An Awkward Meeting

1918 Words
Max POV Knock, knock, knock "Alpha are you up?" Knock, knock, knock "Maaxx..." I woke up early again thanks to Layla knocking on my bedroom door like a f*cking maniac. She really knew how to annoy me. Layla did whatever it took to be by my side all day which was a major headache and a big nuisance. "Max, I'm coming in," she said, opening the door simultaneously. "Well, good morning, Alpha." She grinned, looking down at my morning wood. "What do you want, Layla?" I asked, sounding annoyed. "What I always want and what you need, apparently," she smirks and winks at me. I can't lie; Layla was beautiful. She was tall with a slim build, not too much muscle but plump in the right places. Her dirty blonde hair reaches midway to her back, right above her back dimples. I could do without the spray tan, but the girl was nice to look at either way. I will admit we had a thing back in high school, but that was damn near nine years ago. However, we would hook up occasionally; what could I say? The girl knew exactly how to please me. Out of all the wolves I have been with, she was the one who was the best, so I kept her around as a backup plan. Plus, we're both mateless and come from strong decendents. Her father is a Beta from another Pack, so she would make a great chosen Luna. The only downfall is my wolf; Dax hated her. Dax always told me to wait for our Luna, but my libido had other plans. Not to mention, I wasn't really that big on the idea that another person had such a heavy influence over my life. I've seen so many struggles with thier mate and losing themselves after one dies. It's too much of a risk to have one, honestly. However, Dax would tell me how the goddess had big plans for our Luna and how we must love and protect her no matter what, but I had other plans. My Luna has to be strong enough to run a pack, not just any pack, the largest pack in central America and the 2nd largest pack in the world. If our mate were weak I would reject her on the spot. No, if, and, or buts about it. "I don't have time; I need to check the borders this morning and make sure there was not any breach," I tell her while rolling my eyes. "No worries, love, I can help you with that. Then, I can help you with this" she grabbed my hard-on, causing me to flinch. Dax is already screaming at me to push her away, but I resist too much. It's been a while. If I'm being frank, Layla was incredible at handling pack duties and fighting, so having her detail the border with me was a win-win. "Fine, let's go." A mischievous smile crept on her face. We head outside and walk to the forest across from the pack house. As soon as we are far enough into the woods, we both shed our clothes and s**t into our wolf. Dax was an enormous and muscular black wolf with a silver diamond shape patch in the center of his forehead. And, if I may boast, Dax has been the only all-black wolf in decades. He was larger than most and more prominent than most. Layla's wolf, Nola, was brown and of average build. She was a warrior and had more courage than most she-wolves. She would make a great Luna if she weren't such a bi*ch. Dax looks at Nola, annoyed, and sprints towards the border. Halfway through, Nola let out a very loud howl, telling me to wait so she could catch her breath. We had been running for about 30 minutes at full speed. She shifts into her human form and sits down on the ground with her knees on her chest, exposing just enough to be the tease she is. I look back briefly when Dax say, "leave her." "No, she is one of ours, and she is helping me sweep the border." "No, she's doing this on purpose. What happened to "If she's weak, I will reject her"? Well, it looks to me like she falls into that category. Stop pretending; you and I both know she's not tired. She's run the border plenty of times without fail. Do not do this again. Please. Think about how this will hurt our Luna". "I don't have a Luna at this time, and I think we should stop and HELP her out," I said before shifting into my human form and blocking Dax out. Layla looks me up and down before spreading her legs and saying, "let's take a break, shall we." I slowly walk over to her as she sits on her knees. I stand before her, jerking myself off while looking at her. As soon as she opens those soft lips, I shove my shaft deep into her throat. I haven't had s*x in a while, so this was much needed. Layla still looks up at me as she rocks her head back and forth, swallowing my full length, waiting for my signal for her to lie down. I f*cked her face for a while, watching her gag and choke, trying to take it all in, and without saying anything, I mind linked her to lie down on her back and to spread her legs for me to see her entire pu**y exposed. And she does exactly as I ask. Her clit was hard, and her juices ran down her lips to her ass. I stroke her up and down her entrance a few times to watch her squirm. However, I could not care less how she felt; I just wanted to