Dragons Blood.

male lead
magical world
special ability
weak to strong

When A young boy is found near death suffering from some kind curse near the hut of a Wizard. The Wizard known as kimnoth takes the boy in and tries to save the child's life but discovers the boy is special is written in the scrolls of Kondor. The wizard embarks on a mission to get Ventor the dragon to give the boy his blood. A secret agreement is made between Kimnoth and the dragon.

As A new world of strength and amazement opens up to The boy. A whole new world of adventure comes forth to him.

But when the Boy discovers what the agreement is , his whole world will change and cause an all out war to erupt from its c*****e.

He will have to find and summon all his power to save the worlds he has come to love and call home.

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Ventor and The prince
PROLOGUE. 100 years ago. "VENTOR YOU STUPID ARROGANT BEAST", The prince of Horshando Yelled In anger. A mighty Shadow emerges from the darkness of the cave as the ground shakes in it's wake. The dragon emerges out from the shadows. The dragons face inches from the prince in all his massive glory. crimson red can be seen as his nostrils flare hot breath almost extinguishing the princes torch. "YOU DARE COME INTO MY HOME AND CALL ME ARROGANT WEE LITTLE PRINCE!!", Ventor's voice is fierce and strong and can bring the strongest of warriors to their knee's. "You Know damn well why I am here", The prince proclaims as he steps forward and holds out his flame torch exposing the entirety of the Dragon. His scales shimmer like diamonds a red and yellow glow. "I VENTOR THE LAST SUPREME DRAGON KING WILL NOT GRANT YOU YOUR WISH". Ventor had grown tired of the princes demands and being held captive within the confines of the cave had only made his anger towards the Prince grow more and more intense by the day. The prince of horshando scoffs at the Dragons persistance to not grant him immortality. "I knew you Would say that so This time I brung some incentive", The Prince says in a malice tone. He bends down and grabs an item from his satchel he had placed on the ground. As he draws the item out Ventor's eyes widen and pure anger erupts from inside him as flames explode from his nostrils. "Your daughter is next if you do not give me what I want". As ventor looks at the orb of his deceased wife, He wants nothing more then revenge. "I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS", Ventor roared fiercely. Sorrow overwhelming him and now fearing for his daughters safety. you see ventor has not always been a dragon. 22years ago he was a mear man with a wife and a daughter. His daughter especially was his pride and joy and voweled to protect her at any cost. Oh but that full story is for another day. Ventor stands with dominance and pride. puffs out his chest As a bright green glow surfaces from underneath his scales. In a breathless display of magnificence. Ventor spreads out his wings in full display as the glow covers his entire body. "I VENTOR THE LAST SUPREME DRAGON KING GRANT YOU YOUR WISH!" The Prince of Horshando stands before Ventor With his mouth gaping open in sheer shock of Ventor's pure majestic glory and profound divineness that no living man could define. Ventor thumps his foot hard on the ground causing the earth to shake violently as a rumble savagely moved through the cave walls. The green light erupts from under ventors scales forcing The Prince into the cave wall with a brutal force. "I ventor the last supreme dragon king have granted you your wish" Ventor announces in a solemn voice. His body now returned to its normal crimson red. ventor closes his wings and steps back towards the caves darkness. "You will not be safe from me forever Prince I will make you pay I promise you that much". The prince laughs as Ventor vanishes into the darkness. He thinks now that he is immortal he is untouchable. But one should never mess with the magic of a Dragon King especially when you know so little about it.

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