caribbean green eyes. Recover, Alex! The man asked you a question! "First of all, I’m the best at what I do, and second … nobody would last more than one month with you. Ok, make it a month and a half." I reply honestly and do my best not to burst into laughter at the look of disbelief that covered his handsome face. "Meaning?" THAT YOU’RE UNBEARABLE AND ANY NORMAL HUMAN BEING WOULD QUIT! But I can’t say that now,can I? So,let’s change the subject. "Jenny from Miracle of Life called. She’ll not make it today. I scheduled a meeting for next week,so you have the hour free." I change the subject, and he clenches his chiseled to perfection jaw, that it's slightly covered by his less than three days stubble, giving him that little spark of bad boy, just to drive us, humans insane, and raises his right eyebrow, and ohhh f**k, he looks so good, then looks at me expectantly with his gorgeous emerald eyes, his eyelas-- "I asked you a question, Alexander. Answer." His voice pulled me out of my fantasy, but him calling my full name throwed me into another one, so, sorry if I needed a few seconds to remember what the f**k is the question? "Ok, fine," I say as I remember. "You asked. Let’s just say that you’re a…difficult man, and not a lot of people have the patience that I have. I mean, let’s be honest, everyone in this building is surprised that I lasted this long. They even organized a party for me last year, when I made 6 months." I didn't even realize how good it would feel to say this out loud, to see the shock mixed with disbelief and God knows how many other expressions covering his face, but it feels f*****g good. "What? You asked!" I exclaim as he keeps looking at me without saying a thing. "Are you serious?" He finally asks, and I nod. "You remember when you came and asked us what the fuss is about? The balloons and the cake? When everyone disappeared in a second after you came?" I try to jog his memory. "Yes. You said it was your birthday." " My birthday is next month. That was a “congratulations that you’re still alive and hanging” party." I make air quotes and emphasize the words, and now is his turn to shock me by chuckling. Why shock? Well, I work here since 9 months, and in 9 months, I saw him smiling maybe four times and chuckling two or three, and f**k, that's a shame, cause he's f*****g gorgeous when he does it. But, I never heard him laugh. "So, I’m the scary boss." He says as if he's actually the nicest boss ever. "For them. For me? Just…arrogant." Well, if I was honest until now, I can continue. A smile tugs on my lips as I see his eyes go wide, and a sexy look of utter disbelief taking over his face. "Arrogant?" He says the word as if he's still trying to comprehend that I used it to describe him. "Well…I can pick another description. I have a few." I say, and he gestures for me to sit down and he smile, flashing me his straight pearly teeth. f**k, he's truly gorgeous. I'm pulled out of my thoughts by him taking a sip from his coffee, and decide to be brutally honest. Well, if he fires me, tomorrow I’ll have another job. So, I take the seat that he offered, he leans back in his chair, places his hands behind his head and makes me hard as a rock. Really? Does he really have to look this good? This should be illegal! I mean, the poor shirt it’s about to be ripped by his big biceps,and hi… "Tell me all your descriptions." His deep, commanding voice reminds me that he’s in front of me and I should stop looking at him with unholy thoughts if I want to actually talk to him. "Are you sure?" I ask again, knowing that what's gonna come it's not gonna be pretty, and he smiles again. "What?" He asks as he sees me examining his face. "Now I can officially say that you’re scaring me." " Why?" "Since I work here you smiled about four times. And now you smiled 3 times and chuckled one time in less than 10 minutes." I say in an incredulous tone of voice, and he f*****g LAUGHS. Sweet Jesus! That was the most exotic laughter I have ever heard in my life. Powerful but smooth, husky and deep...ohhh s**t. Can someone finish because of a laughter? Well, if he goes on, I will find out. " Who said that miracles don’t happen? I’ll make a note in my calendar. Jesus Christ!" He laughs even harder, and I can't help but chuckle while I admire him. "You should laugh more often. It suits you. Even if you’re strange, I can get used to it." I say after he finished laughing, hoping that he'll follow my advice. "The description." He says as if he thinks that I want to get away. "Ok, as I said. Arrogant. Self-centered. Grumpy. Cold as ice. Heartless. Annoying. Very annoying. Over the charts annoying. And a huge pain in the ass." I finish and take a much needed huge breath, then try to read him. His face tells me that...I don't have a f*****g clue. I realize that my eyes are starting to get very attached by his lips, and I advert my gaze fast. "Those are a lot of flaws. How did you end up thinking that about me?" He asks genuinely confused and curious, and I restrain myself not to roll my eyes. "Well, I work for you since 9 months. You never asked me one personal question. In these 9 months I asked for one day off and you didn’t give it to me even though I had everything covered. Except from my name, I don’t think that you know any other names. And mine you know it because I repeated it 10000 times. If I don’t say good morning or goodbye, you never say it. I can go on, but we’ll need a little more than 60 minutes and I have to make some phonecalls and arrange the business trip to California." I finish with a smile, and he looks at me with the same poker face that he had before. "Do I have any qualities?" He asks, and I nod. "One. You’re hot." HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD! WHAT THE f**k IS WRONG WITH ME??? The air from my lungs was knocked out by the stupid words that came out of my mouth, my breath stopped and my heart ceased. I think I'm dying at the tender age of 22. After forever of him examining my face with those damn emerald eyes and a poker face, I decide to try and recover. "Or…at least that’s what the girls around here say... I mean, it’s not that 'I' think you’re hot…" I trail off, not knowing what to say next, and pray that I won't turn into ashes, 'cause God knows that my whole body is on fire. "So you think I’m ugly. Then there’s no qualities." He says as he crosses his big arms over his big as f**k chest. "Not ugly. You’re…looking good. Like, for a man. I mean, if I would be a woman…No, scratch that! You know what? I have a lot to work." I say with my last breath and curse the fact that that I took my mother's side and my skin is so damn light when the fucker chuckles, most probably thanks to my red cheeks, while I pray to God to open a hole and swallow me. "So, I’m unbearable but hot." He says with a smirk, which, if he wouldn't have displayed it in this situation, I would've melted at the sight. "As I said. I have a lot to do." I excuse myself and stand, then, I try to plaster a smile on my face and turn and go. But God not only doesn't listen to my prayer of opening a hole to swallow me, He also... " I’m the boss. Sit back down." Yep, punishes me for every sin I ever made. So, it’s official. God hates me.

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