cumm and finish the run if she came, great if not excellent. I pushed in with little resistance, and her walls tightened. She lets out a loud moan and bites her bottom lip. Grabbing her breast, I began to pound into her as hard as I could. With every thrust, she would gasp for air. I was big enough to fill her up to the brim, but she took every inch of me with ease, allowing me to be as rough as possible. "Yes, more," she begged as she reached up to kiss me. I instantly pulled out and grabbed her thighs, turning her around to prevent that from happening. I don't mind f*cking the s**t out of her but kissing her is a no-go. I rubbed my full length back and forth at her entry, making it completely wet with her juices and entering her again. I thrust myself deep into her in one go making her quiver underneath me. I was pounding her pu**y hard and deep when I caught a whiff of something overwhelming. The smell was taking my mind and body over the edge. My di*k stiffened even more, and I began to fu*k Layla faster and harder, chasing after my release. I close my eyes and allow the smell to take me into ecstasy, forgetting Layla completely. That smell was so enticing that Dax clawed his way back to my mind howling like never before. "Ahhhh, yes! Max, yes!" she shouted "Goddess, your so fu*king wet" "There, yes, I'm coming," she responded. As her walls contracted, I inheld intensely, grabbing as much of that smell as possible, making me come inside her. Even though I would cumm after we had s*x, I was never truly satisfied, but this time, whatever it was, had my senses going crazy. I was in a haze, trying to catch my breath, when I heard light chuckles. That's when I realized someone was there watching us. Dax was still howling, making me lose focus, but I knew someone was there. Breathing heavily, I yelled, "I can smell you, come out NOW." "It's probably just some horny teenager. Leave them be," Layla said while getting herself cleaned up. Before putting my clothes on, I sniffed the air again to see if I could catch that sweet smell again, but it was gone. "Did you smell that?" I asked Dax "Yes! Yes! I want more," Dax said while running around like a maniac trying to figure out what that smell was. All he knew was that he wanted more. I ignore the big guy and tell Layla it's time to finish our detail and head back to the pack house. She smiles deviously, takes off running, and shifts. Once I arrive at the pack house, I see a bunch of newbies. Mostly the young Omegas who were coming of age and were offered an intern position for the time being. There were quite a few pretty she-wolves that caught my eye. Maybe there would be someone better for the Luna position than Layla, or perhaps I was too hopeful. I head to my room to shower off the sweat and other bodily fluids off me. After my shower, I changed into a basic v-neck white t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. I was picking out a pair of shoes to put on when it hit me. That sweet, calming honeydew smell came rushing into my room. Before I was able to react, Dax started howling. "Dax, calm down." "I want more. I need MORE!" he growled. "Calm down, dude; I'll find out what that is." I begin to walk downstairs when I see a gorgeous woman a the bottom of the staircase. I sniffed the air again, and it was leading right to her. I walked down the stairs slowly in my confusion. Dax was yelling something, but I couldn't make it out. I was too focused on her. Her eyes looked elsewhere, but I could see those golden eyes from a mile away. It looked almost like a setting sun. Almost no pupil. She was so sexy and hypnotizing that I almost forgot where I was and what I was doing. Amazing, I thought to myself. I sneered, snapping out of my hypnosis, realizing it was her from earlier. "It was you!" I accidentally blurted out. "You were the one who was watching Layla and me today, weren't you?" I look behind my trying to trace her eyes. She remained silent but stared in the same direction as earlier. "Why aren't you saying anything, and what are you looking at?" That's when my Beta mind linked me. "Dude, I am on the other side of the door, but it was too awkward to come in after you said that" "Said what?" I replied "Dude, she's blind; you didn't see that cane?" "Blind?" I replied out loud by accident. I stood there puzzled, not saying anything, while Dax told me to be nice to her because he has a strange feeling about her. Something about her feels special. Special? What made her special? Because she is blind? I ask him. He shook his head and said, "I don't know, but she I can feel that she's deff important." While Dax was talking, she began to speak. "No apologies needed, my friend. In fact, I am happy you couldn't tell I was blind at first. Names Nina" she smiled and placed her hand out for a handshake. I grabbed her hand, and a shiver went down my spine. What the hell was that? Dax and I said at the same time.
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